Seducing Aries men

I had a sexual relationship with an Aries man who would treat me like sh1t before, but he starting liking me. I'm Sagittarius and him being an Aries he would definitely chase after me.

I thought he was sexy in many ways. During classes we had to together he would say "stick it in your mouth!" and I would nod and make my dirty smile, and he would laugh. He would pretend he was jacking off during class! So hot! Our first sexual moments were amazing :) He liked being on top. Aries's may be greedy and say what they want and when they want it, but for a Sagittarius teen, I knew I was lucky because I need a man like that, I can't tell him what I want, I'm to scared that he will say no.

They are aggressive, but they tend to cheat, and same for Sagittarians. I'd never cheat as a Sagittarius, I'd just cheat with him on his girlfriend! He fulfilled my sexual desires and was a total flirt, I loved it. But now were just friends . . . who are still sexual.Yes it's weird but I'm happy to have an Aries man, Friend or Boyfriend.

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by: Anonymous

I dated an Aries for several years, seducing him was easy (basically i acted uninterested which is what i do anyway with men whom i want to date, so I'm experience in that area) then outta no where we started dating.

However, he cheated on me a lot (so the comment above from, i assume, a teenager about how she would help an Aries cheat on his girlfriend - big no no sister, karma happens and being a good person is more important than giving up your self respect.) i broke it off. He still chases after me (its been 7 months since we broke up-and he has a new gf which he claims 'shes nothing
compared to you, no one ever could be'). Of course, I Ignore all his texts and he keeps persisting. So i guess that falls into the 'playing hard to get' category.

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