Seducing Taurus so true!

I am an Aquarius woman and I just started seeing a Taurus man and all that is written above is 100% true! I hate that every single thing about Aquarius and Taurus says we are not right because we feel so unbelievably right! In saying that, I am on the cusp of Pisces so maybe that has something to do with it!

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Confused Aquarius w/ taurus man
by: Anonymous

I am talkin to a taurus right now? Any advice? I am also an aquarius. I've only been talking to him for about 2wks but ive know him for a long time, but i havent really talked to him till now. He got ahold of me and we started talking. He spilled out all of his feelings for me when we first started talking. He is very slow at the process of us getting to know eachother more and im a little worried because i dont know if hes lost interest but today he told me that he was really happy to have a friend like me and that that is what makes his day go better. Im a little confused any advice? Thanks so much.

Aquarius w/ Taurus man
by: Anonymous Taurean

Be patient! Us Taureans don't like to move too quickly with relationships because when we commit, it takes a lot to change our minds again. In these circumstances, we could take months, maybe even years before we're ready, but when we get there, there's no turning back. If we see our partner getting restless, then we tend to start thinking that they're not cut out for a long-haul relationship, a major turn-off for us, unless we specifically set out for just a bit of fun.

On the plus side, I'd say he's pretty head over heels for you if he came out and expressed his feelings for you verbally, face-to-face. That's pretty rare for us, and I'd say it's an expression of just how far he's willing to go for you. By telling you how he felt, he risked being knocked back.

Actions speak louder than words, but for us Taureans, they normally outright replace them. We tend to find physical ways to express ourselves, whether as bluntly as a hug, or more subtly, such as offering to drive you somewhere, or subtler still, such as having a word with a friend you have fallen out with. We also often like these small favours to be slightly secretive, and will often work in a million small ways behind the scenes to make the lives of our loved ones easier and happier. We do this because we believe actions carry more weight than words, but it also keeps the value of those words intact. When a Taurean says "I love you", you can be sure that they mean it in the purest, most definite way, another reason why they will save it for only the most special of occasions.

Lastly, when I am looking for new relationships of any kind, I always start with a long period of observation. I watch people from a distance, learn about them through friends and family, and only when I am truly satisfied that I want this person in my life will I actually say something to them. Your Taurean man probably knows a lot more about you than he's letting on (although he probably didn't go to the same extremes as me!), and he will definitely already be happy with the idea of being with you, otherwise he would likely not have wasted the effort or emotion on saying something.

The article has most things spot on. If you want to get to know him a little better, then you'll have to give a little in order to receive. He'll be reluctant to open up unless he feels you are honest and trustworthy, so tell him a little about yourself, then ask him for a little information in return. Again, the good news is that he already appears to have a good bit of confidence in you, so this relationship appears to heading down the right track.

My taurean boss
by: Kits

I'm a capricorn girl, 28, and i've had strong feelings for my Taurus boss, 38, for well over a year. We fell out once last year but apart from that we get on great and he's always friendly and smiling at me... mind you, he's like that with everyone. I thought i'd managed to entice him by giving him a gift of food a while back, he was obviously very pleased, but i have NO idea whether he actually likes me or not. He knows i have a partner and as such, i wouldn't do anything, but i would love to know how he feels. We get on so well when we are talking. Any ideas?

I'm An Aquarius woman dating a taurus man
by: Anonymous

So far everything is wonderful !! We have been dating for 8 months now about to be on our 9th. We've been dating since June 5,2014. I hate how every website says we're not ment to be but really we are because he loves me so much and I love him so much it's amazing!! And I can't wait to look forward to get the the future already. Well anyway I think these two signs are completely compatible because I just turned 16 and he's 16 going on 17 lol in April and he bought me a Pitbull terrier puppy for $250 for my birthday and he surprised me with it with a prom sign hanging from the 5 week old puppy and I almost cried he does so much for me and he really is a blessing to me I literally could not ask for a better boyfriend he is my everything. /// but at first it took a lot for him to change bc that he quite 3 times but now he's done for sure he just needed encouragement and that what he got.<3 he did this all for me and I love him with all of my heart and more❤️💜💞

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