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I'm not to good with the whole astrology and star signs but from my experience with the aries im attempting to seduce , he somewhat definantly likes the whole showing some skin thing and the backing away ( hard to get) if you catch him looking at you dont look away hold his gaze for a minute and then look away and act as if it never happened , and from what ive heard he doesnt like the clingy type so that also means dont do the whole crying infront of him thing be passionate i think he responds more to anger if you want him to notice your upset , let him be the one to notice and then even if he gives bad advice pretend it was good or announce that it was helpful it will make him more cocky .

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by: Anonymous

Yep you nailed it. Two months ago the Aries man I am falling for (recently divorced) threw comments into the mix that he still loved an ex and would always. Obviously I was mortified and felt really hurt and p'd off to be frank. I just ignored him and after 4 days he texted me asking why he hadn't heard from me so I ignored him again. Then 2 days later he texted again and again a further two days after. I was suppose to see him re my dogs and he rang me 3 times that morning (which is something he never does). It was obvious that he was panicking because nothing had happened other than him saying this shit about an ex. He said that he was worried about me, but why if nothing other than this had occurred? I was shocked that this normally confident and cock sure guy was in fact quite insecure at heart. He was all over me like a rash when I saw him but still I gave him little eye contact and you could see the panic stricken look - he didn't know what to do. Everything is fine, but it taught me so much. Don't chase after them and don't get upset in front of them. I think why I got so much attention was that he realized he had over stepped the mark and I wasn't happy and was walking away. I never got angry or clingy but it was obvious I was pissed off and that made him realize I was unhappy about what he had said. He said what he did to get a reaction which is what I knew (by the way he ended the conversation), ie he threw the shit into the mix and then made a quick exit. They are hard work but once you understand how they tick it is so much easier. This guy knows I care but I aint going to chase after him. I desperately want him but have held out so far because I know that sleeping with them too soon is a fatal mistake. They are quite insecure which is a paradox to how they come across but if you scratch the surface they aren't so confident (the child inside them is still very apparent)and they can quickly lose interest because they think you are a lost cause. So you need to be careful not to over cook the egg.

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