Secrets To Capture a Gemini woman

by ashan05

Like the article said, we are deep thinkers and even if you say that 1+1 is 2, we'd still like to know how and why you arrived at that. Don't worry, we'll do the thinking when we are alone without you knowing. We love surprises and often physical to the first impression stuff. We are always going for the difficult tasks and very intellectual like Miss ''know it all''.

We get bored with a guy if he's too easy to predict and doesn't fit into what we call the ''real man'' as long as we have a description.
A gemini woman will tell you only the truth of what she feels or wants because it seems like we don't care so like us or leave us.

Sometimes we are always looking for men that is not looking for us until we charm them, ignoring the ones dying for us.

Men must really work hard to make a Gemini woman fall in love with him first.

No matter how in love we seem, we can get easily distracted by the looks of Idris Elba or ''Anthonio Banderaz even though after a few months, we might still get bored of them.
We are constantly waiting for our knights in shinny armor even when we are with the cutest man on earth. We just want to have the best all to ourselves.

We are very fast and corny sometimes that you think you know us better, you just woke up. We one moment happy and the next moody, not anyone;s fault but because the twins are thinking and battling with each other's ideas that it switches from time to time.

So sad that we are gone by the time a man is already falling for us.

Make sure our guesses are wrong because we like to believe that every man is a cheat and even when he's sweet, he is doing it for a reason. We just like to get what we want and love it when a man is stronger than us, really tough and being the leader in an affair. Knows how to tie us down. It might seems scary at first but dep down we love a man who would keep us in our place and still show us 100 percent love. Don't worry we are our own advisers and we will calm ourselves down.

When we finally find that prince, we fall so low that we can give everything we have just to please him, we often put our men first before anything else even if we are treated less.
Geminis are just unserious people but we know what we want and don't waste time to telling you that. We are always looking for the scorpio males even when they say we are not compatible...loL!
This might not apply to everybody but I know that most of us are like this without them even knowing.

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by: Anonymous

I'm born on the Gemini Cancer cusp.
I'm super independent. As a negative, I'm super shallow too. I love ambitious hardworking men, both in work ethics and looks.
I expect the materialistic match to match mines and don't search for better than me but don't settle for less than me (then I feel like I'm being used). While the materialism is a starting criteria, I will not seriously consider a guy unless he has some key traits: humanitarian, honesty, goodness and kindness to everyone while being clever and understanding the world. My standards are high but the truth is, I too try to live up to them.

I like to be respected for my thinking and independence but I love a man who takes the lead.

I have a wandering eye and am attracted to beauty. However, I am very loyal to the man I give myself to and won't even consider another or wonder "what if.", even if that guy is a multi-millionaire and showering his affections on me. Once I set, I set for life. At this point it is the other one who will break it off, and if he does, I will let him go. I keep my pride while secretly hurting and dying inside. I will make him my everlasting hero while still giving respecting to self.

oh god
by: Anonymous

This is so true, even in the 1+1=2 part, for when I first studied algebra I would execively ask my mother why the heck certain procedures had to be that way ( this permanetly marked my impatient mother because the questions would never stop). And despite my strong water sign influences I still have the tendancy of acidentally charming boys and then ignoring that they are crazy for me. In fact it's even worse for me because I don't let absolutely anyone in unless I think he is THE ONE. Not just a real man but THE ONE. Still, I guess in the end all a Gemini wants is a strong never ending pitt of a guy that always has something to say.

2 headed bull
by: Eve

Gemini chick with Taurus cusp :)

Initially i can be quite lazy when it comes to dating. I'd rather just be cool and hang out build up a friendship and see where it goes from there. Guys that hound me i seem to ignore and the ones that give off that mysterious allure i crave and hunt for lol. Quite honestly enough ive been doing this for awhile and because of that ive had few boyfriends my entire life and tons of good and bad dates lol. I like this method because to me it gives me an opportunity to see a different side of him and its a little less pressure on each person to impress or dazzle the other. small get togethers with friends, cooking for him,watching the game on the big screen all mean the world to me. Nothing is more important to me than QT and building up the love i have with the person i choose but i do like the night scene somewhat, not enough to jeopardize my relationship but id prefer a guy that isn't afraid to get fly and show his girl a good time. I love champagne and lobster and furs and all that stuff but at the same time ill get down under the kitchen sink with my man a and help him fix it. i have the ultimate patience with everything but men, stand me up or feed me lies you're already on the shit list. If i don't feel anything or if it feels forced than friends we shall remain or ill just leave you in the dust. when im not in a serious relationship i tend to go after or be attracted to men who are stable and strong, smart and independent but at the same time sensitive,jealous,possessive or the controlling type.(ALOT of earth and water signs seem to love me idk) I don't like to be controlled and i definitely do not like dramatic emotional scenes. Im always cool and collected, im very friendly always smiling and well mannered. I don't really react right away to social scenes especially if its my first time in a new place or around a group of people. i usually get strong intuitive vibes from ppl im kind of quiet analyzing alot and i observe all that's around me. But once im comfortable my energy level shoots thru the roof! I have crazy stamina in and out of bed. Sex is like food to me once he's mine i want it all the time :) Im a sucker for romance but i don't mind a guy whose a little rough around the edges or a bit of a bad boy. This way he's not spoiling me all the time because if you give me what i want all the time you become predictable which then becomes boring. Straight-laced guys are good guys i just know what i like and that wouldn't keep me around long. I may have told a few harmless white lies to keep things cool when its too hot but if you ever ask me for the straight up truth best believe your gonna get it! I don't hold my tongue when i feel like justice needs to be served. But i HATE arguing believe it or rather talk it out then have passionate sex afterwards *shrugs* just be yourself be charming smart sort of reserved so i wont get it all at first impression and most of all respect me.

Can someone help me with this please?
by: Anonymous

Hello,im a 17yr old male Aquarius and was wondering if its true that Gemini women are attracted to Aquarius' like people say? If so, can i have advice on my situation, back in jr high a Gemini girl,she was stunning. Anyways i never paid her any mind because i thought i was to quite for her type...
But heres the problem, it turns out she did like me but i ruined my chances because i never really talked to her. And for my senior year im going to the same high school as there anyway i can resurrect her feelings for me and actully est. A relationship? And is there anyway to calm my nerves or help my chances?(shes been,according to friends, sexually active and i dont want to try on this if shes in the process of making a family. id rather not tear a family apart)

Highly imcompatible with scorpios
by: NOT attracted to scorpios

Some parts are true but not 100%. And the least true part that immediately caught my attention is that we like Scorpio men. I've dated 2 and they were both very attractive and seemingly normal in the beginning but became increasingly crazy and full of crap over time. They were both rigid, overly and intense and amazing liars lol they expressed their "deep feelings" openly but they were both full of shit in the end- unless I ha gone along with their bullshit stories I could've married either one of them if I wanted to! But I prefer strong level men of my equal neither superior nor inferior and I definitely believe scorpio is our inferior because they fall in love so easily. Huge TURN OFF and definitely not an attractive trait to any gemini.

Got that right
by: Anonymous

Please, the easy guys who fall over for me right on the spot bore me to death. I want someone who would want to work for me and be by my side for good, who can tie me down and be able to accept my personality that may be all over the place but they are able to keep up with my mind. I know I am quick wittied and love to talk about many subjects, going for new ideas every second and it would be nice for someone to keep up with that. To accept my faults and be happy with me. The only thing that I hate about some things that the horoscope usually says is that we cheat on people to easy and we have a hard time to commit. In my opinion I believe that is not true for me, yes I may have a hard time to commit but only because of trust issues and I dont know if that person would be able to suit up for me or keep up with me. I do have tons of friends, especially my best friend is a scorpio =) I love to talk and be sociable but at the same time I love commitment and that I am able to trust you and I do become stubborn with my beliefs. Thats why I go after taurus men. Haha, yeah I know it shows that we are highly uncompatible but I need a man like that in my life. Strong, protecting, never leaving your side, and truthful and if I have to Ill fight finding a guy like that haha sounding a bit like scorpio. But eay Im a gemini ;) I can be many things hahah! You need to work to get one.

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