Seducing an Aries woman

Okay Aries woman here. Let me help you all out when it comes to us. First and foremost we feel like women and wanted to be treated like one. But don't get that confused with wanting to be treated like your helpless. That's one thing we are not. I must admit we are probably the hardest woman to keep.

That's because we play both sides. The zodiac tomboy no matter how feminine we can be or think very masculine. We are female hunters we think like men and at times act like them in order to keep us you got to keep our interest. To do that stay progressive cause that we are. Keep it coming weather it's love sex conversation. Keep it coming. As long as you progress as a person and romantically the relationship will to. WE HATE BEING BORED OR GETTING THINGS TO EASY!!!!! Basically men think like a man in this relationship cause you're dating one of the boys

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