Scorpio Woman/Leo Man

by Nicole
(Greenville, SC)

Reading the comments about Scorpio Women and Leo Men are sooooooo true. Hits the nail right on the head. Its almost scary how other people experience the same thing as me and can describe it so well. Its funny too though. I dated my Leo for a year. We moved very very very fast. At first we were just friends with benefits, nothing serious. Then it developed into a serious relationship. This is one man I allowed to control me, I liked the fact that he was so aggressive but his problem was CHEATING. He wasn't very faithful, had a kid with another woman who wanted to be with him so I didn't trust him from the get go. I think I stayed as long as I did out of guilt. I loved him very much but I also promised him that I wouldn't leave his side and give up on him like everybody else and I felt very guilty when I started to feel like I wanted to end things. We would argue a lot. He's someone who can make me feel really bad but at the same time he could say something that made me want to forgive him, hug & kiss him. I did everything I could to please him and he still felt that it was ok to be friends with all of his ex girlfriends but would get mad if a male would even call or text me. He would go through my phone and ask me who is this and who is that and 99% of the men in my phone are family members. I guess he was very insecure. He would have a fit if I tried to go through his phone and it was the end of the world if he forgot to log out of his facebook account on my phone lmao. It bothered me because he was very sneaky but at the same time I didn't care. I knew nobody else could treat him like me. He's very unfaithful and the whole time we were together he would act single ESPECIALLY on facebook. Posting sexual explicit statuses, flirting, old pictures of him with ex girlfriends. It was ridiculous. He was really insecure and I felt like he thought he had this "image" to live up to and wanted everybody to think he was the "man". I hated that about him. I knew that he wasn't really like that but I never called him out on it. I just ignored it. I ignored a lot of things throughout the relationship when really on the inside I would be so hurt and crushed. It got to the point where I stopped caring altogether. I figured if he spent more time trying to please me than trying to please everyone else than we would have had a smoother relationship. He told me he acts like he dosent care but he does. That's just not good enough for me. Birthdays, holidays, no gifts. Nothing. Material things don't matter but its the thought that counts. We never spent time alone for a long time because his friends would always be around or he would leave me at hours at a time to go do God knows what. I really just stopped caring. His childs mother was in love with him and wanted to be with him and it always felt like he put her before me...ALWAYS and I had a big problem with that. I felt like the child was the only person who should come before me. He just didn't know how to put her in her place, he didn't know how to balance it. Its almost like having 2 girlfriends that you couldn't keep happy at the same time. I don't like competition and I felt like he should have put me 2nd to his baby, not put me in 3rd place. He's done everything he could to hurt me and disrespected me. I honestly don't think I could ever care like I used to. I just don't trust him and I think everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie and I wouldn't advise anybody to go back to hurt like that. I loved that leo man with all my heart but me being a typical scorpio.....I can't allow anyone to give 10% whilst I'm giving 90%.

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