Seducing a Libra woman

As a Libra lady, I would advise some form of titillation... try your hand at romantic poetry... drop her a note...but be sincere! We sniff out insincerity immediately and can be very cutting at any fake attempts to seduce us just for the sake of getting us to bed.

We love romance and good music. A live performance is not adverse to our liking(: If you play an instrument, why not play us a tune or two and you are bound to win us over...providing it is good music.

We are emotional ladies, so expect to have us want more than just sex. We are very understanding and loyal if treated right, and expect the same back.

Don't mess with our heads...sure, a few weeks of eye contact and light conversation until you have the gumption to ask us out, but don't go on for months screwing with our heads...we are too fragile for that nonsense.

Definitely a secluded hideaway, beautiful beach setting, romantic dinner either at your place or out, a nice wine and intelligent conversation. We also like to know about you, so take lead in conversation...we do like a man to take charge...which is why we like Aries. Don't be too bossy though, that will put us on the defensive quite quickly. Always say what is on your mind...don't leave us guessing, we too like direct. Treat us with respect at all times and we will be putty in your hands (:

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Libra is independent
by: Anonymous

I'm a classy Libra lady born on Oct 22; strong, independent, success, talented, dependable, love, care, and with a good will; I'm an engineer; beside this, I work on call as a substitute teacher. I'm absolutely have no problem by attracting the opposite gender-professional men. I don't play game to break men and women's heart; I love human. I know exactly what men see and wanted from me. I'm not the only one. As well as, other people are good with those qualities. It just kinds of hard for me to believe someone who is indifferent about the relationship. I try to withdraw and forget from my first Love who I was deeply in Love from my whole pure heart. I spent my precious time, energy, resource, and to think of him. This weakness has been control over me quit for awhile. No matter what, I still love and care for him. But it kinds of too late now for I met someone new. He is Virgo cusp of Scorpio; we planed to married when I finish school of Art; I'm happy, free, independent, successful women. There is no other chance for us to meet again and make love as we did. Now it seems we broke up without a reason. Also, I'm on my own. I have no regret. I leave this aside and learn to forget and continue on my other career. (I'm a designer) Heh, I think you got the clue. All I wish is the best of luck with happiness to my Scorpio man in every thing he does.
from your Libra lady

libra women
by: Anonymous

im was born oct 22 same charcteristic

You share my birth month
by: Anonymous

You share my birth month 10/22; we are in the same characteristic, so this could be Libra/Scorpio border. However I don't feel or act as a Scorpio at all. I'm not a jealous, moody, manipulate type or flirting around; people just misunderstand; I don't mind. I just like to be in social and speak out in the public. I devote for my love one and family. A peaceful place I found is at home. The perfect mate-friend is Virgo lady. I believe Virgo is the best sign and ideal for Libra than other. So, you should be proud as a Libra.

you hafta really try
by: Anonymous

Im a libra and to really attract me you really hafta put your feelngs out there and give me real reasons why you are intrested, i dont know maybe its just me but if you wana get a libra you should give her a long and detailed and beautiful reason why you love her

Born on Oct. 7
by: Anonymous

Im a Libra born on the 7th of October. I totally LOVE to receive compliments, but not the obvious ones, the more original, the better. I do have a very hard time making decisions and I do try to be fair to everyone. Its hard sometimes, when my love for all things beautiful (thank you Venus for that) collapses with my trying to be fair when someone gives me a gift. If I love it then I LOVE IT, if I dont, then I feel reaaaaally guilty and I would even wear it or display it just to please the other party haha. I am a social butterfly (was anyway, Im now living in a new country so dont have more than 3 friends) and I hate not being in a relationship, I think I've always been in love with love itself. Its very true we Libras love our partner to be groomed, classy...even if not with expensive clothes, he needs to have style, you dont need to be rich to be sytlish. True also, I will avoid conflict but if I have to face it, then I will be the most polite and logical of all, needless to say fair too.

by: Anonymous

im a libra woman born on 14 of october. i seem to attract sagittarious and aries nd all these others im not compatible with. i like to have notes written sincerly. im 15 and i have not yet seen any sincerity out of any guy.

Confused on capricorns
by: Anonymous

My twin sister and I are both true Libras,born in the middle of October , and i have read alot about our comparability with other signs. I have read that we should definitely stay away from capricorns, but out of all he other men in the world, we seem to be extremely attracted to those ruled by he capricorn sign. I don't know what to do. It seems like he makes the perfect man for me.
He is gentle, always complimenting me and turning me on by he conversations we have. He isn't big into showing public affection but when we are alone he opens up so much. So despite what everyone says I'm confused if I should keep his relationship going or end it before I put myself at risk for a tough future.

Why can't we be together ????

Scorpio male in love with a Libra Woman
by: KDB

For years I have searched for that compatible romantic love, passion, and affection. I have met my match, and gladly accept her as the best part of me. She is Libra, pure woman, pure heart, perfect in my eyes. The first kiss told me I needed no one but her for the rest of my life. I bare myself to her, in all aspects, knowing she will not rule me, but tenderly push me to my goals and never betray me. I am learning to define love, for once in my life. She's brassy, that's OK, I like it. She cools off kissing me. Scorpio men, I can assure you, that Libra women will end your search for true devoted passionate love.

passionate peak.
by: Anonymous

Relationship between scorpio man and libra woman is very intense and thrilling at the same time..He wants to love her deeply ,emotionally and sexually be always present to her..Libra woman on the other hand is loving,motherly ,devoted woman who takes pleasure in harmony,togetherness ,love and passion.She spoils her scorpio man and feed him when he needs her..He can only know her value when she's missing ,he wants her to belong to him completely...He dreams of surrendering himself to her and she loves being wanted and loved and to be cherished by her man..there is soo much passion that can at times lead to destruction by scorpio mate..he wants her to be as passionate as he is.this is more like love-hate relationship

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