Scorpio Women are the best


I first like to say thank you for all the info even though some bad my cousin is an Aquarius but he is so different from me so to say not all will get the same experience.... I seen my Scorpio woman around at work at first we both in relationships but for me she still pulled me in like a magnet i never tried or made it seem like that because im faithful but it was weird to me that i felt like that.. later on things got rocky in my current relationship and we broke up (Capricorn not for me) it was like 8 months later and i was starting the job back up and she came to pick me up man was i nervous...she surprised me by talking most of the time and i just listened soaking up every word she was like a goddess to me..we went out on the first date later on and i realized She Is Me it was strange everything i liked everything i do she does and that was it second date...third date...(of course all the juicy goodness in the middle) 6 months later i asked her to Marry me...sooo quick but i couldn't wait she is my soul my light in the dark and ill never NEVER do anything to hurt her for she is me so ill just be hurting myself...We been together almost a year now married 6 months of that i don't know anything better never argued never get mad even though i annoy her sometimes (on purpose) I love her to death...And i love in these post that even if he was bad the sex was great so me saying its the best ever you can just imagine!!! any questions just ask this is the short version.... I LOVE HER!!!! Scorpio Women are the best!!

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Hurting her is like hurting myself...
by: Anonymous

Wow! A-man. I happened upon this site to research info for another site FOR a Scorpio female who is crazy about this Aquarius man that she had been seeing for a couple of years. When I read your story about this Scorpio lady that you ended up marrying..I was like WOW. I'm envious and I don't even know you or her. But A-men are more than hot and your Scorpio wife is so very fortunate to have you.

A-men are everything and more for the Gemini Gal. We will follow you to the ends of the earth AND respect your independence and never lie to you. How can I wow my A-man in the way that she wowed you?

Your Scorpio wife is for keeps (my mom is a Scorpio and before my father passed away, she remained married to him for over 30 years! And even after his departure, she hasn't been interested in any one since. Scorpio women are even loyal to the death.

So cheers to the both of you. But Aquarius men are so delicious!

To Mike
by: Scorp42

Mike, I totally got a big smile from what you posted about your Scorpio wife. I am a Scorpio woman madly in love with an Aquarian man. We have been in a relationship for almost a year now and known each other for almost 2 years. It would be a dream for me to hear my Aquarian profess his love for me the way you do your wife. Scorpio women and Aquarian men are one hell of a match, I agree there. it has been like no other relationship I have ever had!!

by: Mike

Thanks you guys I only say these things because i mean them I used to be so stuck on the 4 or 5 signs they say were compatible with me but it was just meant to be to meet a Scorpio...I'm just so happy and I wish the same on everyone!! And yes you gemini's are the bomb too (jus sayin)

by: scorpio

Wow what you said made me feel so confident about my relationship with my A-man. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 and a half months and he always makes me feel like I'm his only...well most of the time, he likes to talk to alot of other girls which makes me really jealous but when we are alone it's is all I can say. I never really knew how he felt about me, even though he always says I love you and things really sweet, but now that you made your comment I can guess with alot more confidence how my Aman feels. thanks

to gemini girl
by: Anonymous

Just don't surprise him by doing threesome gemini girl

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