Scorpio woman with Taurus man my experience

My experience with a Taurus man that I happen to be married to and have been with for about six years now is that he is: Moody, Selfish, Generous (sometimes), Clean, Perfectionist, Loves to keep a clean car inside and out, Handy around the house, Deep thinker, Immature (with certain things), Stubborn, Anger easy, Does payback when he feels hurt by you, Tries to be sneaky, Comes out swinging if backed into a corner, Likes nice things, Likes good food, Meat and potatoes guy, Very protective of what he feels belongs to him


Not a one woman kind of man

Finds things to argue about

Thinks they're right all the time

Thinks they know everything

Expects you to agree with them on everything

Loves to receive gifts

Barley gives gifts

Pays no attention to the things you like

Spoiled and loves being spoiled and pampered

Mommas boy (especially if they were the last born)

Family oriented

Enjoys fun (sometimes)

Likes to travel

Will work

Strict on discipline

Requires order

Requires respect (but won't give it too much)

Has a strong dislike for other nationalities



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Totally agree
by: Anonymous

This is funny! And from my experience so true...but u gotta love him right? (ha!)

dump that bigot
by: Anonymous

Why would anyone in their mind stay with such a loser. Why would you choose to love such a limited thing, are you a masochist?

you r soooo right!!
by: me2!!

This is crazy how accurate u r!! I think ur married to my boyfriend!!!! LOL. .... I just read it to him n he said that hit it right on the nose n he also said, " its someone else out here just like me?" Ha!

by: Anonymous

hhmm...those are only half right. i'm a taurus and i've barely been on the receiving end. i've always been the giver. i'm old fashioned, i like chasing...being the knight in shining armor.
- i pay attention to EVERYTHING you say and do...this means i get you things you said you liked...but also means if you said the wrong thing, you're screwed.
- dislike other nationalities? i've never dated my own race, so HA
- we're not cheap, we just to splurge on stupid things. it's called being sensible and budgeting
- as for the not a one woman man, we're known to be incredibly loyal. i've never cheated and never will. if i love you, why would i cheat with something less? if i didn't love you, why would i even waste my time on you?

just saying
by: Slim the Bull

I have to agree with %80 of what you said but a few. So of the negative he should you are not typical of a Taurus man. Myself included.

my taurus is opposite
by: karla t

I'm a scorpio woman and I agree on some things on the list like him being the last born mommas boy abd he can be cheap at times but usually caves in if I want it bad enough. Mine cares for every single 1 of my needs. He's always there and does EVERYTHING for me. It just solidifies that not all taurus men are alike I suppose....but he is a bit possesive and jealous...I agree on that :-/

by: Anonymous

Didn't know many things about it... I'm so in love... LOL

I kind of suspected them though... but confirmed now!

OMG !!

Sounds like a Gemni
by: Anonymous

Is he born on the cusp because this sounds like a Gemini not a Taurus. I was married to this man for 14 years and he was a Gemini. Just goes to show somtimes it is just who "the man" is not the sign.

I'm a scorpio woman and dating a Taurus man and although he can be quiet and distant at times he is one of the most sexy, thoughtful and loving person I have ever known.

New to Taurus Men
by: Anonymous

I recently met a Taurus Man, and find him very similar to a Cancer Man. But, then again, I'm still getting to know him. But this is what I've discovered. He's sensitive, guarded, family oriented, passionate, and sensual. He's also caring in his profession, and works really hard.

However, I think he's a bit misguided when it comes to love, sex and marriage. He has an interesting personality. I'm a Cancer Woman and have never met and dated a Taurus male. I tried to do some research simply on Taurus men, and to see if I find any characteristics that fit this person. I'm very passionate, sensual and sexual, and I have heard... so are Taurus men, so I'm waiting to see what he has to offer in terms of hot and heavy passion. So far the sex is good, but I wait for intensity, and an explosion from him.

I recognize these familiar traits...
by: Taurus Lady

This is actually very accurate. I'm a Taurus (female) myself. I had to change a lot of aspects of my character to be the better person I am today (well I hope so!). Taurus men tend to be particularly greedy. My father and granddad are both Taurus'. My father cheated on my mum twice and asked her to marry him as a pathetic attempt to get back in a relationship (real classy)... and my grandfather used to beat my nan, oh and was great at manipulating his surrounding, a cheater and liked to cause arguments for no reason. Yep... this is the dark side to the sign Taurus. Only those who are immature act this way. Taurus men are childish, need to be pampered... all for their petty security. It's truly saddening. Thank lord we're not all like this, but many are. Watch out he may be using you. Don't be 'that' person we play around with just for fun.

Scorpio woman/ Taurus man
by: Anonymous

The man I've dated since 2010 is exactly as you've described plus controlling. He's on the cusp 5/19, so he has Gemini tendencies. I believe astrology defines some characteristics but if the person has mental disorders such as being bipolar or past unresolved issues, it may be an imbalance. This man moved into my home because of financial reasons along with his adult daughter. He lost home, car and wasn't working because of injury on his job.I had to have surgery a month later and this joker didn't come visit me any of the four days of my stay. Excuse was no car. I helped his daughter to get employment where I worked, took her to work and picked her up for 5 months without her offering gas money. I came across information that he may have gotten married 6 months before he moved into my home but he said that it was annulled. There was no trust but he wanted to feel the comforts of trust. He drank /smoke all day. He was selfish, stubborn, argumentative over petty things, happy only when pleasing for him, selfish, controlling, vindictive,rarely communicates, cheap and untruthful. That made it hard to get into the intimacy part. He was orderly, handy around the house and a good cook.

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