Scorpio women stick to the stronger signs!

I am a Scorpio woman. There are very compatible men out there. My first husband was a fellow Scorpion (he died when I was 26). That is an intense and all consuming love. When you loose them though it is also an all consuming grief. And I can say no more about that.

My second husband was a Cancer (I lost him at 44). And no I'm not wearing them out, accidents do happen. Anyway, our relationship was so honest and giving and bordered on the psychic. We always knew what each other was thinking. It was so nice to not have to explain any of my Scorpio mysteries or the way I thought about things. I would consider this the most ideal match up for a Scorpio and most rewarding.

I am now with a Leo. Yeah I know they say this is a scary match up. Maybe that's so when your younger and still learning about yourself but I'm 52 now. To say that we challenge each other is an understatement. We also have a very intense respect for our strengths. He also lets me lead sometimes and he also likes it when I dominate. It's all very playful. But he also can handle the intensity a Scorpian can throw at him and is enjoying being taken to heights no one else has ever done.

Hope this helps some. Just stick to the stronger signs. We have to be able to respect them and they are the only ones who can have any hope of handling us ;)

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as a scorpio female, I agree
by: Anonymous

I was once with a Pisces male, which is suppose to be a great match for a Scorpio female, but I found him too wishy-washy and too laid-back for me. When we went on dates it was always "we'll do what you want." I want someone who is not afraid of making decisions, even at the risk of getting into a confrontation. Maybe I need someone who likes confirmation. So far I have been very attracted to other Scorpios, Cancers, Taurus, and even an Aries.

I agree
by: Anonymous

I have to agree, I am a Scorpio female and prefer my men to have a backbone. A man who has the courage to appoach me always catches my attention. I hate it when I like a guy and I know he likes me but then he is too scared or insecure or whatever to make a move (cough Pisces, clears throat) it is enough to turn me off. I can't stand men who agree with me all the time *roll eyes*. I like men with solid oppinions and who is not afraid to take a stand if they truly believe in something, even if I disagree I will admire him.Picseans I adore, but in the end they are way too easy to push over, then I feel guilty and then it's just a cycle. Cancerians can get overbearing when they are insecure and I need my space then I feel guilty and then it is just a cycle. Scorpio men totally get me and the sex is out of this world!!! but 2 months can feel like 20 years so take regular hot stone massages and meditations in between the volcanic eruptions of jealousy and passion...;)
I have to say thus far it has been a Leo (with one heck of a sense of humor) that has been strong and gentle enough to keep me interested. No one is ever 100% perfect, but when a Leo man decides to be magnificent my more basic instinct to gravitate towards the power takes over. Also it has to be said that the fire of the fixed fire sign has taught me more about warmth and trust than any bond I have had with another (cold blooded) water sign. Ok, I admit... sometimes he can make me boil, but what's a day without getting at least a little steamed ... good steam or bad steam: P definitely not boring! and definitely not for the faint of heart, but since when is a Scorpio of any kind faint of heart? ;)

by: Anonymous

even the powerful knows their powerless sometimes.

No, not for me
by: Anonymous

I do like a strong sign which is why I am hooked on another scorpio. Even though it is said that Cancers and Pisces are our best matches, I totally disagree. I didn't even bother to break up with the cancer I was dating. I just stopped talking to him. He was so sensitive, I thought that I was with another woman. The pisces couldn't tell the truth to save his miserable life. The only man that has kept my attention is a scorpion. The sex is mind blowing. He's secretive, sexy and protective. He is the only man that I have ever felt safe with. Even when I try to move away from him, I keep coming back. And he keeps letting me. We have drama, issues and passion, but we can't seem to say good-bye. I love it!

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