Sex with a pisces man

by Arianna Rivera

Well 27yrs ago we dated but there was never any type of intimacy with us but now recently we saw eachother after 27yrs and we became intimate and it was very nice. We both enjoyed being with eachother i know he did because he told me i was awesome among other things but then he all of a sudden turned around and started insulting me like pushing me away and i dont understand why. Ive tried to stay in touch with him through texting, email, or phone and he wont respond. Could someone please tell me why he is doing this to me? i want to continue to be friends with him but i dont understand why he wont answer me back.

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Dump him. That is what you do.
by: Anonymous

Dump him, insulting someone out the blue is abusive behavior. He is an adult and that junk doesn't fly anymore. Leave alone. I know it is hard, especially after you've slept with someone but this guy seems draining and negative.

Over thirty years ago...
by: Anonymous

Over thirty years ago, I was with a Pisce man. We adored each other, but he was married. He wanted to marry me, and wanted a promise then he would leave his wife. I couldn't bring myself to do it, though I adored him. We never said goodbye, and now, just last Spring, I looked him up. We are more in love than ever - wisdom of years, perhaps. Yet we have yet to meet again. He is still is even more complex, yet it is simple. I would give anything to be with him. The end of the story waits...

answering back to over thirty years
by: Anonymous

so if he is still married and you see him are you just going to give him that promise that he wants? And do you really think he will leave his wife?

Pisces men
by: Brianna Terry

He obviously got scared, he probably thought that you guys were going to take a step further and so he pushed you away. They are unpredictable creatures and obviously are confusing to others and well as to them selves. So there is a possibility that he could have gotten scared and decided to "run away" he might come back. They are unpredictable like that.

by: Anonymous

Well here is the rest of the story i think what happened is when we first got in touch by texting and talking on the phone he made it more than what it was going to be. He knew i was married and still am, so he took the chance on coming to see me. I think what he expected was for me to leave my husband for him or i could of been that one night stand for him. But part of me thinks i could of hurt him. My plans were to see him were but i didnt expect to have sex with him, it just happened so after that did happen i could tell he loved every minute of it but then he bacame cruel to me. Ive always told him i love him to death and care about him but only as a friend that is the only way i can. He was so furious with me that he said he would be the only guy in this world that would never care or love me. That hurts me because i still to this day care and love him but only as a friend. But there is nothing i could do the last thing i text him which was last month was that I wish him the very best and i hope he has a good life.

by: Anonymous

As a pisces, I understand his perspective. He wanted you, he wanted you to leave your husband for him so that he could love you forever. But you shot him down and hence that is why he became this jerk. Because we are senstive like that. I don't understand why you would sleep with this pisces man behind your husband's back. That's unfaithful, disloyal, and trashy. Personally, I don't think you deserve these men who would love, care and do anything for you. You're just so confused with yourself. You need some soul searching.

to the last anonymous comment
by: Arianna

He knew i was married he knew all along. He was taking a big risk himself. And dont judge on why I cheated or anything like that I have my reasons why i did, I'm not saying it was right but it happened. Before we even had sex he would convince me not to look at it as cheating on my husband that we were two grown up people but then after we had sex thats when he started to judge me and say i cant believe you cheated on your husband. All I could say is I knew what I was doing and as of today I still love and care about him as I've always did in the past. My take on all this is if he knew he was going to fall in love with me he shouldnt of tried to convince me to have sex. In all honesty i wanted it as much as he did too, but If i knew it would hurt him at the end i wouldnt of done it. So before any judges keep your dumb comments to yourself about me cheating I know what I did and I'm the one who has to live with it. All i want to know from a true pisces is that did I truly hurt him or was I just another knotch in his belt. I hope that was what I was to him another knotch in his belt. I rather him see me that way than for me to know that I hurt him something I would of never wanted him to feel. So all the true piseces men read what i orginally wrote and this and give me your input of what I really was for him during that time.

part 1
by: Anonymous

I'm a pisces and I read the whole thing to answer your question: What you really were for him?

That's easy.. you were everything, but now you're just nothing to him.

First of all, stop acting like the fact that you are a traitor cannot(or should not) be judged while analyzing this situation. You know why ?

Because that's VERY relevant if you notice that if both of you are married to other people theoretically you would not cheat on them unless it was for someone trully special. Such turn of events would require you to separate and form a new couple with your new love. And you said you don't want to leave your husband, so that was just a fling for you, but not for him. If he did that to his wife it means you really meant the world to him.

And there is also the fact that nothing justifies
your unfaithfullness. If you had reasons to do so they should be enough for you to leave your husband no matter if you had someone lined up or not.

You have to understand that pisces man will find lots of women to be very desirable and will want to have sex with them(like any other man).

The big difference lays in the fact that, when in love, no one else(regardless of how pretty one can be) will stand even the slightest chance with the pisces man. That happens because pisces man only call love what could be described as PURE love.

If a pisces man falls in love with you that will be pure love. But it won't remain pure if you're not loyal, dedicated, caring and true. And I hate to tell you but once it becomes tainted it will never go back to pure. It's like throwing a pound of salt in a bucket of water. It can't be separated by your hands, so there's nothing you can do once you screwed up. I know that allowing this salted water to evaporate can get the salt back, but the water will be gone, just like any feeling he has for you.

What you got left ? A pound of salt, standing for the tainting element you allowed to ruin a true feeling.

And that's another point. He may resent you for a while but as time goes by this feeling will fade out until it disappears.

by: Anonymous

Along with the resentment any trace of friendship or whatever it is that you had will be gone too.

That's why I told you 'now you are just nothing to him'.

I understand why you stated that if he wasn't ready to have just a fling with you he should have known better. He took the chance and the whole thing backfired at him.

What I don't understand is why when you two first got back in touch and you realized he 'made it more than what it was going to be' didn't you tell him that ? And worse, why did you have sex with him ?

If you read between the lines it's pretty easy to notice that unfortunately the capricorn girl is right about all the points she brought up.

You are indeed a selfish heartless person because you cheated on your husband knowing prior and after that your betrayal would not lead to the end of your marriage, you mislead this guy who apparently loved you and had sex with him to satisfy your needs. That's just utterly selfish.

Don't even think about giving me lame excuses for arguments about how he convinced you to have sex with him and you never saw it coming. Come on, capricorn girl is right again, are you 12 ? Does anybody have to break the news to you and explain that you don't have to have sex if you don't want to ? And that even when you want to there are times when you MUST NOT do it ? Stop trying to blame him for your mistake.

What did you think was gonna happen when you get back in touch with someone you supposedly loved and even dated long ago, and go on to meet him ?

I don't know what's wrong with you(other than selfishness, deceitfullness and lack of character), but I know you really don't deserve someone who would do anything for you like this pisces probably would.

I would not say that you'll never hear from him again cause that's just impossible to know for sure, but I'd bet there's a 99% chance he doesn't want anything to do with a bad person like you.

While reading all the things you said about this made it very clear to me that you're not concerned with him or how he might be. You said:

'I rather him see me that way than for me to know that I hurt him something I would of never wanted him to feel'.

Evidently all you want is something to make you feel better about your shitty behaviour.

Seems like you are the kind of person who only hears what you wanna hear and twists everything to suit your own needs, having no consideration to other peoples feelings and acting wreckelessly like that.

Fact of the matter
by: Proud Pisces Man

I'm a pisces man and to answer your will never hear from him again. He was testing you to find out if you would really have sex with him. And when you did he immediatley closed off his feelings from you. TRUST is a HUGE part of a pisces life. If he can't trust you, he don't want you.

We build and baise our relationships on true love, trust, compassion, loyalty, and dependebility. And all these feelings lack in what you did for him. He can't trust you anymore. I agree with the Capricorn girl. He tested you to see how far you were willing to go. To find out your boundries on how serious you were about him. But when you slept with him the trust was lost, therefore ending all ties you had with him. I also believe it was wrong of him to cheat on his wife. He realized the mistake that he made and more than likely his feelings of love for his wife rushed through his heart and soul to remind him of who will truely be his soulmate. But not all pisces are like this! It depends on the self security of the pisces and what they are going through at the time. Some often venture off to find fulfillment in other places that feel like they are not getting in their current situation. While others just want to be alone for awhile to recollect themselves. And you did have a choice in the decision that you made, and you chose poorly and must now sleep in the bed that you have made. I would also agree that you are a very low class woman. To not even think of what your husband is to you while you were doing this desecrating deed is beyond comprehinsible. Willingly giving up your sanctity of marriage to fullfill a night of lustful disgustingness is not a way to a pisces heart.

I also think it's pathetic how you try to find answers on a forum to justify the reasons on why you cheated on your husband with a man you so call are "in love with". And when they are given to you they aren't satsifying enough. Never try to justify your wrong doings with exscuses with any pisces. We have a much better grasp on human behaviors, emotions, and thoughts than most others. For we are always in tune with ourselves, surroundings, and others far more than you realize.

So there is your answer.

The Pisces Man
by: Aries Girl

Pisces love is pure and they expect the same purity in love. To have a pisces man love you is a very precious thing as his love is unlike others. He understands, accepts and loves unconditionally. He will do anything for you. If you can not give them true, pure and honest love then forget it. You can only recieve that sort of rare love if you give that same love in return.

A pisces would not love a women who has not self-respect and is a hypocrite. A pisces is good at seeing through fakeness and will only give his love, loyality and care to a derserving honest woman.

Give him pure love and he will most likely return that love to you!

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