Sex on our 2nd date and still pursuing me.

by Tric Rico

I am a libra girl and I met this aries guy a month ago. The first time we met, we were so into each other. we talked a lot and we were kind of had that sexual eye contact a lot but we didn't kiss or even hug. we were still distant. He wanted me to go to his house that night and hang with him but I told him I can't and left him. Then just last week we met again and he told me how I ran away from him then invited me to hang with him at his house again I said yes since I was so stressed about this other guy I was dating and wanted to get over it.

So when we were in his house we were both kind of hesistant to have sex but anyways, we had sex. I was so bad at everything since I feel bad for the other guy I was dating the entire time.Like the sex was so dull and really awful.So after having sex he told me to text him if ever and he could teach me more about sex and I said yes and went home.

I didn't text him though but 3 days after I recieved a message from him on fb!(he wasnt even sure of my name btw but somehow he managed to find my fb) so I was surpised and thought of giving it a try. He asked my number and I gave it to him. he didn't text me till the weekend. I didnt want to waste my time with him since I know im just a booty call and wouldnt want to get attached so I hooked up with this other guy. MY SHOCK, the guy I hooked up with was his cousin. So he knew about it but he said he still wanna hang and be with me.I know he's just after the sex. But why? why even bother to have sex with me ESPECIALLY THAT WE HAD A BAD SEX!? he even said it on my face that it was the worst sex plus I hookep up with his cousin. where's the thrill and chase in that?

I really dont know why he is still talking to me. i dont see the point. He is really good lookin and can get any girl but why still pursue me and try his best to have sex with me "again" (especially that he said our sex was the worst) ? is there anything to do with me being so cool, aloof, sulky with him everytime we talk. Like showing him that the sex was really nothing and dont give a shit about him? HELP! I REALLY WANNA KNOW WHY HE STILL WANNA HANG WITH ME AND GET INTIMATE WITH ME AFTER ALL THOSE AWKWARD SITUATIONS!

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