Scorpio women so secretive but worth it

English isn't my first language so sorry in advance. I am a Leo guy n I couple with a Scorpio girl. How can I start, she is really attractive for me. I like everything on her except her behavior. She is really stubborn, sometimes wise but sometimes so childish. Every time thinking just about me, sometimes I felt really afraid when she care me too much. I am afraid if one days she change. But she is the best girl that I ever had, I bet I'll be regret so much if I leave her or she leave me. I don't think she will leave me because I can see her love from her eyes.

The things that I really hates with her is she is very secretive. She never tell me anything until either I force her or she can't keep it anymore. She said that she became secretive with me is because she don't want to hurts me. But she really made me sick when she keeps secret from me. I am really not sure how is their true character but I trust one thing. They are so extreme about something, they rarely be in the middle. If they say they like it that's mean they really like it if they say they don't that means they really don't want it.

Even there is a lot of things that made me confused about her because I never met a girl that thinking of me too much until she neglect her own self and everything is all about me. Look like she is born and living for me. And yes, I almost forgotten we always argue each other, sometimes she really act scary when get angry and she even punch my arms and she even always blame me that I am the cause of the argument. She is very jealous like hell type and I really hates that. But anyway, she is the star of my heart and she really understand my need and she really knows how to make me feel like a man :) I mean a real man.

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Watch out, have you just begun??
by: Anonymous

You know her quite well, but you know her only as much as she wants you to know! She's secretive? Well, yes she is. We scorps reveal only what we want to, but if we trust someone, they know us in-an-out. We take our time to know people, we are too bothered about ourselves to let someone do us wrong..though we do try to acknowledge the one who trusts us, and we're there for you if we know you're genuine.

But there's a flip side to it: We are secretive, and sometimes, this is our own weakness. It may happen, that we hide more than we really want to. She might not be doing it deliberately, maybe she wants to protect you from some unwanted realities. She will fight for you when required, but then, it is a warning: don't think that you know her..Sometimes, we don't realise but when we begin to love someone, we love them head over heels, and they mean the world. We want to bring meaning to them, to support them, to make them better, and to make sure they are super happy! And then comes the other side: a scorp is not a passive sign. She wants to support you, but at some stage, she might feel uncomfortable being your cushion, and may want to be the femme fatale she originally used to be. She will try her level best to balance the two sides, but in the initial phases of a relationship, she may want to be a completely different person who wants nothing but her man.

Be with her when she starts to make the transition from just-your-girl to the scorp girl. There's not much difference, but it may appear to you that you have lost your importance. You haven't, it's just that she's trying to find a balance. When a scorp loves someone, she gives her heart away. But then, if you hurt her, thinking now the heart is yours, watch out! She is more ruthless than you (a Leo) when she loses her heart. She could fight the world for you, and she can fight you down if you belittle her. So, when she is changing (which she most likely would), show support, discuss things openly with her. Your Leo charisma should make her want to share her heart. If you can make her share her insecurities, i.e. if you can be her friend when she undergoes the change (from being just-your-girl to being an ambitious female!), you have high chances of saving your relationship.

But this might be specifically challenging for you, as you are a Leo and have your own ego to care for. See if you can handle it patiently, but don't over burden yourself. Because if you do overburden yourself, you might as well burst out at her, which is the end of all your togetherness. A Leo and a Scorp, God save the neighbors when they fight!

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