Scorpio women are pleasantly intimidating!

I am an Aquarius guy who is currently in love with a Scorpio woman. She exudes and exhibits all of the characteristic behavior that is discussed and indicated here.

She's pretty much a poster girl for the Scorpio profile. She is remarkably and sometimes frighteningly intense with all of it but, at the same time, she's very self-secure and very much in control of herself (often very pleasantly intimidating).

However, I am apparently one of those rare guys who LOVES that! I find it enthralling, compelling and very pleasantly consuming. We have a wonderful relationship. This woman absolutely adores me and would die for me. What is good for us is that I hold the same equal regard for her; it's mutual. Oh, we have our moments of clash and friction and they are no doubt often as intense as our relationship but our determination to work it out is no less intense.

Now, for an Aquarius? That isn't bad and most of you will find and agree that that is considerably ironic. Of course, for me, it doesn't hurt that my rising and my moon signs are both in Scorpio. I suppose that's the connection for us. I suppose that in reality, I am actually just a Scorpio in Aquarian clothing. What's really crazy is that she's not entirely what I would have "picked" in many ways. However, I have just found myself joyously consumed with this woman and apparently she with me. It's working and I'm old enough/experienced enough to know just to leave it the hell alone, fasten my seatbelts and simply enjoy the ride.

Again, be encouraged! We're out there! The one thing we don't like is when you perhaps act desperate or clingy/needy. Don't do that! Pursue your own internal growth and solidity. Become secure in yourself and, while your Scorpio-ness fires us up and consumes us......act like you really don't "need" us and that you could make it perfectly fine without us....act like you want us but not like you somehow desperately gotta have us.....and mean it. Then, when we come after you and you make us work a little to get you? Seize the right moment to pour on that all-consuming Scorpio intensity and very skillfully and creatively drown us in it. Then, slowly take it back away from us and leave us alone for a bit. Make that a cycle of behavior.


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Scorpios rock
by: Anonymous

OMG!!!! I am a scorpio and i'm sooooooo proud of being one :D i think all scorpios rock!!! :D x x x (Y) love you all!!! :D :D :D!!!!

Don't cheat!
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio women - it is so true - I will give myself unconditionally 110%, but must the favor be returned in full ! - and don't cheat !

Thank You!
by: Hope

Thank you and much appreciation for your willingness to post your Aquarian male perspective regarding your Scorpio woman. I have recently gotten into the beginnings of an online friendship with an Aquarius man and your post sounds like something he would write - to his other friends, but not to me. He is not at the point where he does that kind of self-disclosure yet.

I am fascinated with what little I know of him and find there are many similarities between Aquarians and Scorpios regarding the need for quiet introspection, privacy, and keeping a tight lid on our emotions. Except this Aqua man makes me feel safe enough to spill my guts without regret! He definitely controls the pace of how this relationship develops, but I am beginning to understand and stop fighting that.

I cannot say enough good things about this man - courteous, funny, exciting, interesting, supportive, intuitive, and honest. However, he keeps me at arm?s length by creating distance for a few days. I wish I could understand what that means for him so I could relax about it. And yes he does coax out my sensuality in a grand way!

Re: Scorpio Women Are Pleasantly Intimidating
by: Hope

Just wondering how things are progressing with your Scorpio? Thanks again for the Aquarian man perscpective. Your post was helpful when I read it and remains helpful still.
Our sign traits are similar in some ways; such as enjoying personal time, liking adventure, needing to feel the freedom to pursue personal goals, and the tendency to remain emotionally aloof until we are comfortable with new people.
Unless Scorpios have internalized to benefit of networking, we tend to remain quiet and observe before letting our guard down.

I appreciated your post because I would have never figured out that Aquas actually enjoy being ignored (for lack of a better word). That is so foreign to a Scorpio in love. But since you describe it as almost a teasing act of foreplay--well no Scorpio femme fatale worth her salt would pass that game up!

Rather than worrying about why his behavior changes, I have chosen to treat it more as a game of cat and mouse. YUM!

Thanks for the Info
by: Quorrah

I'm a Scorpio head-over-heels for a stubborn Aries! He drives me nutty...but I'll never tell him that!

I have thought many times that I'd lost him. I'll get completely rage-filled over what I consider stupid crap. He's nearly oblivious or doesn't know why I've gotten angry. Right now, I'm still angry w/him b/c I don't like how he treated me...again.

Now he's calling me every day.

I have a boyfriend--a Sagittarius--who is very stable and generally protective. There is barely any passion between us. He's almost 20 years older than me. He knows he can't handle me, and yes, he knows Aries calls me and we visit. Sag doesn't know about the physical part. I haven't been w/Aries, physically, in a while. I cannot be myself, sexually, w/someone if I can't trust him. I'd rather wait and watch than give my physical self to someone that doesn't appreciate me. That goes for both of them!

Damn, I want my Aries!!!

He knows it...but he doesn't.

i am a scorpio
by: Anonymous

I am sorry.but I hate being a female scorpio.I am so intense that I sense it from other people so much that I mostly keep to myself.and I have issues of trusting people.especially people who have hurt me that I once cared for.then i want to get revenge.and the only one I am hurting is myself when this happens.have been accused of wanting other men when already in a relationship because I stare at them.and I have never cheated in any of my facial expressions have caused problems too.and I take things too's a never ending battle for me.

i'm a scorpio female
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio female & people often say scorpion females have a natural heat to them, & that I agree, but I've been dating a gemini man he's very secretive, & dishonest but he's working on it... I feel like when i'm with a person they have my mind,body, & soul. I don't know if it's just me, but in my relationships I don't feel the same in return... Anywho my gemini male have never once satisfied me in the bedroom, & I thinks he knows it, because now he just want to hold me at night,,, I don't want to leave him just because his sex not that great because he's an amazing individual..... HHEELLPPP!!!!! What should I do

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