Seducing a Leo man

i am a Pisces woman who has dated mostly Leo men. I love this page because it describes every Leo iv ever dated perfectly. A Leo man wants to think they're best you've ever had, just make sure he also believes you're the best he's ever had (its very easy)they love to be complimented to an insane extent.

If you treat him like a king everywhere, and you act and look classy when you're out and about, you'll have him and be able to keep him easily. When you first sleep with a leo man make sure your groomed and your bra and panties are sexy as sexy can get, tell him what he wants to hear and let him know you're loving it. Leo men are often very kinky in bed, they may want you to say
and do things you would normally never consider, but if you do what they want you probably WONT regret it. If you're loving something he's doing in bed, let him know, because of the leos huge ego he doesn't want to disappoint you and have you badmouthing his moves to your friends the next day, i f hes doing good tell him and he'll do better, if he's doing better tell him and next thing you know he'll be the best.........oh and forgot to mention they like you to make a first move, it boosts their confidence, and it doesn't hurt to start with you ON TOP it will flatter them even though they will end up doing most of the work.....theyre the control freaks of the zodiac.

If you can do these things and are very flexible with your schedule you'll have them hooked, Leos don't like to admit it but there hopeless romantics. They're cheap at first, and will probably expect things from you, which can be expensive because of their high class taste. Eventually they will be the ones spending mad cash on you, diamond rings, vacations, expensive dinners, random, spontaneous weekend getaways, everything you want you'll get. At this point there head over heals in love, so don't take advantage of the tamed lion.

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You got me!
by: Anonymous

I am a leo gayman.. You are absolutely correct except a few things a little exaggerated a little towards the end. I don't see myself as a control freak. I like to be in control of my destiny. On the other hand, we appreciate tremendously our partners to have their own mind, freedom, 'can do all alone' personality. They are sings of confidence and we "LOVE" it on our partners.

We are not cheap but may approach with caution the first time as we are very generous and we often observe others as "cheap" thus we'd like to play the game by their rule to show we do not like it. Our partners happiness is highly important so yeah we make sure we treat them with the best if possible. We stretch our feet according to the size of our blanket. If we have, we will spend it, if we don't we ll do our best but limit our budget hovewer it may be difficult.

In bed, bring it on. The more wild and kinky you are, the more we are pleased. I have my taurus bud surprised me tonight. We have been together for more than 5 years and I asked him to try something in the past- along time ago, he never did but tonight, I don't know why and how, he asked about it. It blew my mind off. It was amazing, He has left an hour ago, since "the moment," I feel like I am sort of 'drunk' or not sure if I am awake, I am pinching myself. I wanted to ask but couldn't about why and why now and not in the last 5 years. I can't figure it out.

Anyhow, you are Pisces and I met a guy about a month ago who is also Pisces. I didn't know what was happening as I thought he had been avoiding me. Turned out to be, he had some personal issues to handle. He is coming over again this Saturday. The sex was INCREDIBLE with this Pisces. The BEST EVER! JUST AMAZING! It was mutual. I couldn't forget it and for the last two nights, I can't even sleep because of him coming over on Saturday. I wonder if leo and Pisces get along well. He is such a sweet, sexy, fragile man. I am just sooo looking forward to it.

Again, you are absolutely correct about LEOMAN!


Be well,


by: Anonymous




by: Anonymous

I wish my Pisces girlfriend was as smart as you! Your Leo man must be crazy in love with you because you deal with him so well. You pretty much have us all figured out, the only exception is that were not cheap! We just like to feel you out and make sure you will be appreciative before we go all out and spoil you.

Leo cat
by: AmethystAscension

I am a Pisces woman and have a Leo cat who is obsessed over me.

He is so HOT even though he is a cat and looks like a male model. He is very prideful and demands attention but also very warm, does not hold grudges and loves to play.

When we have guests, he is sure they are there to see him and he proudly walks into the room and takes charge, placing himself in the center of all the drama, flirting shamelessly and getting all the women to squeal/fight over him.

Such a social animal, he cares most about being human.
He can open doors, pretends to be slow when he is really a genius, and had severe autism as a kitten, even to the point of beating his face until it bled, like in Fight Club.

He would walk into the middle of the room and just start beating the shit out of himself. It was badass.

We put him on the raw food meat diet and the self violence went away.

He loves to pretend to leave me just to see if I will chase him.

He acts predatory but if he bites me hard he feels awful for it later and occasionally gets depressed.

I love him like a real son. He talks a lot as well and is extremely possessive and walks around pretending to spray me all the time.

He does what we call "actively ignoring" where he will pompously walk up to you and then face away from you abruptly and paste back his ears with this stuck up look on his face. He thinks everything is about him and is really quite a jerk but I wouldn't change him at all.

What he likes the most in a woman is a strong type who still has femininity and can use that to harness him.

He does not respect weak women who give in to his charades and let him walk all over them or seem too keen on him.

If you are not jealous, pretend to be! lol

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