Seducing a Taurus man

by Leo Gal

He has flashed me these two ridiculously huge smiles, he appears to stare at me regularly and when he does stare it is most disconcerting to this Leo girl, because he stares for ages. Even if I catch his eye, he does not look away.

I struggle to talk to him because a) I am so ridiculously shy around him and b) he doesn't make him self terribly available for conversation. He did however come around for half an hour with a friend of his to help me with a manly man task that I couldn't do. I gave him a small food gift in appreciation a day or so later, yet haven't heard anything from him about it. He hasn't even acknowledged it. But still continues to STARE at me. Umm... HELP?!

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Advice for women of other signs
by: Samantha

I'm a Libra woman true to astrology and I love my Taurus man with all of my heart, and I never hold anything against him... (except for his bad taste in music lol :P )

My advice would be:
•Get to know him well
•Find out what he likes
•Don't hurt his feelings
•Be patient and let him take his time

He's a rock on the outside, but is soft on the inside. Take care of him and love him for all it's worth.

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