Seducing a virgo

by Mya

I acted as if I didn't want him in that way when really I did I just didn't tell him that. Virgo's love challenges so make them chase you. It was hard for my boyfriend to even get me to go out with him before we got into a relationship. It was even more difficult for him to get me to make love. But once you make love to virgo trust me it'll be worth it. My virgo makes sure I am always pleased first and him last(virgo's want to be perfect at everything and they want you to be satisfied with them).

Even when they do have you still make them chase you,it drives them crazy(in a great way). P.S. I am a cancer woman and I seduced a virgo by being patient and pretended to not be interesting(deep down he knew I was which why he didn't give up in the race to date me. I'm glad I let him catch me)

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Bad Bad Bad!!!!
by: Anonymous

I guess you at least flirted with him initially, and he really likes you . We definitely never chase unless we REALLY like or REALLY find something we like in that person.

I guess that did the trick, and also that truly makes us crazy when the other arent responding as espected. But donnt take it to long , give us something to continue if not, will get mad and frustaded.

Bad Girl. You really make him move.

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