Scorpio women and astrology

I have to be honest I have never taken an interest in astrology before but since meeting a sexy Scorpio woman a couple of months ago I had to check it out because I know she is into horoscopes and stuff. I am quite frankly amazed that this world even exists.

Having read about Leos, well I'm amazed to find that I pretty much typify the Leo male. I think this is a good thing. And what a lot of women have said here is true, we like to be around women and keep female friends as it's good for our egos.

So is my Scorpio going to become jealous easily? I have to admit I have totally fallen in love with her, and I think she has with me too although it hasn't really reached that stage of saying it yet, you know what I mean.

As advice for Leo men I would say that just her devotion to you and I guess her jealousy should be seen as a good thing for your ego. My girl told me pretty early on that she's not outward with her feelings, but shows it in other ways i.e a cheeky kiss on the cheek and that sends me wild especially in public.

Yes I guess I have been a little frustrated about why when I say how gorgeous she is or how funny or whatever she just says "thanks" and smiles lovingly a bit shyly but wont return the compliment? Well having read up on Scorpios I have a bit of an understanding.

So any Scorpio I to expect never to receive a compliment from her? My Leo ego needs stroking :(

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Just my opinion
by: Scorp girl

If you're expecting her to shower you with compliments, you are with the wrong sign, lol. Scorpio women do not do flattery, especially early on. Some don't even like receiving too much... makes us suspicious.

What she will do for you is SHOW you her affection, but after she is comfortable with you and knows you return her affections. When we love someone, we are devoted but not in a very flashy way. Compliments and flattery might be nice to you, but one thing to remember about Scorpio women (nympho tendencies aside) it's more about the EMOTIONAL connection.

Re: Scorpio Women and Astrology
by: Anonymous

May 9, 2010

I tend to agree with Scorp-girl. I am quick to notice and compliment something that exceeds my expectations, delights me in some way, or has extraordinary value. That can be anything from the way the cleaned and sanitized the bathroom without me asking, to a great looking suit, to a random act of humanitarian kindness.

I am not big on showering phony compliments for the sake of manipulation, or to simply fill the gaps in a conversation lull.

Similarly, I am not really moved by compliments directed at me either, unless I concur that I have accomplished something that took tremendous thought, skill, talent, or hard work.

Teach her about astrology.
by: Scorp woman

Most Scorps, especially with air signs or virgo in their chart, LOVE to learn astrology. It helps teach us some healthy detachment as we realise how different the different signs are.

As a Leo man, you are open, trusting, optimistic and think "big". The Scorp woman admires you for that, though it may take her a lifetime to even go halfway with you with those qualities. We tend to do things secretively, behind the scenes, and are great "supporters" of the Leo-type leader. Think Joe Biden, VP, Scorpio, supporting Obama, President, Leo, or even Hillary Clinton, Scorpio, supporting her husband, Bill Clinton, Leo.

Learning astrology would help the Scorpio learn about and accept her Leo mate's need for approval and compliments. Otherwise, these two signs are so different! I've seen Leo men and Scorp women stay together for they are both loyal, but the relationship withers because the Scorp woman doesn't understand the great potential in a Leo man. He, on the other hand, goes introverted and depressed like fire signs do when they are not appreciated, because Leos are too proud to tell you they are hurting.

by: TheCaptain

I believe i'm a strong fit for a scorpio woman and i'd have to say that when someone gives me a compliment its only polite to give one in return in a subtle way. Thats just me i guess. but too many compliments coming to me just shows that a guy may be desperate or just a little cheezy lol

To Mr. Leo
by: Anonymous

I am a sexy Scorpio female(SO I am told frequently, as I'm sure we all are). I am super charming, and always complimentary. I know how to feed the egos. I do however dislike flattery. It is almost annoying. I hear it enough from EVERYONE else. There is a man I have gone on a couple of dates with, and he only adds gorgeous in our texts. That's it, and I love it. I on the other hand compliment him constantly. I think he loves it, and it's true. He is absolutely amazing. FYI, I used to always fall for Leo males. It's a good match, if she contains her jealousy and you contain that ego! Good luck ;)

Your ego need some stroking (idk why I found that cute and er, dirty haha)
by: Ivy

Honestly, I've been in attracted to this Leo man for about 2 years now. About you being friends with other girls, well she might get jealous. In my case though, he did have heaps of friends who are girls, always complementing him. I do get jealous yes, but he assures me that they were friends, and nothing more. Some sort of a constant reminder. Even I don't give out compliments to him until we've known each other for like almost a year. Scorpios tend to keep whatever they feel. You might try and ask her about her opinion about you. Just that personal conversation & PATIENCE WILL HELP A LOT.

Scorpio :p

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