Scorpio women intersted in an Aquarius man.

by Valentina

So I met this Aquarius man who i didn't even know about until my friends told me about him. Apparently this Aquarius man had been having his eyes on me months before. People that knew him would tell me how much he was interested in me, but that he was too shy to confront me or even try to talk to me. Now that we both know that we like each other he still won't talk to me. He seems rather distant. I don't know if its just me since I rarely show my emotions but I would like to know if he's interested in me. Another thing that threw me off was that he asked another lady to go to a dance with him. It seem liked he was really interested in me by the way everyone that knew him would tell me.
- Sincerely, A Scorpio confused about an Aquarius man.

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Keep yourself just a little bit aloof, and who knows
by: Anonymous

so you have hear from your friends that he is interested in you,well thats a start. The reason i say that is somewhere down the line he is interested in you, if he has bothered to notice you. Aquarian men like to observe thing first, so i guess he has been checking you out for a while now, he plays a waiting game. If he is with someone else you may have to wait until that relationship has finnished, before he will come and find you again. I should just sit tight, and remain a mystery to him, he likes to work out what makes people tick, and know all their inner secrets and emotions.( just like the scorpio-but in a different way.) When i say the word emotion, becareful, these men do not live in the emotions of the mind, like the scorpio, they have a mental process of the mind they inhabit They dont like to deal with emotions,(unlike scorpio) so thats one bit of advice, if, and when you do meet up again, because i am sure you will? Aquarian men are very attracted to the Scorpio lady. Just take it step by step, and play it cool, just knowing that you have almost ignored him, will be the reason for him to come back and find out why. After all nobody ignores an aquarian man. Remember to alway remain a puzzle to him, that he has to constantly work out, that may help you to get to know him better, because the relationship will be longer lasting, this man can get easily bored, if he has worked out the puzzle to quickly, Just be careful?
Good luck. Take care?

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