Scorpio women and secrecy

I am in relationship with a Scorpio Woman for the past 3 years. We had/have many ups and downs in our relationship but at last we just finish our fights by saying "WE love each other". It is not easy to tackle a scorpion girl, Scorpion needs space, give priority to personal stuff and have lots of friends from opposite sex, which drives a aqua man crazy and angry. In our relation ship we have only one Problem, the SECRETIVE NATURE of Scorpion. If a scorpion can be transparent and less secretive, then this relation will be forever....

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Scorpio women and secrecy
by: Anonymous

Hello, I'm an Aquarius man and when I was younger showed most of these traits. Women! Not all Aquarius are like this, just the ones that haven't grown up yet. Some men just haven't experienced life and love. I have and proudly say that I'm able to enjoy the company of a Scorpio women. Your right, you are secretive but who wouldn't, if you feel that your going to made fun of and loose self confidence. Good luck..

Scorpio women and secrecy
by: Anonymous

I would love to hear more from the Aquarian man in the previous post. I would love to ask your opinion on my situation with my Aquarian man. We stopped making love a few weeks ago. We sleep together often with no sex. He tells me that our friendship is more important to him than us being lovers. What in the world does that mean?

I mean we are much more than friends as we have made love several times. We spend the night with each other often and sleep naked. Every now and then we slip and give in to our sexual feelings. Both of us are growing spiritually and in turn is making us even closer, but I don't understand the lack of intimacy now. He holds me tightly when we are in bed and when I hold him he grabs my arms as to make me hold him tighter. We spend a lot of time together laughing and sharing and we both express how much we enjoy each others company. Is he as afraid as I am of getting hurt? I am very happy with him but really confused. Can someone give me so insight on our lack of sex? I love him deeply and exercise more patience with him than I ever have in my life with any other man.

Scorpio women and secrecy
by: Hope

"I love him deeply and exercise more patience with him than I ever have in my life with any other man."

I agree! I think that Scorpio and Aquarius have many similarities when it comes to needing privacy, outgoing, but truly introverted at heart (i.e. requiring time alone to think, plan, process, work on personal goals, etc.) I think this relationship has much potential because we innately "get" each other. Scorpio women tend not to write off the Aqua man right away because intuitively we sense what they are doing when they suddenly begin to act as though they don't care.

Where we differ greatly is that once Scorpio have made a decision about the object of their desire, they will move mountains to keep that person safe, pampered, healthy, happy, and moving forward. I don't think Aqua's need or want that, nor do they reciprocate in a similar manner. They are much more sporadic in communicating how they feel toward us. Scorpio women get confused about the discrepancy between what our guts are telling us about how the Aqua man feels about us, versus their in-congruent behavior.

I am a Scorpio woman just starting out with an Aqua man and have posted twice on here. I would love to hear from some Aqua men with help in understanding the Aqua man and how to become a valued partner to them.


Secrecy of Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I'm not Aquarius. Since you are a Scorpio and your Aquarius are water sign. I think it is not very good because both of you are water-emotional. Lol
There are other sign out there, lady.

I'm an Earth sign could mixed with water very well.
Good luck with your Aquarius!!!

Gotta find the right one
by: Mike

They often say there is two sides to each sign sometimes three but its not all aqua men its just certain ones depending on how their life went etc...are either scared or just reluctant im with a scorpio woman actually my wife she's the best thing that ever happened to me shes a water im an air sign which they say can make ice lol but its so not true with us...just give it time thats all we ask sometimes alot of people dont understand us but if you win our heart you get us for life....good luck

by: kuzzal

me have been searching a lot on the web lately about scorpio women and aqaurian men compatability .... read few blogs and i have somewhat of a "rollercoaster" thing going on with a scorpio women.....the problem is she is confused and the we dont click siutanelously......i belive aqua men and scorpian women are too alike i n the sense they have a somewhat inflated ego, hidden under all theat is said above as "charcter"

how hard is it to love ????i wonder sometimes

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