Seducing a Capricorn... Tips from a Capricorn Girl

I don't know about other Capricorns, but for me, I like to be swept off my feet, or just be shown some open affection (By open, I dont mean in front of the whole world, just private 'ok this is definately affection' affection). Generally, I'll give anyone a chance if they let me know they like me. That is, until it comes to sex. THEN I need a little brooding time to think about it, the way into a Capricorns (or at least my)bed is never easy, it takes a lot of trust-building and reassurance before I'm ready to take that step. But yeah, Underneath all the outer-prudeness is a whole lot of passion and desire, so a few perverted or dirty jokes/ flirtation/ hints, though outwardly non effective on a Capricorn, actually do make a difference. We just are too caught up in other peoples impression of us that we react prudely, when really, deep down we're actually pretty kinky people. ;) So yeah, try a dirty suggestion, they work on me (though I'd never admit it)

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Omg hahaha I agree!
by: Cap girrrl.

As another Cap girl, I soo agree with you. I secretly dig the open straightforward flirtation too! And am very private about the bedroom stuff - serious and trust-based. But dang, the flirting! I'm normally not too flirtatious but it always gets me going. Dang those cute Sag's, Pisces, Tarus and Cancer who can seriously FLIRT! ;) It's like sexy and really gets me out of my shell. Haha.

As a capricorn girl
by: BaMbOO

I say cap girls look 4 a secure relation so that they feel happy and safe and to keep sure they have a real partner with
as a capricorn,i dont like wasting my time and energy on flirting just 4 fun or reasuring my attractivness.

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