Scorpio women rule sexuality

by Tigre

I am a 20 year old Scorpion woman and, I can tell you, every bit of what you read on this page is true. We RULE sexuality, pleasure, and have the ability to hypnotize with our eyes. We are very intense creatures and, if you are lucky enough to have sparked the interest of one of my fellow sisters, rest assured that you are a very, VERY lucky little play thing. And, believe me, we always take care of our play things :)

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Very true
by: Anonymous

We rule that area and can please any man weather they like us or not.

by: Anonymous

I am a 22yr old scorpio woman and I agree :)

by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman and im proud to be one.
Gosh, we are the most passionate and loving creatures.
Its very hard to find the right man to quench our desires.
But a scorpio man is the hottest for us i think.
Ive been dating one and the sex is the hottest ive had in my life...very good chemistry

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