Scorpio woman with a Aries man

by Anonymous

Hey I'm a scorpio girl who is with a Aries man..I have been seeing him for about 1 year and I'm confused about him...1 min he's loving me and things r great and the next min he's all weird and not answering his phone..and saying he's busy with work...I have known him for 3 years and I know there is no other woman in his life.. we were friends before and went to school together...I really do love him and I know he cares about me a lot but I'm not sure where his head is at? I would appreciate some to try and work things out or move on? Thanks. By a strong smart scorpio woman:)

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i'm an aries man
by: Anonymous

My gf is a scorpio. I told her number of times i need space. I loves my space. She understands my needs but with the fondling, the hugging sometimes is too much. I have my worries with my business and all that. And with those hugging, fondling sometimes getting too much for me. When we have worries we don't like being fondle, to the extent we hate it. We arian love being hugged, caressed by sexy woman like you scorpions, but we need space. Let us go roaming the world alone once in a while and don't call us for let's say a week or two and for sure we'll be running back to you because after a while we will feel lonely than we need that hugs from a sexy scorpion like you. We will want to pour our love to you. When we don't call you for a week doesn't mean we don't think of you, you are in our heads most of the time. Our space means also not calling you, get it?
And we also love you like err...(aries man can't think straight right now). But believe us we love you. Then we can have our unbelieveable pervert sex sessions.
We arien mens can be a bit messy in appearance sometimes. We like having expensives taste but not all the time but you scorpion womens love luxury and that put a pressure on us too. Tone down a bit please.. We have plans for the future for both of us but we can't tell you more what are our plans, because there too much plans.
We are just simple mens, we like being simple even in relationship. You scorpions makes it sound heavy. We just want to love you and be love, that's all. But you are making like we are being under your nose all the time, and woof..that's too much. But believe us we love you like err...(i'm not a romantic person so i don't have romantic words to put down here). But still girl, WE LOVES YOU.
We would sing a song for you when you not around, we would write poems for you when you not around, we would be thinking what expensive gifts to get for you when you not around, we would be planning for the future with you when you not around...just as long the space that we need it is in our hands. Well we have our needs and same things like you have your secrets that we like to know but you refuse to spill out to us.

Well that's an arian. Take it but don't leave it.

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