Scorpio woman what should i do?

by anonymus
(south africa)

I Taurus man who is in love with Scorpio woman, i have done a lot of bad things to her like being a bully, and now she has dumped me, i really need her love back.. i love her so much, i don't even know what to do, ran out of ideas please help *cryin*

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be a brave bull...
by: Vishwanath

Scorpions are meant to be loyal and honest isn't it??? i don't know they say so... but all i can tell you is stay ice cold and freeze until you find that its true in her.....
inspite of scorpio's bitchy, secretive and draging nature.... they are loyal and never let go love rite????

if thats the case she have to come back to u sooner or latter ... so chill mate....

if she dosen't give a damn.. y suffer for a person who doesen't bother u???

so live and let live.....

Try to make things right w/ your scorpio love
by: Gabe

I'm a scorpio woman. My last boyfriend was a Taurus man and I love(d) him dearly. He mistreated me while we were together and eventually I took a stand for myself and left him. It hurt to do so and your lady probably didn't want to leave either. But you have to give her a reason to come back and stay. If you really love her and can change your ways, she just might give you another chance. Don't give up on your love if it's worth the fight:-)

scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I too am a scorpio woman my recent ex is a taurus. right now we're on a role reversal. he's not speaking to me. idk what to do either. I tried everything and now i feel like there is nothing else that I can do. I think that as soon as i make my mind that its over, he's going to come around.

Scorpio and Taurus are opposites on the zodiac chart. when ur hot she's cold and vice versa. we have a hard time flowing with each other. but i bet that no one understands u more

Both of us are stubborn and "fixed" the best thing that u can do is have patience. Find things to do with ur time so that you're not constantly thinking about her making yourself miserable...which will probably be super i am going thru the same thing. in the end if it was meant to be it will be.

such small things for such a massive reward
by: Anonymous

the reason one is hot while the other is cold is because in order to be hot you have to have control (i'm talking about both sides here). since both sides can't be in control at the same time, both can't be on at the same time.
The reason we need to have control isn't so we can do abuse it against our partner, but because we're reluctant to trust the other person
If we can increase the trust, the communication (which is crutial for trust), and reasurance the need for control would go down. and we'd be hot at the same times and things would be potent. But i realize this is easier said than done.

scorpios you don't know what you do to us. You take us to the highest highs and lowest lows. i'm sorry, but i don't know if we were build for such a ride. We really need the things i listed above.

man up bully
by: dominant scorpio

im pretty sure she didn't just leave you for any old reason. she had her reason and you might not have been paying attention. All i can say is you can try to get her back, but if shes made up her mind, and if you really Eff'd up... she wont... good luck.

We can be you best friends or your worst enemy.

you get what you give....hunny i think u might have done something bad for her to leave..

too late
by: ana

i'm a scorpio woman and i can only tell you this: we will put up with alot, but once the ax falls, so to speak, it's over. she's not likely to take you back as we tend to be quite vindictive.

show her love
by: Jay

I agree with anonymous who says that both scorpios and Taurus need to be hot together...we do need those things and ur right to say that Taurus isn't ready for the ride with scorps. I'm a scorpio woman...with an on and off relationship with a Taurus man. For eight yrs...yes one helluva ride. Scorpios are way more emotional than any Taurus, or other zodiac for that matter, can ever handle. Taurus takes us to the same highs and the same lows...the only difference is that we're built for it...we NEED emotional excitement. I would never be able to tell that my Taurus man had any kind of feelings...he masks them so well...that's what Taurus does and that's the reason its hard for scorpio. You need to show your scorpion woman how u feel...tell her...if u want her back. Scorpios will put up with a lot, we have staying power...that's what we do. But if we don't get any reciprocation we feel resentful and we retreat away from the source of hurt. Make her feel loved and u can get her back. With an on and off again relationship with a Taurus I can bet its probably far from over

Agree with Jay
by: I miss him much

Jay, I agree with you so much. I left My taurus man after we broke up but continued to see each other . I wanted more, but he did not show any kind of emotion so I went on with my life. Even after 20 years, he only shows what is on the surface (both are married). This man will have to put that sensual side of the bull into play for this scorpio woman to even retract that stinging tail. He will regret it because she probably loves the groud he walks on. That is the nauture of Taurus and Scorpio.

Show us you really care
by: Scorpio woman in love with a taurus

Don't do it because you need us.. do it in a way it's perceived that your motivation is love, not need. Need is something different, is something... hmm... a bit in your own interest/selfish not really in ours?

Just show her you really care for her. We melt. Be there no matter what. Call her, be present in her life, but do not be too much. Show you have dignity. If she doesn't respond after the 2nd intent, wait. Wait a few days, then contact her again. We like a man who is not needy and respect himself. We respect that. She will miss your interest in your absence. And when you contact her again, if she loves you, she will feel happy even if she never tells you about it.

We tend to get very cold and distant when we're deeply hurt. Knowing we're highly sensitive, it's easy for others we care to hurt us. So give her time to recover and... take her fair revenge by being indifferent with you... We can't do more if we love you that being cold and distant. Deep inside, love weaken us, we're incapable to hurt you in other devious ways.

By the way, I was dumped by a taurus, so I feel my world is so sad since that day. I try to move on but I can't. Nothing compares to him... I think might need taurus men advice... :(

Good luck!

by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman, and I will not tolerate bullies, no matter who they are, bosses included. What should you do? Apologize to her and promise her you will not bully her again. Then make love to her the way she loves it. Hold her afterwards. Then, most important, keep your word, or she will leave you for good. Your word is solid to a scorpio. If she cannot trust your word, she will run, not walk away from you.

Did not make first base.
by: Anonymous

The problem between a Taurus man and a Scorpio woman lies in the fact that Taurus wants it yesterday whereas a Scorpio displays extraordinary patience.
I initially started off well with my Scorpio woman, but when replies to my texts became later and later, if at all, I tried harder and harder to keep the flow going.
To my detriment, and far too late, I discovered that overdoing the contact will only distance yourself from your Scorpio.
I was told today to stop all contact.
So be warned to all those out there attempting a relationship with a Scorpio.
Take your time, do not rush and always be honest with a Scorpio.
Believe me, it hurts very much to be so stupid as to let a Scorpio go.
If you can find the patience, a friend/ lover for life is assured.
Just like the Bull, once a Scorpio slams the door, its permanent.
Lucky for me, I was told to stop all contact at the present.
So I may have hope yet !

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