Scorpio women - suspicious and arrogant

by Anonymous

I met my ex Scorpio through friends. She looked innocent, full of life, and had a devil may care attitude. I found that attractive. We got married soon after. She challenged every bit of my existence. Disaster.

Once married, her real self showed. I have not, in my entire life, met someone so conceited and arrogant - by their own admission, their friend's admission, and my observation. I have not met someone so vindictive, scheming, and calculating. I have not met someone so narcissistic. I have not met someone with such bottomless low self-esteem. I have not met someone so suspicious. Thinking back, I do not believe she lived one moment with me genuinely. Thinking back, now that my head is clear from her influence, she conducted her life in threads of unfathomable convolutions. She fed on dark matter.

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Scorpio women - suspicious and arrogant
by: Anonymous

Definitely you met a wrong scorpion girl. I feel sad for you. As long as I knew scorpion girl, a few are my girlfriends and one of them is my ex-girlfriend, I never face any of the problem or character that faced by you, I feel really sorry for you.

I admire Scorpio women so much, yes I knew they are sometimes so suspicious and can be arrogant, but man they only show their dark side to the person they hate not to the person they love. Maybe u have difficulties to understand her needs. Anyway man, good luck for your another searching. But I still hope you could find a real scorpion girl because they really will love you with passion. You need someone who can argue with you, life will be so boring if you want to be happy all the time. And don't forget that a lot of argument and disagreement makes her alive in bed too ;) haha.. Good Luck man..

Scorpio women - suspicious and arrogant
by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo man dating a Scorpio woman. At first, everything was great. She seemed to be sort of shy at first but there was never any problems. Sex was great. But she is so stubborn sometimes, and it makes me ignore her, so she ignores me back, and since we are both stubborn none of us would give in... so eventually we made up, but I want her to take me more seriously.

scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

im a scorpio woman and everything that first guy said about scorpio woman is true but we can be caring, loyal and spontaneous. the key here is knowing how to treat us and totally depends on how one is approached. if you wana keep scorpio woman you have to be HONEST because she will know the truth and of course GREAT IN BED!

To the Original Poster
by: Hope

Did you ever learn enough about your Scorpio friend to glean an understanding about what was behind all the anger and depression? I feel sad reading that because it is indicative of incredible pain and sadness.

And furthermore, that can't have been much fun for either of you. I hope you have since met someone who was ready to be in a healthy relationship.


I'm a scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

Ok, being a scorpio woman, I have been down every road that is being talked about. A scorpio needs CONSTANT admiration. Being that they live with intense passion, they will give you the world just to see you smile, but not without cost. They have to be the center of your attention. They don't play games, but will test to see how loyal you are with them. My advice from past experiences, NEVER let a scorpio know that theres an interest, physically, mentally, or emotionally with anyone else. If they even suspect it (which they will before you have even conjured the thought), they will investigate. You will never even know what they are up to, until suddenly, they end it. We are investigators, and will know exactly what goes on behind your closed door. To avoid this, make sure you are absolutely 100% sure you want them. If you are even 99% sure, get out, or else you will lose them forever, and will suffer everyday for it. My last couple of exes tell me this every day.

Compatible signs
by: Anonymous

Sorry that things did not work out for you.If you were compatible with her things would have been different for you. After all we scorpios are at our worse when we are involved in a relationship which is going no where.We are most compatible with Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn and Virgo. Try to find someone who is compatible with your zodiac sign.GOOD LUCK!


I'd like to hear what she has to say about you! I definitely don't like how you listed everything you dislike about her. That is so annoying. Maybe you shoulda shown a little compassion. huh?

Scorpion Woman
by: Anonymous

I cannot speak for all scorpion women, but as for me I know that my dark side shows when Ive been wronged or hurt. My last major relationship was with my child's father who cheated and lied, lied, lied. I believe that the suspicious characteristic in scorpios is triggered. Yes, scorpian woman need lots of attention and if you're her man she should be your center of attention, without complaint; at least thats what I would expect. As a scorpion woman, I have high standards for myself and my man. Confidence and arrogance is two different things, don't get it twisted.

by: RHMC

Reading the characteristics and personality traits of a Scorpio woman outlined here in their general profile was like a description of my ex too! I agree with your observation and like you quickly got married and found out her true nature later on.. although in hind sight the tell-tale signs such as the jealousy, moodiness where there from the beginning because i chose to ignore them, later on the vindictiveness, secrecy and compulsive nature self-destructive behaviors manifested. I have since dated another woman whose mom was also a Scorpio and her observations match yours and mine. It seems the basic problem with Scorpio women is that they love too deeply and will always question your loyalty and if you don't match her intensity she will dig for evidence of infidelity and after having found none, her arrogance and pride will never let her apologise and admit when in the wrong. The vindictiveness is definitely legendary and has a very dark foreboding element to it...self-harm in pursuit of venegance is an ever present warned. They are very intelligent and intuitive and will definitely find any skeletons you have in the cupboards and then woe be unto you! Smart, sexy, committed and unselfish but sadly compulsive jealousy and possessiveness destroy a lot of their relationships!

Scorpio women - suspicious and arrogant
by: Anonymous

My experiences is that Scorpio women get themselves tangled in web with the CONSTANT digging and searching for proof of infidelity. I found myself ending up having to lie to give a "better" explaination as to why i was 10 mins late for appointments..already her assumption was that i was upto no good and if the real situation/event as to why I was late could POSSIBLY be MISCONSTRUED i found myself offering a safer explaination to avoid the inevitable interrogation and investigations ...its so emotionally draining and destroys relationships unnecessarily. Scorpio women need to understand themselves and their natural inclinations so they can take corrective action. I tell you this I now avoid Scorpio woman like the plague...and its a shame because they are so sexy amazing partners in bed, loyal...but so many relationship-ending and self-destructive behaviours.

Scorpio women - suspicious and arrogant
by: Anonymous

As a Scorpio woman I do pick up on the traits that you listed. It's very hard for us to correct these traits because they are what you called "natural" to us. We seriously don't mean to! I try to correct these little habits of mine like suspicion but it isn't the easiest thing in the world.

Not to sound arrogant or anything but maybe you could have been more honest yourself. If you make yourself assertive when you answered her question she might not have had any reason to question. Just a suggestion.

Hope you find someone for you!

suspicious and arrogant
by: Anonymous

Well guess what...maybe you just haven't realized how much she's been betrayed and hurt in the past to make her like this. We as scorpions, once hurt and betrayed, never give out trust as easily anymore.

To the original post
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman and no one knows better about our vices than we. I acknowlededge the fact that what you say about us is true. I've noticed these traits in myself. Especially the part about being vain. lol. But what it sounds like to me is that you didn't understand your scorpio very well. Scorpios, both male and female, see everything in black and white. Something either is or it isn't. So when dealing with people we see them in two catagories, weak and strong. We respect, but sometimes still dislike, strong personalities. But we cannot stand the weak. Maybe because we do not tolerate weakness within ourselves so its hard for us to understand weakness in others. We have our weaknesses but we will never show them to someone we did not completely love and trust. I come from a very big family and I have a lot of friends but if you ask any of them if they have every seen me cry, only about 2 of them could say "yes". We have very deep emotions which would be damn near impossible to explain. So when we hurt, we hurt to our very core. When we hate, we hate with passion and vengence. But on the positive, when we love. We love like no other. She may have been a bad choice for you. The phrase "If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen" can describe any relationship you have with a scorpio.

Re: Suspicious and Arrogant
by: Anonymous

In my case, you are 50% correct. The sign of Scorpio includes an extreme compulsion to protect – both ourselves, and the emotional and physical safety of those in our charge (family, children, friends, the infirmed, etc.) I am naturally suspicious of everyone’s motives and tend to look for congruency between what they are saying, and what remains unspoken – body language, actual facts, real motive, etc.

I don’t mean to be harmful or disrespectful (unless and am convinced you are up to no good). It’s just that I tend to not take the important stuff at face value.

Embellishing a good story – I applaud and admire that. Hiding a birthday surprise or romantic scavenger hunts – I love a challenge of that nature.

However, asking about my maiden name, my address, or any other personal information at a first meeting does make me suspicious. If I understand why you want to know (and how the info will be used), I can relax. Those that know me will ask, and if they see my eyes narrow, will quickly add, “I am asking because…” I tend to give others that some courtesy.

I have never been accused of arrogance – unless being playfully flirtatious with a partner. I am acutely aware of my strengths and shortcomings, and assume that others are as well. However, I do tend to speak with authority and conviction. I wonder if that gets mistaken for arrogance.

a demo of how a scorpio can be
by: Anonymous

im a scorpio woman n im dating a saggittarius guy we been 2gether for 4yrs. i use 2 b deeply inlove with him but he jus go against all of my morals he lies n lies n like the other guy said he had 2 lie so it could sound better than the truth is funny because he does that n only makes things worse so now i think everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie...he says over the yrs i've become crazy i ask who,what,when,where,n why. im not very vindictive i just like 2 get my anger out n act like nothing ever very suspisious im like "soo who was that on the phone? what did they want? so why did u walk away when they called? so why did u look at me when the phone rang? so why did u say u was going 2 call them later?...sometimes i dont wanna do that but its like hard 2 scorpio woman should ever try 2 have a relationship with a sagg. n then he doesnt express himself 2 me n that drives me nuts...he jus brings out the worst in me n he developed a guy phobia n me n makes me treat n think all guys are the same and mind yew this is only my 1st boyfriend!

What is Up?
by: Anonymous

I am a gorgeous hot scorpio woman. I have not been in a relationship for 2years. The last guy was a crummy sack of shit!!

I cannot seem to meet anyone that holds my attention or that makes it all about me. I want to love. I want to be loved.. But at the same time, I will need my space.

I can be attracted to someone get the know them a little and not even be interested anymore.

Any suggestions???

Sorpio women with Sag man
by: Anonymous

I am a Sag man and have been going out with a Scorpio lady and she is so lovely but after nearly 1 1/2 yrs of going out I still dont know where I stand ? I know she has been hurt before in relationships and I remember reading somewhere that you should never talk about past partners so i dont know where/what the hurt has come from, all I know is that I want her to be my centre of attention. She talks easy face to face but when we are not together she uses texts rather than talk on the phone, its almost like it is difficult for her to talk ? An (eg) of one of my text messages would be to say; that I care for you deeply and enjoy your company everytime we are together, then I would go on to say how is your mum dad or children, her reply would be the children are good, and mum or dad are doing very well, been to visit etc. Its as though she didnt get to read the first part of my text. I always treat her like a royal lady, open car doors, push her chair in at the table, while walking down the street I always walk on the side close to the road, my jacket over her shoulders if she is feeling cold, while in a restaurant if she goes the the powder room I always stand on her return to push her chair in once again,while at the theatre I will always support her arm closest to me while going down the stairs ,all of which I love to do.I have not slept with this lovely lady as yet, am I too much of a gentleman ( nice guys finnish last ) or is this what little scorpio ladies do when they have been hurt ??

like me
by: lily

am a scorpio and that lady of yours is just like me. i was hurt in the past and trust me, when guys text love messages and other logic ones, i ignore the love part and answer th ones which mean business, its b'se i was hurt for 3 good years, i dont think i will even get married!! but the advice i give u is to be like that and take your time, once u win our trust back, then u have us for good!!

Capricorn man
by: Anonymous

I am a Capricorn man dating a Scorpio woman.I have been experiencing the best sex in my life and have been honest and straight with her.but she's been hurt from former lovers and makes it impossible for her to trust me. In the meantime she puts all the blame on me every time we face difficulties.I really can't rationalize her way of thinking and though i am deeply devoted to her I will keep my self from walking down the road life with her.such a pitty.

sorry for your luck..
by: a Scorpio male

Quit belly ache'n to your Scorpio girl, then maybe she'd have a little more respect for you, and treat you to.. "life". If you don't understand the person a Scorpio is, you should most likely look for a more passive, boring mate or lover. That one you may be able to put a leash on like a pet, but not a or woman. Scorpios are strong intelligent individuals, good luck trying to hide any BS from us.. We have no time for superficial nonsense. Get yourself a band-aid for the sting, a tissue for your eyes.. If you have trouble hearing it like it is, a Scorpio is not for you. Respect, empathy, loyalty, be there for her, protect and nurture her feelings, encourage her every chance you get.. She can be moody sure, and what do you think she needs then?? I just told you. And what's so difficult about those things?? You ain't going to the candy shop if you can't give her all you got bud.

I love my Scorpio girl, there's no other woman in the world but her.

From a Scropio Woman
by: Anonymous

We scorpio woman can be a lot of things. From the woman that can create your fantasies to such evil that the devil himself would cover in fear. The key is to learn to read us. We are proud, strong woman but if we love a man or woman enough we would even consider sharing the control of the relationship. Attention and constant assurance that you want us is one of the keys to keep yourself alive.

Sadly, you are exactly right.
by: AmethystAscension

I have experienced extreme abuse from three Scorpio women so far, one being a man who is basically a woman. One of them was my grandmother, the other two friends.
My grandmother is this sicko with all of her teeth rotting out who never cleans her clothes or house or takes showers.
Her life consists of manipulating her children and pitting them against each other and trying to deface her sister who cared for their sick dad because she inherited their father's house even though she did not ever take care of him when he was old.
She sits around and watches soaps in her trailer all day and can turn on your in a split second over anything.
She comes over to my parent's house uninvited and begs my dad to buy her things. She has beaten and hit me for as long as I can recall, told my mother that she is no good because she doesn't let my dad, her youngest son order her around all day like a slave.
She and the other two are all you have described and above.
They were all three hideous inside and out, two of them with an entire mouth of rotting teeth which they seemed perfectly happy with including junk food and drug lifestyle, self harm, gossip, hurting others closes to them, etc.
They truly did feed on dark matter.
My grandmother used to bring g-strings to my mom she found at the thrift store that were 5 sizes too small and call them gifts, only to laugh at her and say she would give them to her own daughter who at least has a figure when my mom turned them down(ironically, she is about 290).
I have autism and have been called a witch/demon possessed by her for as long as I could remember.
She and the guy were both bi polar and would use that as an excuse to physically and psychologically abuse me and others.
All three were extremely jealous, vindictive people who hated themselves more than any other people I have known. Poor body image, spreading vicious rumors, all trying to get close to me and say we were in the same boat just to tell me to commit suicide or spit on me.
I used to like them because of their strength as you say, but I have learned otherwise.
My grandmother told the entire family that my cousin's daughter had Down's Syndrome even though her eyes were just swollen after she was born.
She went up there and embedded herself in the guise of helping which is what she always does, but went home and made sure all of us knew their dirty secrets and all of the contents of the fights, cabinets, what they did every day, IN DETAIL over the span of a month.
She will do anything to get the attention off of her and loves watching her family go at it so they won't see what a low life she is.
They all three love fights of any kind and generally hate me because I do not go along with it.If you do not wander in their filth and sex perversion with them they will sting you.
She married a man that abused all four of her kids and her. She feels sorry for herself and blames him completely and never once apologized to her kids.

My aunt
by: AmethystAscension

My aunt is also a Scorpio and has stung both my mother and myself on numerous occasions.

She claims to be a virgin and is in her mid-50's.

She lives alone in her dead mother's house in TN where she makes 5.50 an hour working at this Church of Christ church office.

When I was up there as a teenager, there was this Scorpio man she was obsessing over. She went to my 12 year sister and started asking her relationship advice such as when to ask him out and how, etc...yeah..

Anyways, they "went out" but he was always hitting on me, telling me how hot I was and how I needed to come with them on dates.

He totally obsessed over me, talking to me and ignoring her and when we were eating out and she went to the restroom, he out of the blue told me that he was just leading her on because her mom was about to die and he thought it was too soon to break off their imaginary union (apparently she had been telling us a lie the entire time and he was just playing her out of pity but it was good enough for her since she had never dated before).

I stayed in my room as much as I could the rest of the visit, avoided the guy, who also had rotting teeth...coincidence?

Anyways, my aunt has always hated me, but then she really began to hate me. It was like the guy was feeding off of her jealousy, trying to fuel her. It made me so ill.

Her jealousy took a toll. It is sad because she was so beautiful. Amazing. She looked like Audrey Hepburn but now she is just a withered, bitter old woman living alone because as she puts it, no one is good enough for her. Thinks she knows everything and is very detached from reality.

She does not take care of herself and refuses to see a doctor for her extreme fungus that spread to hands and feet. It is like she is in a dream world, always hoping some man will come along and worship her...

She only has my mom for her friend but she mistreats her, calls and wines every day even though my mom is the youngest sister. She despises her because she married and had three kids.

ooo Calm down!
by: Anonymous

lol bitter are you? your scorp must have seriously hurt you eh. All scorpio's you say...As far as i was aware 'like attracts like'. As for hating on all scorpio's because you met a bad person, well that tells me just how immature you are,and that would irate any sign not just a scorpio. I am Aries with a Scorpio man and so far it's been heaven. :)

Scorp girl
by: Anonymous

I gotta say first off I'm a Libra guy and have dated a Scorp girl before and while they have good traits in them like being truthful, loving etc.. they show there bad traits 10 fold over all the time. They somehow seem to keep track of your shortfalls or problems, if you do something wrong get ready to put that into writing in there brain for a long time, they will pop this situation up where you messed up even months later if need be. Somehow they don't like to communicate, they tend to stay quiet, like to avoid working something out even in tuff times, I think it's the side of them that they feel they are stronger and won't show weakness while typical Libra's like to compromise and show fair game through everything, always coming to a winning solution for both ends so be warned this right off the bat causes a lot of issues when you pair the 2. I notice she will love but always 2nd guess the other partners love back as if it's not up to part with her. I have dated way worse women, but the sad part is the Scorp girl like other's have said has this charm and trustfull relationship but then kills it with a lot dark emotions.

by: Anonymous

I am 1005 with you.Love the comment about she like to hear what she has to say about you. Thing is it doesn't matter what she has to say. They are prone to destroy their relashinships based on the fact that the love strife and if there is too much harmony, they will find a way to turn it into some kind of make belief conflict that was never there in the 1st place. I know 17 Scorpio gals, good distant friends but all single and no prospect of love anywhere in the horizon. Confident about what? how many Scorpios are heads of states? Booze and a lack of respect for their bodies make them age a fast. very knowledgeable in current world affairs but not much curiosity in true self development and facing their inner self away from material matters. I'm free of that experience and thought it was such a waste of energy in finding fun in quarrels cause things became too boring. We could of created fun in other areas such as activities , travels or other things. At the end of the day, people work hard all week and long to find peace and give peace in each others arms. Imagine the dreadful experience of coming home and having to be irrated by major insecurities and having alot more attention that we would usually give other zodiac signs. In astrology it says they have to overcome their meanness and vindictiveness and insecurities to be balanced.

by: Anonymous

I love the karma that ensues and when they walk with their head down in depression after.Quit the crying and get the lol aid for your sting lol.At the end of the day they always get crushed based on the karma of their actions. get yourself a an other boring sign. Nothing is more boring then a female Scorpio.Boring trips abroad, boring conversations boring sex life. They want to possess your soul by lovemaking. dude it gets so boring. Anyways female Scorpio are the most fun to watch how they keep on kicking themselves by not applying the principles of positive karma and skillful sleep. when they get theirs, and it happens very often not too many people feel sympathy.They grow into old age and still have not learned the lessons that they need to truly change their lives . Aggressive divorce, getting played by bad boys and just being lifelong children.They seldom change their destructive patterns. They feel victimized by a mate who is just as straightforward and point out their faults too. One that is indifferent to their getting even and accusations if they are not true. They then say that we don't love them or don't care about them when we give them back their money's worth equally of just ignore the destructive dramas. cycles.

by: Anonymous

At the end of the day the Scorpio ladies i had to deal with at the work place or my friends are great people. They give great advice, are attentive to listening to others problems and are good lending ear keeper of our secrets.Dependable workers and very organized.I just finished dating a female Scorpio and fell into the negative perceptions based on the games and lies that i was put under in order to prove my love all the time. The answer being,people have their lives to live too Scorpio gals. We are put on this earth to grow, balance our karma's and learn through experiences. If we devote more energy or time that would be required in a relashionship, then we are not balancing our own selves therefore we feel like we are getting drained.Spending too much energy on someone else and forgetting ourselves is a form of draining energy drama in itself.All signs have challenges that would take a lifetime to overcome cause the emotions of our flaws are so deeply rooted in our psyche.You are beautiful and sensual beings and we appreciate you. What the gentlemen is expressing is his frustration that his efforts and energy spent were not met halfway. I had to go through something similar and its only been 3 weeks since we are apart. I broke it off cause it was too hard to handle put my life aside and always be overly attentive to hers,but i do want the best for her and to be happy. I can let my frustrations get the best of me, but if we are not together means destiny was not in agreement with our union. I miss her and still love her,you should see her she has the most beautiful eyes and complexion.They are who they are and we all have a negative side to our astrological signs that could create forums like this one with people who dated our sign and have horror story's that would make us look at ourselves and see that we too are just as bad in a certain way. Have a good summer all i'm Taurus the opposite to Scorpio and i send a passionate kiss to all of you.Last thing, its not true that Scorpios are ruler of sex. They are not as wild or kinky as other signs.

scorpio corrections
by: Anonymous

Ok I am a scorpio and yes everything that is said about us is true. But for the ones who have had a messed up experience with us know nothing as to why we are the way we are. Again it is said we are the sign of the unknowned. Sometime we too are confused as to why we do the things we do but mostly its for our protection aginst getting hurt again. We learn early on in life that once we show too much of ourselves we end up getting hurt, so we have this big firewall up.Yes that can't be good as we get older we tend to get bitter; but for a reason. So before you go saying how we are. All signs have their flaws. We are the sign of rebirth it takes up time to transform into a true GOOrD scorpio. So stop all the demeaning us as a whole because you experience was not good. But overall we are relationship push aways, we learn from our mistakes like anyother sign so back off

same happened to me, except I was not married to her
by: Anonymous

same thing happened to me so I know exactly how you feel, I feel sorry for you, I was not married to the girl, but you are.

I think the most caring and nice sign that cause the least problem is Libra.

can get ya every time...
by: Anonymous

Us scorpios, can tend to do alot of assuming. Alot of the time were not exactly patient when it comes to what we want. We have high expectations an dif we think you arent keeping up then well drop you. Simple as that. It dosent mean we never cared in the first place though

by: Anonymous

It makes me wonder... did you really understand who she is before you married her? Maybe you didn't, she may have been hurt, you may have done 10,000 things to hurt her. In fact you may not have even been compatible in the first place. I mean it's easy to blame her but what about your own behaviour, it takes 2 to tango!

I'm a Scorpio and I am suspicious of everyone and everything and until they prove otherwise I shall still dig and dig. Lol! It's a bad habit I know and I'm trying to break it but I've been hurt more than I care to share. And even more than that I've been hurt for actually saying what I'm thinking and feeling because they don't matter. It can be a combo of things but we would like loyalty and to be loved unconditionally and if it seems superficial or fake or something just to pass the time then we become real angry.

But not to worry though, get up and move on with life.

Scorpio women- & their Retaliation
by: Anonymous

I was with a Scorpio female for almost three years & everything seemed cool until our break-up came about.Yes I did tell my girlfriend that I didn't want to with her anymore, or live with her. Then my cheating began & I told her.She put false allegations on me, put a PFA on me, kicked me out of our apartment which my name was on the lease, she cut my phone off & called the cops on me, she served the sheriffs to my job, she got my license to carry taken away & of course I needed a lawyer. By the way this is a same sex relationship!

you b true..scorpion wil b always...
by: bavs

its a boon to have a scorpion girl in life..just be true to her....u can experience the marvellous true love and dedication frm her..once u win her confidence..scorpion girl gives everything..repeat everything..if she beleives u she unveils her past without hesitation.she have all guts to declare her all relations on bed with others..and once she trust u and starts loving u..she wil b totally dedicated to u and wil b very pious..and sex with her is a should b blessed to experience a scorpion girl on bed..she is the experience her true love u b true to she wil take care..

Scorpio sun, moon, pluto, venus all in the 8th house
by: Anonymous

I'm slightly appalled at some of the negative generalizations about scorpio women in this thread. I'm a scorpio woman, and I'm very principled (or at least try to be), and always try to catch any evil or low standing tendencies in myself before they manifest themselves. I am definitely strong and can be opinionated, but I'm also very compassionate and the most supportive friend or lover once trust has been established. I give people the benefit of the doubt unless they prove me wrong. One thing I will admit is I have a very hard time getting over betrayal, because I'm self protective in nature but I choose not to retaliate. Instead I tend to cut that person out of my life, they cease to exist. If I'm wrong, I have no problem apologizing. Not all scorpio women are evil and nasty and God knows what else has been written above, factors such as other planetary aspects, and upbringing play a huge role too.

pound of poison for a smile
by: libra male

scorpio women are far to much work to keep happy iv'e read the scorpios responce here and its always the same old same old ..they are down right toxic to themselves..stinging their own life over and over again. And the worst part of it is they will rationalize it every time..personally I wont date another scorpio ..

to all comments and to original post
by: Young Stinger

U personally have had a bad experience obviously with a scorpio woman......doesnt mean were all bad. So all u out their saying were toxic evil and vindictive need to shove it. Saying were all the same is like saying all black people are ghetto or all chinese people are geniuses. Saying u wont date scorpio becuz u think there bad news based on a bad experience or a few means yur very ignorant.

Im a scorpio, so is my brother, and my dad, and they have been wonderful. A person can be vindictive and evil all on their own, its all about u, yur upbringin, and yur mind set, look at Hitler, was he a scorpio, i think not.

Im smart funny, calculative at times (but not in the "im planning yur demise and death"), and at some points shy (but dont take that as aloofness, takes time for me to trust sometimes). I really young, wont go into age but already ive neen stung, guess i was too intense watever. Soim on guard.

Maybe u wronged yur wife in many small ways to a point that she wants revenge and doing what shes doing is gettin it against u.

Anyway maybe yur not the one for her.......... i think personally u should confront her about the whole thing instead of speaking yur troubles to a bunch of people u dont kno....

Fire Horse Capricorn
by: FHC

All comments is very interesting on Scorpio, looks like you are very happy and fighting other signs to protect your signs. Just remember there are other 11 signs other than scorps and you scorps are very introvert adn want to be special and being self centered. Eventhough u r good in magnetism and sex. That's not the only thing in the world that sustain happiness. Bad thing about you is you are intoxicating your happiness by ur own secretive moves and suspicious. I think it is paranoid gestures.

I think all scorpios need to develop healthy social relationships.. I found out at least 5 scorps are inspired by me espscially my consistency and securing my future days and also my creative fire horse. They are weak when it come to their own feelings... hypocrisy by smiling to people when they are hurt. You have magnetism to bring people to you to be center of attention... what a narcistic sign.

May be most caps are boring, but FHC is different they love so many variations. It is time consuming to get along with scorpio that also loved to manipulate people. They would people honest to them, but they secretively tricking them by their gestures, easy to have affairs etc.

People is not bound to their sign as long as they would like to develop their own social IQ. You are depending on what you want to become not bound to your narcistic gestures. We are human tha has capability to master psycho skill to make things better in this world.

So all scorps, pls look at the world and odnt be scare hurt. Have control on your emotion and prevent emotional bad tempere. World has never happy all the time. Things are changing like heat and cold, strong and weak, yin and yang, hurt and relief.

For you scorps pls learn to get out of feeling hurt or guilty. Why you scared to get hurt if it will hurt you anyway.. Every signs have it. Be strong and forgiving, you are not the most sacred and majestic sign after all. In the eyes of the people the look is much the same... Grow up scorp in your emotinal intelligence, get off from your hypocrises.

Think when you are dead, what shall you left, a social responsibilities or just a neurotic people that drag too much attention.

response to you
by: cheyenna

I'm a scorp fem and all I want to say is not all women under scorpio sign have those negative attributes you mentioned(arrogant and concited) that was just her I find it very ignorant when people base assumptions or relate negative attributes because of an astrological sign we as people shud focus on why we attract lowlife indivisuals it starts from within.

Scorp women are great!
by: Crab-boy

I am a Cancer man. I have had only great experiences with Scorp women. Yea, they can be crazy, but that's's part of their charm.

They are loyal, loving, trustworthy, honest, great listeners and funny. What more would you want in a partner?.

You want a partner that will rock your world, get a Scorp Lady!!

scorpio woman
by: man

wow. how does one put something like this into perspective? I have a scorpio girlfriend at the moment and have to say she is a hand full some times, but on the other hand I've dated girls from pretty much all the signs too. So that being said the only difference I can tell is that this girl is somewhat demanding in a way that she has to know everything I'm doing at every moment, she asks allot of questions and is very private with her own affairs she tells me more and more about herself as time goes on then goes into these manic child like moods. I know how to snap her out of them and we move on to have a great day. she's fun and funny as heck and we have a great time in bed. I love her caring ways and have to admit shes late for everything. She is like a private detective going through my phone ect, but that doesn't bother me, I have nothing to hide from her and wouldn't try if I did. over all she is a good girlfriend and she's putting up with me.

My two best friends are Scorpios
by: Anonymous

I agree with you 100%! Scorpios have too many emotional problems and aren't in tune with reality. They're extremely sneaky. Both of them claim to be victims in relationships but in reality they aren't. Money and sex rule them. Yes! They love to have money power but not respect. Scorpio women will put their sexual needs before their own children. One of my Scorpio friends had the perfect guy that accepted her children and was ready to be a father to them but his sex wasn't up to her standards so she dropped him for a loser who had great sex and money that played her like a fool. Got her pregnant and doesn't even pay child support.

by: Gypsy

I'd like to say a few things:
1) logically speaking, just reading through these posts, the complainers seem far more hateful, suspicious and arrogant then the defenders, who all seem to be willing to admit they aren't perfect and compromise.
2) SERIOUSLY?!? You complainers are condemning literally hundreds of millions of people because of the month they were born in?!? Go back and read those hateful comments and insert "black", "men", or "Jew" in the place of "scorpio women". And you are saying they are evil? Cause you sound suspiciously like Nazis...
3) to the "my 2 best friends are scorpios": they may be your best friends, but you certainly aren't theirs. I mean what kind of a 2-faced b#tch does something like that to her "friends" on a public forum? With a "friend" like you, who needs enemies?You are a HORRIBLE friend...and I suspect aren't a good person all around.

Hate is hate. It is unacceptable. Only the weak, pathetic and small minded need resort to it.

Think, Understand, Decipher
by: Ezou

When I hear such stories, we were nice at the bebinning and then the marriage fall-apart type of thing, I know that 99% it was A)2 people decieving themselves that eventually ended when the bullshit and lies and the real person came out or B) One was too intelligent (dishonet) and the other too idiotic (illusionary). Most often, it is the option A and it is mixed with B at some levels.
You are telling your side of the story. Why did you do this with such a woman? Why? And if you cannot know the person you are dedicating your respect, and admiration and trust, then you must make some drastic changes that your future relationships do not become destructive and end up with the same fate. Again, you are telling your side of the story, while subjectively focusing on what you think and biased in your seeing the wrong of the other person, and blaming them for what happened.
You loved her--and that love is truthful and healing. With love, you grow, you teach, you teach honesty, kindness, respect, honesty, integrity and all that other valuable qualitis. And with love, you do not play games, and you do not play games with your own self or other people: Truth, truth and truth.
If you love her and have dignity and self-respect, then you will say it to her face, looking into her eyes: "I love you. and wanted the best for both of us in a democratic, loving, kind and truthful way, with much respect for your rights and much dignity and integrity. I do not lie, and play games. But my love calls me to ask you to reconsider this scheming and this darkenss and bs in your life." And in good-will, and wiht honesty, truth and love depart her in a constructive way: "I wish and hope you the best in life and love--that all moments are constructive, peacful, productive with joy, happiness and all that is valuable.
And leave this destructive relationship, for the benefit of both, since you two were not able to create a honest, constructive, loving, productive bond with respect and integrity for both of your rights in a relaionship. and most importatnly, what you are doing which is gossiping behind the back of your former or current lover is bad, negative and undignified--being in a relationship does not give you the right to open her personal life. it is between you and her, work it out with truth, or leave with truth, but in any case be constructive. After all, love is truth and truth can only be constructive.

by: Natassha

You really met the wrong scorpio, maybe she's suspicious cause she was hurt in the past year, scorpio have deepest emotion and maybe they ought to forgive but they never forget specially things that hurt them too much I know cause i've been that stage but luckily i manage to control it, so you see maybe she have some issues but have you tried to do something to understand her. scorpios is not outspoken they use to hide what they feel and what they want to say cause they have pride too, we don't want to be pitted.

by: Anonymous

Im a cap so I know how it is im dealing with 2 & they are complete opposites my baby mom is the yang the sexy stubborn selfish likes her space type, while the the yin is the needy talks to much lovey dovey type & I cant stand it problem is Im in love with yin she asked me to stay with her then flips it on me & tells me she didnt want me to move in& now that im there on wkends she"s never there sayn she likes being by herself likes her own space sayn shes not ready to b with some1 or have a bf just wants it to happen then y give me a key

My Scorpio gf is as nasty as urs
by: Anonymous

I'm a sag and my Scorpio gf is nuts. She was all fronting when I first dated her. Pretending all nurturing and mothering, and very soon I found that she's very calculating, stubborn and never give in. Always like to argue, twist things around to get herself out from her fault. Accuse me on her fault, etc.... And I feel sorry that it seems like no one in her life ever taught her how to apologize and say sorry.

I'm a sag and I'm very forgiving as long as a person knows how to apologize. It almost doesn't matter what they do wrong and ill forgive and forget real fast. It's such a pet peeves that Scorpio doesn't know how to say sorry. They are full of themselves and nasty. They could be very vicious and vengeful too if you mess with them and play hard ball even if its their fault. My Scorpio gf just takes things for granted. I feel like I'm more like her friend than her bf honestly. She obviously treats her friends better than me. Sometimes she treats me like enemy. It's so unhealthy. And she is never romantic, she was just fronting it at the beginning. Her true color shows once the short honey moon is over. Sometimes all i want is her to give in just a little bit and ill do the rest, but dont you ever expect and hope for that coz it will never happen in their lifetime to give in even a little bit. i never had any gf as hard headed and difficult as her. i always tell Myself, if she wanna win so badly, go Ahead and win coz when You win, ur actually losing me. I'm thinking of a way to dump her without her taking revenge on me coz to know a Scorpio, she as a sinking ship would totally do that. I would rather be single and have no sex at all than sucking her up pretending everything's ok.

by: Anonymous

There is no gray area in Scorpio only black and white. We love passionately, devotedly and loyally. When involved with a scorpio, be HONEST because we scorpios are natural lie detectors and investigators and our intuition is very high when we feel that there is something on the table that has not been brought up to us. And if we found out that something is hidden from us, we will fiercely present you the truth and will let you remember the pain of being lied to and cheated upon until the pain inflicted to us is gone. If you will truly know a scorpio and deal with us with 100% honesty no matter how brutal,we will respect you and you will realize that you got a very loyal, honest, caring and loving person on your side who will fight for you even if the world tells us that you are not worth fighting for.- Scorpio Girl here.

You don't wander into the ocean if you can't swim
by: Illusion

A Scorpio woman can be anything you ever wanted and more, but ONLY AFTER YOU GAINED HER RESPECT AND TRUST. It's when you fail to do so, that bad things start to happen. If she doesn't respect you, you'll know and she won't be around too much.And when she loves you but doesn't trust you, it can happen for two reasons:you're actually lying or hiding something and she can feel it,or she doesn't feel you love her.We relate to feelings rather than logic.
If you love her with all your heart and she still doubts it, it's because she judges your love by comparing it to hers. But Scorpio love is infinitely deep, she will do literally ANYTHING for you, and it's difficult for her to understand that you are just incapable of matching that.
The key is communication and honesty.Once you won her over, you can show her your weaknesses,it will make her trust you more. Nothing will shock her or make her love you less.

Part 2 :)
by: Illusion

When you're down, she'll pick you up and back on your feet like no one else. And in time she'll gather the courage to show you HER weaknesses, because although she hates to do it, she needs to show herself as she truly is and see that you love her still.It's when you show her you do that you have actually gained her trust, and unless you take a wrong step, you will have the funny, happy Scorpio for good.If you reach this point,when all her shields are down, be careful not to hurt her with or without intention, she will never forgive and many innocent men will suffer after she breaks up with you :).
She might seem to ignore reality and indulge in drugs and alcohol, but she knows exactly where she stands,she just doesn't want to face it at the moment.And when she behaves insanely, there's always a logical reason, don't say she's crazy just because you don't bother to find it.She can hurt as deeply as she can love,and when she's down she wants the whole world to feel what she feels,and she'll help them :) (that explains the mean behavior).
In conclusion,if you want a Scorpio, be prepared for a difficult journey, and you don't get to blame them if you can't read the map.I am 99% sure she told you she is complicated soon after you met.The destination is totally worth it, anyway - there's unconditional love, fun and laughter, and magnetic sex (not necessarily kinky, but better anyway).

Scorpio women truly are the most passionate and loving creatures
by: Capricorn maverick with Scorpio icon :-)

Reading all these comment's is quite mixed.
So I am a scorpio women, but I feel with time and experience's, I am the best combination of a sexy, fiesty, determined, compassionate women ever. I would give my heart to the man that gives me his care attention and takes the time to understand me. I was with the wrong partner's in the past, that bought out the most ugly side, my temper, my jealously, my dominance. Then I met a Capricorn, although cold and distant at times, he was... he was respectful, trustworthy, caring, loyal to my heart, gentle and kind, and I had no doubt that this man was devoted to me, so that's it really, I have no reason to doubt him, I gave him the world and am 110% loyal to him, adore him, am the most patient person ( even though we scorpio women aren't ) I worked on my flaws and perfected them. He makes me crazy about him, sexually, there is no limits, this man has my mind body and soul.

scorpio girl here and you sir are stupid
by: Anonymous

OK ok take it easy dude! I'm so sure that you have done somthing to her before she turned all dark and evil like that! no one will ever turn like that out of nowhere, not because she is a scorpio or whatever in the heck sign she is, am a scorpio and yes i can turn vendective sometimes but only when someone hurt me, and i dont get hurt that easily.. if she marries you, then she loves you, if she loves you then theres no way in hell she will turn hatefull without a good reason,, but from what I've read,, you seem really hurt and wanted to puke all your hatred somewhere, so you wrote this topic.

Scorpio woman
by: Piper

I am a Scorpio and I love hard when I find someone I choose to love. The Scorpio will give her all but if you cross us, act like a dick, try to control us, walk out, or cheat, be ready for Hell on Earth. Revenge is are middle name and we are very good at it. Its part of our nature and we learn to embrace it. We don't physically beat you around. We inject a poison that destroys from the inside out. Many call it emotional abuse. We call it sweet revenge for being crossed. I have done it unintentionally on a couple different occasions. Its natural for us since we very well may be the most in tune with emotion sign out there. My advice, don't cross a Scorpio unless you are ready for a long emotional war that we will win. Everything you say will fuel our fire and become our emotional ammunition. You become the our icon of pure hate and we let it all out before we stop. Good luck trying to hurt us at this point, but if you do, Congrats you just made things 100 times worse for you. Best thing to do is have no contact with us and let us forget you exist as much as we can. 

Scorpio women - suspicious and arrogant
by: etc

Never trust Scorpio women especially if she is your boss. I have Scropio Boss who happened to be China lady. She was recommended by one of the board of directors. Our dept has been 11 years never bought an IT items exceeded the budget more than $50,000 but witin 3 years she works she spent nearly $300,000.00 dollars. She flatter the management but only her own staff knew her character. She looks sweet , soft spoken but behind that sweet face she have split personality. She won't defend her own staff , she fickle minded , she shout at her staff just s small matter and she have trust issues with her own staff. She call herself " A good manager" but she looks down on the intern.

She will pick from her staffs , interns and supplier. She PR from china to work in asia country. Four staff has resigned because of her character. An outsiders says " The boss is good and soft spoken" When we told the outsiders " Never judge the book by it's cover and you won't know her character unless you work with her.
Nobody like Scropio. I am a virgo and direct I told her off but she kept quiet but she won't admit her mistakes and she keep saying she is correct. Hell I rather work male boss than female boss.

Stay strong :)
by: Anonymous

I seem to understand your situation and really i feel bad about you :(

Yes,it's true that scorpio has those traits most probably we wouldn't want,but you really can't blame them because everything happens for a reason;either she was hurt or you've done something wrong.

And if u leave an apple somewhere without touching,it rots.Means that probably you may have not done what she really wanted,that might means sex.

As scorpio are really intense in sex,they are both physically and emotionally agreeable to sex.

Sometimes some mistakes comes from us...bro/sis...

Hope you got still a ray of hope :)

Scorpio Woman.
by: Pammy

Hi, I am indeed a scorpio woman, and I would like to add that when a person is born will make a difference. For example, my birthday is the 27th of October; so whilst I am a scorpio, I have Liberian traits. I do love with all my heart, but like the same back. I was married to a cancerian for 21years, supposedly my perfect match. He was a narcissist, and all but destroyed me. We only wish to be treated with the same care and respect that we give: that's true for me.
Remember, there are always exceptions to the rules. The gentleman at the top had seriously bad luck.

by: saggitarius

My mother and father are scorpios hes been in jail for 29 yrs im 32, now my mother is a beautiful woman but she has to be one of the most evil people ive met ive watch her neglect everyone of her kid for some dude lie about everything and destroy anything that makes you feel worth something ,me and my brother were put in the juvenile system for most of our child hood the other ones ended up on drugs ,very abusive,controling and jealous the only way to get their respect is give them what they give you double time they respect power if they wont respect u fuck em they aint no different from anybody else that gotta gain respect in this world i started boxing when i got out and all i can see is her im a great father and husband because she couldnt break me, i fkn hate any scorpio who show these traits if they lucky ill just punch em in the mouth

by: does it matter?

I have dated a scorpio for nearly 4 years, and she is an absolutely amazing b/c I see who she is on the inside.
With that being said, there is definitely more to contribute regarding Scorpios:

1. Scorpio love astrology, why? Because astrology states that Scorpios are NOT weak. If scorpios are not weak then why do they need affirmation that they are not weak? If being weak means that you express how you feel then yes scorpios are definitely not weak. Scorpio's think that being cold-hearted is such a strong quality, but the sad thing is that it is far from it.
2. It is very hard to get a scorpio to open up, but it is absolutely amazing when they do because you know it's genuine.
3. Scorpios love being labeled a scorpio, but this causes a problem because it means that they are confined to the traits of a scorpio. Anytime someone confines themself to a label then they are not trying to move forward and become a better person. I am not saying that all scorpio don't want to be a better person, I am simply stating that they are conditioning themselves. I am an Aquarius male and do believe in astrology, yet this does not define me as a person.

by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio women and what I just read about Scorpios made me cry. I can't believe that human beings are actually writing something so cruel an empty About another human being... I think that this shows your character more than hers because you're the one who sees absolutely no good and her and only bad. Everyone has issues but it sounds like everybody likes to blame Scorpio women for their own issues and their own problems. If your relationship was that bad then first of all why were you with her why did you marry her and how could you let your relationship fall apart To where it became as bad as you mentioned? This is a real person that you're talking about and especially someone that you were married soon you should be ashamed of yourself firstourself for saying such horrible mean things about her. And we all have problems would you like people to say this about you?

by: Leo Man

Scorpio Men are alot better with relationships than scorpio women. Scorpio men change for their significant other, whereas scorpio women never change, they are stubborn, scandalous, and don't take relationships seriously. I dated a Scorpio woman for about 4 years and the thing that bothered me most was they do not communicate and can not be trusted. Gemini women can't be trusted either, but both gemini and scorpio women are the sneakest of the zodiac signs. Thats why they are all single, or in a bs relationship that involves infidelity, no trust, and unhappiness. Scorpio women like sex so much that they are willing to throw away a relationship to have sex. Scorpio women are their own worst enemy. They are extremely sexy and make great love affairs, and make alot of money.

by: Anonymous

I have dated an scorpio girl. We went on 7th dates exactly. She was coming from a divorce after 7 years of marriage. In the beginning she really looked so nice, I was impressed about the personality and how smart and educated she was. During the 3rd date we kissed. She told me to be patient because she has issues and was a traumatized by the divorce. Dates continued and after the 7th date she wait a week to respond one of my messages. She mentioned some personal problems at work and her family which she wanted to visit. She said i will quit and then go to my country for a few months. I also want rent my house.

I consider myself very honest and I am a good person. I do not lie, and would not hurt anyone, but this lady was rude, and she really treated me like something really bad happended between us. To me she is arrogant, and so full of herself. Now she is interested in having a frienship.

I really think that scorpios should be so doubtful and suspicious. They trick to see your answers or your reactions, and to be honest I just wanted to get to know her. That is all.

No need to be rude with a guy that did not do anything bad to you.

That is all about it.

Thank you!

Scorpio Woman
by: Anonymous

Suspicious yes when my gut feels something is not right and I am mostly accurate. Plus, Scorpios are loyal they invest a lot for their loved ones, thus they are suspicious because it wouldn't be fair for them to invest so much meanwhile the lover is investing time with other women. Arrogant not all Scorpios, though I have Scorpio friends that tell me they think they are beautiful intelligent and perfect - but c'mon it is not just Scorpios trust me. Vindictive - depends if the Scorpio is mature. I don't take revenge I let karma take care of it, because a person who has wronged me surely will wrong others and one day they will reap what they sow. Moreover, a person who has wronged me probably has something bad going on in their life already.

Scorpio women - misunderstood
by: MSK

Scorpio women are probably the most misunderstood people on this planet. I don't deny the possibility that you may have had a bitter experience with a Scorpio woman but I think you can't just gather up some of the most negative human traits and lump them into the Scorpio personality bucket. There are several positive traits in Scorpio women like their intelligence, their magnetism and their rough around the edges genuineness in dealing with people. They are also not afraid of making sincere efforts to successfully resolve difficult and scary situations as they believe in delving into the heart of such situations in order to understand them better and engineer a more perfect solution. They are intense and this can be intimidating to people belonging to shallower zodiac signs. Most people want to deal with folks who are light hearted and not too deep, it takes the pressure off socialising and allows these people to hide their flaws under the veil of superficiality. Unfortunately, nor too many Scorpios (men or women) fit that bill which is why many of them are socially awkward unless they are high powered personalities who command a lot of respect due to their wealth, specialized knowledge or tenacity. Most Scorpios don't know how to package their wares in a worldly acceptable form which is why they often end up in bulls*** situations in their lives. Many of them suffer from difficult childhoods and pasts due to their social awkwardness which has its origins in their introverted natures, hence the low self esteem. When these people grow up, they believe they have to overcompensate for social rejection either by being overachievers or by being aggressive. Both these things can be interpreted as conceited and obnoxious by the less well informed among us. Keeping all this in mind I do not discount the possibility that you may have misunderstood your ex and lost what could have been a good relationship with a little work from you. I am not blaming you or anything like that. Some of us enter relationships because we want comfort and are not prepared to take on the responsibility of healing people who have had issues in the past. This is fair from a non-Scorpio point of view. In order to prevent future relationships from failing, ask yourself and define what you want from a romantic alliance before entering one. You can prevent a lot of heartbreak that way both for yourself and the one you want to be with. I can give you all this sound advice as I am a Scorpio woman myself and I understand what it feels like to be misunderstood and trust me, it is NO fun.

Scorpio Vengeance
by: Anonymous

The Scorpio Woman:

When you first meet the scorpio female, you will be instantly attracted to her mysterious nature. She can seem sweet, caring, loving with amazing attention to detail. As long as she is interested in you, she will make you feel like you are king of the world. But her true plan is to have you worship at her feet.

In her mind, the Scorpio believes that a man can truly love her only if he is willing to throw away everything in his life for her. She expects constant proof of your love, even if that means destroying your career, your family relations and friendships as well as any other passions or hobbies, just to be her lover. She expects total ownership.

Some men find this a small price to pay for the amazing sex appeal that the Scorpio woman possesses. But other men, just can't pay such a high price.

Once the Scorpio woman feels she hasn't got as much control over you as she would like, she can turn very vindictive.

She will not act immediately, preferring instead to plot her revenge slowly. She will hurt you where it matters most. If your work and career are the most important thing to you, she will make sure you are unable to function. If it's your family, she will slowly start to poison your relationship with them until you are isolated and alone, with no one to turn to but her.

And it's at this moment, when you admit that you need her most, that she will deliver the final blow. An attitude of "can't care less", a shrug of the shoulder, an unblinking cold stare or an impatient look at her watch.

Unless you are ready to totally and completely submit to a Scorpio woman, unless you are prepared to give her the upper hand whenever she wants it (and she wants it a lot) you are going to have problems.

The good news is that once the Scorpio has managed to paralyse her victim completely, once she's sure that she has total ownership, she will begin to rebuild you from scratch.

She will dress you in the highest sense of fashion, and make sure you are successful at work or business. She enjoys seeing others admire you, in the same way a designer or inventor enjoys seeing people marvel at their creations. She will enjoy seeing other girls look at you because she enjoys looking back at them with a cold stare that says, you belong to her.

She will always be ready to cut you back to size if you start to think that your success isn't dependent on her.

In a way, the Scorpio woman is like a little girl who never grew up. She loves to play with dolls, making them do exactly what she wants and screaming at others if they try to touch her toys. But she saves her strongest vengeance for the man who doesn't want to be a doll. The man who wants to live his life according to his own rules.

The Scorpio is a victim of her own mind. It's not that the Scorpio woman is evil. It's just that she is damn good at being evil when she thinks she's not in total control.

by: Anonymous

Im currently in a relationship with someone similar.Its been 9yrs and im pretty much do with her.

Be careful what you wish for
by: Anonymous

While I have to agree that Scorpios are arrogant, manipulative, emotional and CONSTANTLY neat pick on your traits and what you do, isn't that what attracted you in the first place?

I mean some people do choose Scorpios because of not just how intuitive they are but because of this wild dangerous side. To be sweet and innocent on the front but yet matured dangerous and able to be independent since you don't want us to cling all the time.

Isn't that quite a lot to ask for? Most scorpios don't ever let you know who they really are like even if you've known each other for years. They would probably know every weakness of yours, but yet how well do you know them?

A scorpio has to be incharge. The Scorpio needs to be able to be strong and independent because once they rely on someone it's game over for us. It means we have to drop all disguises and to be realistic, be our true self; which of course results in complaints like yours.

Why do we neat pick? We neat pick because we're afraid. If we become suspicious it's because we're afraid that you're going to be sick of us and how we truly are. You might be honest to your scorpio but your scorpio won't be honest to you. The Scorpio would do anything to keep you, even if it means pretending to be someone else, hoping that you'll really love us for who we are.

After all, judging from what you all say, it's difficult to love someone like that so do you think your scorpio is going to happily invite such painful disgust and complaints by being him or herself? And if the scorpio is truly in love, do you think she'd tell you the truth and risk losing you forever? Nope so lies and facade it is!

It's not easy to be a Scorpio either, not when your emotions rule you so much. We could be fighting so long the need to question and just end up doing it because we can't get over it.

If you can't deal with insecurities and expect Scorpios to be walking confident ladies all the time go get a barbie doll. A scorpio needs care EXTREME care. So be careful what you wish for. Everything has a price

No tolerance for lies
by: Scorpio woman

I consider myself attractive and sexy. I am attracted to men who are confident, intelligent and not afraid to disclose their true selves. I absolutely loathe lying because once a man lies about something small, I wonder what else has he lied about? I have had the experience where a guy just offered lies about calling me. I never once asked him to call me and I rarely called him. From my perspective his intent was to keep that foot in the door. I couldn't nurse the star of hope because of his over promises and under delivery even regarding something as small as a phone call. I was starting to develop feelings for him so to protect my heart I hurt myself and broke up him. The words that I used weren't mean but to the point. "I am one less woman that he has to deal with." So I believe he knows exactly what I meant. I am very intuitive, loyal and I love passionately and long but I don't play games with grown men.

by: Anonymous

I'm cancer man and i like scorpio lady in my office. I never told her her that i like her and we were good friend but some how she has started avoiding me.. As she has started avoiding me. What to do i can't live without her.

Oh yes, it is true after all
by: Anonymous

You are spot on. Scorpios are never wrong. They will never agree that they are wrong.

totally accurate
by: Anonymous

couldnt have said it better myself

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