Scorpio woman with my Pisces man :D

by Sara

Most of us Scorpio women have heard it many times that Pisces men are the perfect match for us, first I wasn't so much convinced about what I heard about Pisces being very fragile since I'm a success hunter person, most of the guys I've met throughout my life were Scorpio guys! and guess what I never fell in love with anyone of them and I knew that our long term compatibility would never succeed, however after living for three years abroad I decided to come back to my home town to get married where I can find more choices and still I wished I would have a chance with a Pisces man.

I never knew that god would grant me my wish after sometime I met my Pisces man and our relationship is more that perfect, I feel safe with him specially when he holds me close, his smile had charmed me and his sense of humour always puts a smile on my face, currently we are planning for our engagement that would take place in my beloved town...

wish me luck...many Thanks :D

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Scorpio woman with my pisces man :D
by: Anonymous

congrats, and best wishes on your guys long lasting love. it's wonderful how God grants us what we need in life to become happy. i am a scorpio dating a pisces guy and i'm in love with him hopefully soon become more...

by: Anonymous

Congrats hope all goes will.

by: Anonymous

Good luck!! I wish me and my Pisces man will be like you guys some day!

I hope it happens to me as well
by: Anonymous

I love that it worked out for you. Coincidentally I just moved back home to help my mother, and to finish school. I just met a pisces man and I feel this total attraction and connection to him. I hope it works. Good luck and God bless. xx

Scorpio & Pisces
by: Anonymous

Wish you all the best!!! Scorpios are the best match for a Pisces man i'm living that life now. Jah Bless and guid you True Love forever.

by: Anonymous

Im a scorpio women dating a fish... i love him and i hope we work out, bless it be. I know he loves me, but we have personal issuses. Bless you and ur pisces. Say a prayer for me, since God grants urs :)

my love
by: Anonymous

I've 13 years with a Pisces man and i believe he is the best thing ever happened to me. I love him and want to be with him for the rest of my life.

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