Scorpio women make loyal friends

by Pisces02

I'm a Pisces girl and through out my life I met a lot of Scorpio women that befriended me. First one was a middle school classmate of mine, and as I remember I used to take care of her a lot when we were small, because she was withdrawn and people either avoided her or picked on her. And because of that she has been really grateful and loyal to me, trying to show her gratitude for the kindness I offered her back then.

I never asked for anything in return but she still did everything she could to show me her thanks. Even now we keep in touch and sometimes she can be suffocating, but it's alright, I understand and accept her the way she is. : )

As for other Scorpio ladies, well, I met a few in high school, and now I'm living with one, she's my apartment mate. We barely met each other, and all I did was give her some candy, because I knew she liked candy and I received a box full from my auntie. And ever since then she's been taking great care of me, as in, keeping an eye on me, if I'm sick, or if anything bothers me, just like a mother in a way. But even before I gave her those sweets, she was still very nice, patient and attentive with my needs, even though we're not sisters, or best friends - But I think it's just a natural spiritual connection between our Signs.

These are just two short-described examples, but there are more Scorpio women that I've met and were absolutely fascinating. I find them really beautiful, even though I'm a girl, charming smiles, deep mesmerizing eyes, amazing personalities. Even from the way they speak you can tell how strong and confident they are, but at the same time they can be as gentle and tender as a lamb.

I haven't seen the bad side of a Scorpio woman, but all I know is that if you show a little kindness, be honest with them and keep your word, they can be incredible people. I'm really glad to have Scorpio friends and hope to meet more in the future.


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I'm a scorpio
by: Anonymous

We scorpios are great friends. We can be assholes but not to those we like. I've always had one best friend not alot of "ok" friends. If we like you your very lucky.

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