Sensitive Pisces Woman married to Independent Saggitarius

by Katrina
(New York, NY)

I dated my husband for 6 years and we just got married. I relate to all the comments, except those that say it cannot work.

It has been the best experience at times. He is the best friend one can have if you are logical and pleasant with him overall. Sex is off the charts, even after 6 years! He is very affectionate when I act first. He hates freedom limited, and may take a little while to commit (6 years to get married - I was ready at year 4!) but he is faithful, honest and honorable.

That said, it has been a crazy roller coaster with us. I had a rough childhood and am very sensitive overall. He is a good man, but super independent. I find that the biggest problem we have may be that which many women experience. A true Pisces, I love romance and when a man shows me his feelings with romantic words and affection. He is a super masculine guy (a Marine at that!), and seems to express his love in small ways that don't really seem romantic, but practical. This is difficult if I am going through an emotional time and need him. Sometimes I wish he would reach out to me in these times without me having to tell him, but he can be really dense. When I tell him, he is really giving and loving, but I wish he could intuitively understand sometimes. As a Pisces, I intuitively understand when he needs me, and give.

My biggest complaint is that as a true Pisces, I am very giving and caring, but I feel that he does not give and show his feelings and care even 3/4 as much as I do. When I am more independent and self-sufficient, he seems more relaxed to give, but sometimes I really need him. I am trying to be more independent, but get mad sometimes because shouldn't I be able to lean on my husband emotionally?

I love him to pieces and he loves me a lot even though I am a lot to handle. I have picked a lot of arguments with him over the years about his lack of showing emotions, but the arguments or even telling him in complaint make it worse! I find the best way to have him show you more is to ask him to do things or show you more by saying it very logically and non-judgmentally. He completely shuts down when I am judgmental or say mean words. Sags are blunt, so they take words literally when you say them, and as Pisces who speak in circles and metaphors, we need to be very mindful of our words.

Pisces love romance and want to be with their partner all the time, at least I do. However, with a Sagittarius, it is very important to have a life outside of the relationship. Pisces are tempted to make a man and love their world, but if you do this with Sag, it will be a letdown because he likes to have a full life. You cannot lean on him all the time because he may not always be there because he is so independent and very busy (they sure are active men!). I am still working on it as I still want to spend most of my time with him because I am so in love. It might make you feel that he is not as in love because he shows less than you, but he is just very busy. When he seems distant, talk to a very understanding friend (don't talk to a frenemy who is unhappy with her life as they will try to make u miserable also - made that mistake many times), or go out and do something to take your mind off of it. Don't ruminate and immerse yourself in feeling by listening to sad songs or writing diaries about how sad you are. It will make you feel worse! Pisces can be deep and dark, but Sag is light and upbeat so he may not always seem to understand. This is a fact you will have to accept, and try to resist the urge to be too needy, and be distant by being more independent (and not by being malicious - he hates bitchy women) when you feel he is not giving more.

It is a lot of work, but so worth it. I have never loved someone as I love him, and he has been good to me overall.

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Pisces Woman Dating an Older Sagittarius Man
by: Anonymous

Sensitive Pisces,
I totally understand every word you wrote. I am a 39yr old Pisces dating a 54yr old Sagittarius man that hasppens to be a former marine. I'm in love with this man but most of the time I want to strangle him. I know he loves me too but shows it differently. He's a good man, very respectful, very loving when it comes to intimacy and good Lord sex is off the charts!!!
He is very independent and I'm all the opposite. I guess their's a price to pay when we decide to persue a relationship with a Sagittarius man...

by: pisces lis

I agree and understand im going on my 5th yr dating my sagg i get very sad and dissapointed when i check our sign compatability and that we arent meant to be together :[ but readin ur story gives me some hope that we will make it =] i pray for all you pisces loving ur saggitarius men

by: Anonymous

Thanks.. i felt relaxed after reading ur comments...

but my situation is that my man just broke off with me and said he does not feel the same anymore for me but i love him to death.. and he knows this..
now the situation is that i am trying to be friends with him for the time being, and will make sure i dont be demanding or as we pisceans are, he wants to build his career, i may be was too dependent on him so now even i think of making a career for myself and at the same time not lose touch with him.

i know he is not dating anyone, and i so strongly have the faith in God that he is the one and therefore i dont wanna lose him forever, therefore i hope one day his feelings will come back for me, but definitely, only if i dnt be the mushy cushy piscean attacking him again and scaring him but be more practical!!!
God to bless all who are in love!!

by: Anonymous

sensitive pisces:
i am very relieved that you shared your story because you have given me sooo much hope on my own relationship as well. when the compatibility of a Pisces woman and a Sagittarius male is mention people immediately turn their heads saying it wont work but i know it will god willing. i know that myself as another sensitive Pisces has to give him space an i wil and am... i spend more time hanging wit my friends ad only reach him whn he wants me to if that, space and independent is really key to this relationship and i strive for that everyday knowing that in the end he will be mine, and the sex? i can honestly say its the best i ever had!!!!!!

The Sagittarius Ex....
by: Pisces girl

I was sooo in love with my Sagittarius guy. It was a relationship that got serious very quickly. He was so much fun to be with, the life of the party. He was also very sensitive and even cried in front of me once! We connected on every level, physically, emotionally it was great! We were together all the time, talked multiple times a day and saw each other almost everyday. One of my major problems was his immaturity. He loved to go out and be wild and crazy but I loved that he brought out the kid in me. He also was very confused about his future. He literally changed career goals every week! Which was very aggravating! I tried my best to help him with it. Despite his career confusion, and my families disapproval (they wanted him to go to college) I thought everything was perfect. Then one day I knew something was wrong when I had not heard from him all day. So at 1am I gave him a call. He said we were moving too fast and that he could not handle being in a relationship. I practically begged him to reconsider and think it over but the decision was made.

I was a wreck for weeks. Could not eat, or sleep.(I know it was hard on him too, he didn't go out for weeks, I have spys, lol) A mutual friend took care of me and took me out but I did not want any other guys. I would get very drunk and feel horrible the next day. I would occasionally see him out and he would run the other way. It took me months to fully recover but I did and I moved on.
Now a year later I get a huge apology email from him. He shocked me and seemed really sincere. We have been texting a little and he even asked me to dinner but had to cancel when his car died. We haven't met in person yet but he seems to be trying to make an effort and even offered to drive 4 hours to see my show in another town. People say he seems more mature now and is getting his life together but I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I have not been able to commit to anyone else since then. (Talking to about 6 guys right So I am not in a rush to jump into anything but maybe a friendship might be worth a try. Any thoughts?

sag men are really worth the effort pisces chicks !
by: Anonymous

i am so relating to all of what u wrote lol u have hit the nail on d head on many accounts thanks alot for ur story

trying to keep a sagittarius
by: merry

i'm a pisces and to see that it can work with a sag gives me a lot of hope that my relationship can work my sag was in a longterm relationship when i met him he wasn't happy but he sent mixed signals we have been together 3years and i still don't know how he truly feels about me he says he loves me but he seems so selfish that i don't know if he really does he wants to get married and expects me to do this but i just can't because i don't think we are ready for such a big step in such a new relationship plus him and my mom don't get along and i havn't even met his family yet i truly love him but i'm not sure if this relationship is going to workout i don't trust him

by: Reytosha

I appreciated your post and others comments. Ive been dating my Sag going on two years and we are taking a break (lol) for the 3rd time. But I definitely learned alot about compromise in this relationship and dont mind it at all. I was married to a lying Libra...and this Sag's bluntness and honesty has been a breath of fresh air! I've know he is an independent spirit and know he respects me yet I get on his nerves! It works for both of us, and it seems when we are are apart we are growing within ourselves and are stronger and more sensitive to each others needs/emotions when we are back together.

Now on the real tip, this man does like to play games and is maniputlative and I found myself the first year catering to his need, watching what I say, trying not to make him upset; but I was not happy with myself and realized I was losing my true self for a man. With that said I made some changes and realized that he seem to respect my assertiveness more he would get upset for a moment, but overall the relationship seem to flow more!

Presently, I took an ultimate stand and told him no about something he wanted me to do, because our relationship status was rocky (and I said something that bruised his ego that led to the rockiness)...needless to say he claimed he knew someone else who will do it (which didn't faze me, I knew he was upset) and that I was funny (and at the point I knew he was confused, cause he expected me to do it). So as you know we arent talking at all, I emailed him a Chrismas e-card, and news of a job we were anticipating that I got, and told him about the snow! Other than that Im emotionally calm and expect to hear from him once he get his ego mended within the next six months!

Overall, I really do love him and I wouldn't go through this drama and compromise with nobody but him...and yes this unlikely pair is likely! I'm just staying mobile with my life, because I certainly had one before he came along and the number one man in my life is God (who will neverer forsake me or leave me) so I'm good (I do have my longing moments though, but I'll maintain). Take Care

God help the Sag
by: Anonymous

I dated a sag for three yrs. For me it was not worth it b/c
The only kindness and romantic gestures and commitment
I ever got from him was out of despair for all the cruelty
He had shown me. In the end it was the careless a******
Remark that he never really cared if he ever hurt me by ignoring me for hours at parties while flirting with other girls I worked with looking up girls skirt while playing mini golf, porn addiction comment about young girls and brown eyed girls when I have blue. All these things he always said sorry untill I brought up the thing about young girls he is 30 he freaked out said he was not sorry for anything he ever apologized for that he only apologized because he did not want to lose me. Also I will say he disgusted me as he dcisrespected me and pressured me into sex, granted I made him wait eight months, he assaulted me more than one time don't know why I stayed with him for so long. Diamonds and roses make me sick now because I see how he used these gifts as a ploy so he could get away with using and abusing. I have to mention that he had no real soul or heart or faith in god as I have a really nice sag friend who does and this makes a complete world of a difference...

Is age really nothing but a number..?
by: Little Fish

I have a question for Pisces girl who wrote "my sagittarius ex..."! You're relationship was very similar to mine. I know I have an issue with our age difference though. I'm 22 and he's 19 and I feel like it's a big factor in my issue with his maturity level :/

If you don't mind me asking how old were the both of you? P.S. This is a great forum post and I'm gaining wonderful insight!

by: Young Love!

Both my boyfriend and I are 21 years old! I have been in love with him since we were 5 and oh how I have longed to be with him! And finally over my winter break (December of 2011) he finally told me that he feels the same way about me that I do about him! He has been the only person I have wanted to be with, even from my early years! I am so deeply and madly in love with him it hurts lol! I am a huge fan and believer in the zodiac signs and astrology and it has been bothering me that according to the signs, we are not meant to be…but it is reassuring that there are success stories out there! As much as I am a believer in the signs, I am a bigger believer in things that are meant to be and that things happen for a reason. I waited 16 years and my patience has proven positive! This leads me to believe that we are meant to be! I know that things get tough no matter what the sign is, but I am confident that we will be a Pisces and Sagittarius couple that will work! I really enjoyed reading your story and I know we can make our own inspirational one for the younger couples out there! So far so great with my Sag man, I waited this long and I hope we last till the end! Good luck ladies! If things are meant to be, they will be! I know we can all make our relationships work out…if you love something/someone work at it to make it work! Gosh I am so in love lol, writing this makes me miss him and yet at the same time it makes me love and appreciate him even more! Again thank you for sharing your story, it really helped!

Best wishes,

Young Love

dating a younger sag
by: Anonymous

I totally understand what ur saying. He does practical things to show he loves. No romance whatsoever. But he does things no man in my country do for their women,he cooks n cleans for me :-p...that's a gift since I m a busy working woman..n I have learnt not to address emotional cravings but when I m at my worst, he surprisingly provides encouraging words like a helps

by: cutlass

I am a Sagittarius MADLY IN LOVE with a pisces woman. Reading some of your stories makes me grateful and happy that I may be the weirdest Sagittarius on the planet. My lady& I are new to the relationship and it was rocky to start but, she has showed immaculate patience and I want her to see the fruits of her labor. We are Bi coastal and im moving to her in a month. I write her poetry and send her messages everyday. The way this woman makes me feel is unrivaled and I would do anything for her. Even change my selfish ways and learning how to communicate my feelings(big plus) If you love the sag men don't give up. I am am a prime example that WE CAN CHANGE.

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