Sex with Aries man on a first date a mistake?

I met an Aries man 4 months ago. He pursued me on Facebook, we exchanged numbers, and two weeks later hung out. He is very attractive, successful, and always out and about with his male friends (Let me add that he is 29 and I am 20).

We did not go out on a date the first time we hung out and haven't since. His apartment building has a roof top, so there are a lot of lounge chairs, cabanas, and etc. We had too many cocktails and it happened to be that I ended up sleeping with him on the first night we hung out (this is sooo not a part of my character).

Since that day we talked everyday through text messaging. However, he does not like to speak on the phone because "he is constantly on the phone at work". Our friendship was amazing, but I started to like him. I never told him anything because I didn't want to scare him away. After all, Aries men lose interest quickly. When I was around him I acted like I didn't care what he did and who he hung out with. I tried to act like an ideal girl and hard to get with.

He told me that he does not want a relationship but a female companion. I asked him define a female companion? He said someone I can go out to dinner with, take vacations, spend time with his
friends, make dinner for each other, and etc. He then turned to me and asked me if I want to be his 'female companion'? I said maybe, I will think about it. It was weird, when I was with him I felt like a princess but then there were days where he wouldn't text me (Let me add that I hardly ever text him).

He said he loved me as a person because of my 'awesome personality' and told his friends about me. Sometimes he would go MIA on the weekends. I couldn't take the emotional rollercoaster, so two days ago I told him I couldn't be his friend anymore. He replied, 'Huh what do you mean? I told him that I couldn't do the whole texting and sex thing. (He wasn't opening up to me, so I assumed that it was just a booty call. But you never know.)

He said I didn't think it was just that, but if that's how you feel. Are you telling me you don't want to be my friend anymore? I told him yes I do not want to be involved with you anymore. He didn't respond and deleted me off of Facebook that night. If he thought I was an awesome friend then why would he not fight for our friendship? I text him the next day and told him that my reaction derived from built up emotion that was never communicated to him and that it is not apart of my character to drop someone from my life without a legitimate excuse. And I had to communicate that to him because I didn't want it to bother me and have bad Karma. I also said whether he cares for what I wrote or not or responds or not, I had to let him know how I feel like mature adults do.

He never responded. For some strange reason, I want him back! I need advice, please help me.

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by: Anonymous

I'm an aries guy and i'll try to help, as i've been on the opposite side of this one waaaay too many times.

Here's the deal: It's fun being single. Sure relationships are good but they have a big opportunity cost (especially if the woman is clingy). So why settle down with one woman? She'd have to be really damn perfect to be worth the sacrifice.

So what happens is you meet a girl who is 90% perfect. You try to get the point across that you don't want to be more than friends. If she sticks around anyway then she becomes a booty call.

Now, that's all well and good but eventually the woman starts to expect more. Always happens, can be after a day or 6 months, but it will happen. They start to resent the arrangement. At that point, it's a lot easier just to walk away. Which is basically the point your dude is at by the sound of things.

What i'm getting at is that aries guys don't settle for second best. If a woman isn't perfect, sure we'll take the sex and run with it, but don't hold your breath for us to fall in love. That can happen, but the odds aren't in your favor.

There was advice somewhere above about playing hard to get in order to catch an aries man. That's very true (nothing sexier actually, and a pretty sneaky approach.. bastards lol). BUT, to state the obvious, it only works if we at least half way want you. If we don't, then sure it makes you a much more attractive conquest, but the rest of the package still has to be worth the sacrifices if it's going to turn into a relationship.

Sorry if this upsets you, but there it is. Other aries guys feel free to back me up here.

by: Anonymous

Ok I understand that, but I never showed any signs of being clingy. If he felt that way then I am sure he would of told me straight out. He was the one who always text me throughout the week.

Now this is where my pride comes into place; I do not really care if he is a duche bag or a good guy, I want him back so I can prove to myself that I can
get him back. I refuse to go down as crazy as that might sound.

My question is how can I make an aries man come back into my life? What would you (as an aries man) want to hear from a girl that would make you consider going back to her?

Aries guy here.
by: Anonymous

Wasn't me who posted the above response but I'll try to pick up the answer as I see where he's coming from. I'd never have looked at it in that black and white way, but yeah I agree with the point he's making.

I can tell you the things which attracted me to my Libra girlfriend; her bubbly and fun personality, and how raunchy she could get. The things i hate would include how romantic she can be and how much she wants to discuss and improve the relationship constantly. Like your guy, I loathe long phone calls and we would be on the phone for hours every night if she had her way.

Regarding the 'clingy' thing; you said he went MIA. That's exactly the kind of thing my girlfriend would say. Sometimes I like to spend the weekend with my friends, and it's really annoying to be expected to check in. We have that argument a lot.

If you just want him back in your life then call or email him with the most raunchy sexual fantasy you have and he'll be back. We like direct and to the point. Your comment about why wouldnt he fight for the friendship.. why would he? You told him to go away. He probably wanted to anyway by that point. Done deal.

I don't know much about astrology but libra women in my experience are nearly always very attractive, very sexy, and an ass-ton of work to keep happy. I'm here to find out if theres any trick to avoiding all the discusion before I go insane. Like the guy who posted above I can see where your man is coming from. He probably just needed a break. Give him a few days then call and ask if he wants to do something fun for a couple of hours. Don't even mention the relationship, problems, complaints whatever.

A question for you, why can't Libra women just enjoy the moment and not make an emotional meal out of everything?

I'd say let it go.
by: Anonymous

Girl, I had an Aries guy that sounds just like your guy. Text the hell out of you all week long. Sometimes go MIA on the weekends. Honestly, it
didn't matter much to me because I have enough going on to keep me busy.

Honestly, I think you gave the booty up too quickly. He may view you as being conquered. To piggy back off of the two gentlemen that responded to you...From what I gathered, Aries guys are very straight forward. Your guy already said he's just looking for a companion not a serious relationship.(This is probably
not what you want.) While you haven't shown signs of being clingy, he can probably tell you are into him.

I would also add they are selfish bastards. They want what they want when they want. It's all about them. Also, they do not like be questioned. I know you said your pride wants him back but honestly is it worth it??? I never had sex
or even made out with my Aries guy. It became a game of how long will it take for him to give up. He still stuck around and I think it was due to the challenge I presented. Eventually, he got on my nerves and I dropped him. He became such a pain. I can tell you that I am relieved not to deal with him anymore. It sounds like he got into your head. I'd say let it go.

by: Anonymous

omg - this is turning out like the scenario with my aries guy. Met him 4 months ago.. he would text nonstop.. we had amazing sex right away... we had the best most fun time together.. but sometimes when i wanted to hang out he would be m.i.a. which is fine, because i can hang with my friends too. But one day his x came back into the picture (she wanted him back) and he told me he was done with her but needed to talk to her because they have divorce papers to
deal with and what not...

Anyways... he stopped talking to me and would text
every now and then "how you doin?" i always text back like an idiot because i do still like him alot. But i dont want to be second!!! I wanted to ask what steps could I take to start a relationship with this aries man. But now writing
this and thinking about it, Im not sure he's worth it.

Aries Men??
by: Anonymous

Wow, I have known an aries man for 3 years who I had an initial connection with when we met and then circumstances didn't work out for us to date at the time, he began dating someone else. We kept in touch via e-mail this past 3 years as he travelled for work all over and he would always check in with me "how you doing?" and help me with the life decisions I was trying to make. This last fall he began to be really flirty and I didn't know, but his relationship was ending. I would love an aries' man's perspective on this - he started talking about how we needed to see each other after all this time and I started to develop a crush on him over the phone, I did see him recently when on a weekend trip with a girlfriend and the chemistry was amazing. But, he told me he wasn't ready to pursue a relationship because he had just ended the one he was in. Since then we have flirted and he's accused me of being hot and cold - hello, isn't that what you like?! I used to feel so comfortable talking to him and now I feel like it's gone, I don't know what he is trying to do with me. His messages now, which are very frequent, are very sexual.

It hard to win Aries guy
by: Anonymous

The articles about an Aries guy doesn't relate to me at all; I'm Virgo, however, I knew about Aries personality traits and characteristics very well by reading the Zodiac sign and analyzing. Aries is very challenging; it is not easy to keep Aries guy unless you are perfect 100%. You need to know technique and to pinpoint his weakness and to prove that you are better than him in every thing you do, but be in a cool way and modest. He will do anything which is right to sacrifice for you as you are a his lover.
If you love him, love him for real not because he is a millionaire. He love a fine girl with a beautiful heart. He will take care of you for the rest of you life. My comment is for the lady who has a problems with Aries. Think about it, Aries guy is also very smart. Don't lose him if you lose him as you lose all the luxuries that he earned for you. Also, you need to be a strong woman that he can trust you. Strong in the right way. Good luck to all ladies!

Aries Male from Aquarius Female's Perspective
by: Anonymous

Well, I just met an Aries male about three weeks ago (which is fairly early) and I am so intrigued by his inner strength! I'm usually the commander and chief in the romantic bonds I've aquired, but I feel this loss of power with him!?.. I do have a habit of checking my sign's compatibility when I date. I usually meet a guy who is cool in our first encounter, but turn out to be either a Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces (not perfect matches) etc.. so with me meeting the unbelievably attractive and successful Aries who is almost perfect for me on the compatibility charts; was an immediate eye opener!!! I never get like this, I guess I'm tired of dating and would like to cut all the crap and get some reassurance from him...but after doing my research on this self-sufficient personality, I believe I may be lost at my wits. I don't know when it's a good time to do anything, how much space should I give him, do I speak when he's in his 'quiet moods,' I just don't know which direction to take..? I like to be engulfed in the wonder of the unknown and the freshness of a brandnew love affair. The unfortunate occurance of it all is he has already seduced me twice!! Since then, I've been playing the laid back cool role when I've internally been wanting to sexplore his time away from the stresses of the world..In any other instance, I would have pumped my brakes, but I forgot to order in some new ones and I can't slow down. What should I do?

by: Anonymous

Ok to the last poster, Aries is actually most compatible with Sagittarius, not aquarius just a litle FYI...

by: Anonymous

To the poster;
Sounds exactly like my dilemma, exact same scenario, i'd laugh so hard if his name was Steve.

by: Anonymous

I'm an aries and honestly, unless you're a sag or aries i don't think you stand a chance.there has to be a strength and fire to you and the fact that you really want him back and are so emotionally attatched shows you cannot stand up to an aries. You've been played by aries charisma. Don't get burned again. If an aries wants you, he will get you, if not don't bother...and when he finally wants you i hope you'll be over him and give him the burn that we aries need sometimes. There's plenty more where he came from

I'm an aries...GIVE UP
by: Anonymous

you gave up that booty way too soon. Aries like to hunt and he already conquered. There was no longer anything to hunt. You are the horse that's been ridden hard and put away wet. Pick up your pride and move on because if aries wants you he will have you and if not, there's no convincing him...give up. You are just another easy conquest and you're done.

alright now guys
by: Aries man

dont tell her its impossible cause its not. you want my honest opinion? emails and texts dont do shit. Go to his fucking house like right now grab him and tell him you want him. Hell be so damn shocked because no one does this to us cause everyone else is so damn intimidated. He'll immediately want you. and then have sex lol. no joke we like the hunt but if we see you want us that bad that your willing to go out of your comfort zone for us by barging up to our house and trying to get us then ur worth it

I'm a lesbian with an aries BF!!!
by: Pisces1990Lezbo

I was only dating females before I met my bf. We met @ work, he use to help me with loading trucks(I mean he still does sometimes). We were just talking as friends, Then he gave me his cell phone number on a friday, I totally forgot about him cause as I was saying, I'm into females. Monday comes around, he was upset but in a sweet why that I did not try to contact him. So the next day which was a tuesday I finally texted him and for 3 weeks we text all morning and then when we got off work all night until we fell aslp. Before he became my bf, we would hang out at my house & watch movies. He would pick me up from work, take me to the movies and pay for it, take out to eat & pay for it, just a real gentlemen. But as a "lesbian", I told him I dnt know how fast I would become intimant with him. But there was no pressure coming from him at all. I felt as though he truly just loved spending his time with me. The 3 weeks while we where talking he was telling me that he has been looking for a soulmate (so I feel so bad for these women who's aries men tell them they dnt want a relationship). The day he asked me to be his girl he presented me with a braclet. It was beautiful, he told me it was the key to his heart. Two days after he asked me out I slept over his house & of course this strong aries mad the first move he kissed me, ate me out(made me cum so fast), asked me if I wanted to make love, and as a shy pisces I just turned my head and giggled. He told me I can say No that we dnt have to have sex, so we didn't. We instead fell aslp naked. But around 7am I felt Daddy(that's what we call his penis) poking me in between my legs from the back, it felt so good, I jus gave in lol. And once again, it was good. Two days later(last night), I slept over again. We had sex aleast twice last night and this morning as well. The sex is really good! We have fun, its playful, we even laugh during sex, we talk(besides talkin dirty lol), and sometimes he'll even lay inside of me as we talk(crazy right!). Times flies when we're together. He even makes breakfast in the morning. he actually gives me whatever I want...
We are so comfortable around eachother, and he says I am his wifey.

I'm a lesbian with a aires bf
by: pisces1990lezbo

So where the dilema? YOU GUYS! Lol j.k but seriously, I'm afraid he might just go m.i.a or become disinterested in me. Did I give it up to soon? They say aries men or either right into a relationship or not interested at all, so it a good sign that he made me his girl? Does it mean I am 100% perfect atleast by his standards? I guess I'm just scared because pisces & aries aren't suppose to b compatible. But he's big mocho man and in charge. I'm senstive, fragile, danzle in distress lol. He's in charge and that they way I like it, I like a strong partner to tell me what to do, but on the other hand as a tomboy because I am gay, I won't let him walk all over me or take advantage of my fraility. I think we're good together...

What do u guys think? Any input?

help please!
by: Anonymous

Aries guys...need your help!
I met an Aries man at a club and had a one night stand, the attraction was insane, sex amazing, i am a Capricorn woman. I thought for sure he would be gone after that night but he continued to ask me to hang once every week or two. After a few times, its started to turn a little relationship 'like'...I loved it, but i txted him days later and let him know i really enjoyed it and then..he was gone for 3 weeks. Now its back to the usual, but he seems to have lost the emotions. This is ridiculous, but if I need to be tough to get his attention, I am certainly capable of ignoring him, is that what I need to do?? And, how far do i take this hard to get game...never call him, once in a while? what? And if i eventually tell him i want more, how do i approach it, and what are my chances?

Aquarian woman
by: Anonymous

Am obssesed with this certain aries man at first we were together till my ex boyfriend saw us together and gave him the embarassment of his life, since he withdrew badly from me i dont know what to do to get him back,i really need.

Aquarius- don't disappear. And yeah, you gave it up too soon
by: Aries

To the original poster: you have to keep the Aries' interest until they get to know you/ decide they like you. But if you have sex on the 1st date, there's little else to work for. It's almost like they don't know what the next step is and then since they don't know/care about you it makes it easy for them to disengage.

To the Aquarians: you have a tendency to disappear into la la land. Don't do that. For a while this may puzzle the Aries, if you've told them you like them, so they'll pursue you harder. But they may also thunk you're not interested/playing games and that's just frustrating and a waste of time. And nobody wastes an Aries time but an Aries. So be direct and don't disappear

In My Opinion
by: Anonymous

In my opinion the Aries man, though quite a hunter feel that once he has conquer the woman he desires he forgets the most important thing is if he thinks hard enough and just watching the woman's personality that he conquers the answers of whether she loose or a nothing woman t he has already answered the times that he talked with her. I feel he second guess himself about the situation maybe then walking away from the most exciting and lasting relationship ever. I too am a Libra woman.

Act 1st think later
by: Insensitive Aries

Usually it's kind of a buyer's remorse. We wonder if was a good decision
At the time, hells yeah! But afterwards when we've had time to think we realize maybe not so much. And sorry Libra, we rarely dwell. Shoulda, coulda, woulda is not for us when there are so many people in the world. You should think that way too. You can't live a hypothetical life or one in the past. We only get one go, we're all going to die eventually.

How to handle an aries men
by: nina thara

I'm a leo I've been with an aries man for 5yrs. and he become a good and romantic, loving husband. My aries man can read my mind, that's why i don't want to hurt him even just words. Aries men like othermen needs time, just let them go, because if you feel you trust them they will also care for your feelings wherever they go, and if you txt them and not answering your txt messages it means go and visit them to their house, a Good or ideal relationships has many sacrifices and efforts not just txting and waiting for the reply, being a gf is not as easy as other men do to get in to their lives, be a deserving one for that position, Show them that you really care, and when they are away get busy with something or make something that when you see each other he'll be surprise, Be sweet , Be caring, Be understanding no matter what..And trust them with all your heart. Even the aries man is the end of it all if you'll do my advice he'll know who is the worth dieing for partner, transform your angers and worries to something creative and positive, if you really love to have the aries men be a deserving companion or gf. because if you based your feelings with anger, worries and jealousy and txting, it's not worth a relationship at all. Aries men needs not only the title of having a gf or wife you have to be deserving with actions, and what you think is missing from him, fill it up girl:)

Testing 1, 2, 3
by: Anonymous

Hey guys!
I'm a Pisces female, but my scales are a lil harder than most gals. I met an Aries male last weekend and instantly grabbed his attention...nothing naughty, just borederline eyebrow raising without giggling! He ended up being the straight up flirty one wanting wanting more right away and telling me serious things about his life, work, property, etc. I had already given him my number, so I jetted when he got into the serious talk, because I was there to hang out with my girlfriends. He hugged me tight when I got up but I didn't let that overwhelm me. I just smiled at him and walked away. It was insanely obvious that this guy was making it a beeline mission to impress me. The next day he came over for and early dinner, and we had sex and cuddled until morning. I thanked him and kissed him goodbye. I did NOT text him the next day, but waited until he texted me first the day after. I waited over an hour to respond. After that the first time I texted him first, he made me wait like....4 hrs before responding. So the next set of texts, I made him wait like 20 minutes...which seemed to be perfect, because he texted me back a couple of hours later, but then back to back. Finally on day 4 of texting when I'm being flip and sarcastic, he calls 2am mind you, but he finally dialed my number to call me. Even though I knew it was a step closer to what I wanted outside of the sex, I didn't get all gaga. He told me that he would call me back, but didn't. The next morning, I mentioned it. I didn't get cranky, but I did let him know..."I'm watching your behavior patterns Buddy." He ended up responding later in the day which was fine, because guess what? I HAVE A LIFE and already know that my life is way more exciting than his. lol Do I like him? Absolutely! I think he's a stand up guy. What remains to be seen is whether or not he's the guy for me. He's already commented that our sexual chemistry is better than ever and some other things that make me a "first time experience" and he's over 40. I'm a lil younger than him and most definitely fiestier and funner. I would say that we are equally great catches (stable, mature, etc), but it's way too early to tell whether or not we are a match. Yes, I am a bit smitten, but that's none of his business. lol This is the conclusion I came to. Why stop being myself because now I happen to care about what he thinks? Ladies, stop over-thinking it. If he liked you to begin with because you were reserved, remain reserved. If he liked you because you're wild, remain wild... funny, remain funny, etc. Never change who you are, because now you're worried about how to keep him. You should be more worried about how not to completely lose yourself IN him. lol By the way, he has out of town company tonight and my potential date tonight is NOT with him. He he he

Pisces, you're playing with fire
by: Aries

You are right about not changing who you are. Aries' hate wishy-washy people with no spine.

However, you must never let him know about your date. He will lose interest.

Re: Pisces lezbo
by: Another lesbo

I am currently dating an Aries lesbian and Pisces lezbo's description of her Aries bf is almost the identical thing that I have experienced. To sum up, my understanding of Aries is that they are childlike, selfish and a bit forceful if things don't go their way.

I do think they judge others with on double standards and they will tolerate Anything as long as things go their way.

Even though most of my descriptions are negative, they still have that innocent, childish charm which would drive a girl with strong maternal instincts to spoil them even more!

Most of the time my Aries dyke gf is fine, usually until I turn her down for something tiny and trivial she suddenly magnified it as if it's the Only value in the world everyone would live with. There have been times when I was so pissed with her, I just ignore her and kick up a fuss- u either do if by gently reminding her or to play tough and act hurt to get her attention! You may say that this is manipulative but honestly this is also the OnlY way you could get an Aries to behave within reason because they can't see the big pic as they are so self indulged into their selfish desires

Recently she has been looking to move out with me by raising that topic to me frequently but I don't feel like it's the right timing to do that yet , so u rejected her. Again she played her childish tempers onto me but as long as u state ur reasons, Aries are usually quite easy to deal with on that front

Aries girl
by: Anonymous

I'm a aries girl with a aries guy and cheating with a aries guy.I slept with my bf the first day we met and the other one to . I tried to end it with the both of them and they just come back . Telling me i'm playing with their feels . And they know about each other . And I told them befor we had sex I just need someone to hit when ever I call and if u don't pick up or ur doing something don't call me back because I have someone els. I know some of u are going to say i'm a hoe I can care less because I can keep my aries men . Sometimes I think i'm sign is the man aries because i'm not like the aries women .I just hit and quite it. I love sex i'm selfish in bed and I love the chase I look at every guy . I know this is not helping u. Just for ur to know it can happended first time meeting a aries and sleeping with them

famous aries facebook
by: Anonymous

the guy from facebook did his name start with a "D"?..sounds very familiar..

Aries men are really horny
by: lie

I also met an Aries guy online and actually he is abroad but he is a Filipino by blood. It was actually great chatting with him at ym since he is an "easy go lucky "person. And the first meeting, it was really obvious that he was just flirting with me because he would call be :hun", "love" or even "mwahh" me. Few weeks later, he did not text or even chatted with me, but after a week he contacted me again forcing me to go online with a webcam. Since I was really interested in him..I would usually rent in a computer cafe...the effort right??? At first, I did not care at all since Im not the type of person who is easy to get but I did it just for fun. But I got more interested and attached to him since I have problems at home and he was the only one I can talk to...and he would usually tell his plans to me saying that he thinks that I am the right girl for him, when he visits here, he would date me. In short, he makes me feel that he is interested in me. But a few days later, he started to talk about sex all the time. One time, when Im at home and he asked me to go online, I cant help but chat with him since he was bored that day. We chatted and talked about different stuff. That time I wanted to know him better so I asked some questions about his favorite, his family, all about his life and even his talent just for fun...that was the dumbest thing for me to do, ending our conversation to sex again. So I asked him directly, why would he usually think of only that topic and if he is after "that" well he should not even bother getting a girl from his country and fuck with the girls from where he is right now. He told me "I only have sex with girls that I you". And then I was so irritated..I asked him why he would be always interested in that topic. and he just told me that maybe he is sleep so he needs to sleep.

by: lie

I texted him " I was really offended. I really tought you were sincere about your feelings but it seems like you just want sex from the beginning. I know that you are liberated. I am not that conservative as well. Stop treating me as a sex material. If you don't, then I don't think it will work for both of us." He replied: "Im sorry about last night. Dont worry I will not bug you anymore. you take care.." After that, I havent heard from him, but I was really desperate to make itup to him because I was guilty about the hurtful things I might have said to him. So I chatted him and texted him but there was no reply.One time I texted him randomly, and I was shocked that he replied. I asked him how hes doing and he also asked me the same thing. I told him I was sorry and I really missed him..and I wanted to chat with him. I was too honest with my feelings because I am a cancerian. I dropped all the cards to know if I really interest him. But he told me that if I would not agree with him or both of us will notagree in anything...that would be difficult for us. I told him that Ill try to understand him.So what snapped me??? He replied and told me straing forward that he only wants a FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS relationship...OMG?what the fuck??? That time I was awakened from my fantasies...I cant explain what I felt, I was mad but I was happy that he was too honest. I cant believe that I believed in this person to be sincere? So I texted him: "Let me tell this to you one last time, if you're too horny and you just want to be fucking everyday, you should get a girl from your country, but if you want a girl from your native land, you should pay for the prostitutes and fuck them. You are from this country as well, so you know very well that the normal girls here are loving and caring.Gudluck with that bud". After that, I felt great! Imagine I did not had even a sex on cam relationship with that guy, he did not get any from me. I was really happy and told myself that there are other guys ore deserving for me. I did not expect him to reply at all unlike before. After that day, He texted me again: "Hi, I would just want you to know that I will delete your number so that I can never ever text you again. take care always..." It was really wierd right? But I did not reply at all. If he wants to delete it, why bother informing me? its his phone anyway. So just a tip for you gals who wants to date Aries men...its not about keeping up with him, if this guy really wants you...he will keep up to you and do everything for you. But if it isnt the case, then suffer the consequence.

by: Sag girl

Wow that suxz I'm sorry forget him he doesn't care yea there hot but there's alot of dicks in the sea and Aries are fucken jealous and possesive I've dated too and I've talked to many I stay away from them they like to b in control and shit I'm in control !!! :) u have the vagina learn how to use no matter how u look as long as u got that confidence and ur smart not easy u have a chance with any guy !! ;3 trust guys a pretty simple it just sux when they start acting like pussies and all up on u and shit . If he was into u trust he would text u everyday ask u out and want to noe every fucken thing !! It sux but then again I'm sag girl clingyness possesiveness jealousy annoys me :/ haha good luck

Am aquarius n his aries
by: Nigerian gal

Hi everyone.I met dis aries man lastyr n uptill nw we re still dating.Am 18 n he is 36,his married wit three kids.d truth is i love dis man wit ma whole hrt,he is ma first love n d first man i had sex wit,he is special to me.he said he was forced to marry d mother of his children n he felt love n happiness wit me,also he is a muslim n am a christain.At firsy he pleaded dat i shld marry him,i said no bcos i was young n wanted to go to skul n i asked for som tym,we had lots of numerous sex,i tink he is crazy wen am wit him,ave been scared n asked for a breakup n he pleaded dat he was sorry bcos i felt left alone,he was too busy for liking,nw we re bak again bt i dnt show seriousness n weneva he meet we usaully ave sex.i jst wan know if he loves me or jst using me

Aries men CIM
by: Anonymous

I met an aries man online. He said he was into me, took me home to meet his niece and nephew on the second date. I slept in his bed twice, but we never had sex. He was all for it, but I said no. The last time I said no, he brought me home the next morning, kissed me just like we would see each other again, but we never did. I finally got him to answer my call. He told me that he just got tired of it, but we have only met four days before that. He went back to his online profile and I asked him to see him again he snapped said he was busy and he will call when he feels like talking. It's been days he hasnt called. He was really loving and affectionate before that last phone call. What should I do to get him to see that I like him, but I move a little slower in the sexual department?

aries male advice please
by: virgo girl!

these comments have been alot of help but i also have a question. me n my aries guy have been dating for almost 2 years. we are on n off. i pop up at his house to talk to him because i know he is a physical person n doesnt reply to text all the time. that is the only way we get things resolved is face to face. but we are still not together, he tells me i dont listen to him thats y we not together. he knows i love him n want him. but i feel like if he wanted me we would be together i shouldnt have to do anything. he always says he's in control he runs it but we dont have nothing cause i do what i wanna do n dont listen. but if i constantly show him i love him shouldnt that be enough? any advice from aries man r experience will be appreciated!!!!

Leo Girl and Arien Man ONS
by: Anonymous

It's funny cause I had a one night stand with an Aries guy and it was amazing! I like meeting guys and doing the traditional things of dating, getting to know each other, and making him wait for the "cookie." But when I want someone, I want them there and now, can worry about the rest later. "We only live once"

With that said I met this Aries guy who took me out on fun dates. No matter how much we had in common I never got any chemistry. When we kissed I couldn't wait for it to end. On the other hand, I went to friend of a friends house on night and met an Aries guy who was instantly attracted to. Besides his look and charm we had a really nice conversation and being with him was like being with a close friend.

We hooked up that night, and it was amazing. He hooked up again and I can't stop thinking about the chemistry we have.

Aries guy or not I have had ONS with other type of guys/signs. Being single for a couple years having a fling or friend with benefit is necessary to fulfill our needs.

What I have learned it doesn't matter all the time whether you have a ONS with a guy. If, a guy thinks it can be more he will do whatever to make you his. Yet, just because he takes you out to dinner, meet his friends or tells you he likes you doesn't mean things are going somewhere. That just makes you a booty call cause smart guys know in order to keep a girl long enough you are going to have to do certain things or say things to keep her around.

Yet, you have had ONS with a guy and want him to take you serious and look at you than just a booty call isn't going to be easy. Let him chase you that way you know he really does want you. Then, test him. Ask him to comes around your friends see how he acts and play it cool. Talk to other guys and see if it bothers him. Make yourself unavailable. Go out with your girls and even other dates. Then you will know. If he likes you, some of these things will bother him and he will tell you because he cares. But actions speak louder than words. He needs to show he cares and not just say it.

If, he is not that into none of this will bother you, and prob because he just sees you as that ONS. He will be into you but you are just a fantasy and nothings. It sucks but whatever hunny there are other guys out there for us. When you finally with someone you like, trust a ONS will be something fun to look back on.

Aries men distant after sex?
by: Anonymous

I met an Aries guy online. He was on my facebook for a while but started chatting recently, exchanged numbers used to message and talk on the phone every day. We met up a few times and it was fun. Our conversations were flowing and it was comfortable and fun. I spent the night with him and the sex was amazing. I know he enjoyed it and so did I. The next day he dropped me home, after that he didn’t message or call me. I messaged him for days and he didn’t respond. I even messaged on whatsapp thinking he might not be getting my messages. He read them but chose to ignore them. I also noticed few days later he’s putting pictures up on facebook of his graphics work and interacting with other facebook friends. I felt so used and rejected that I was someone he was chasing. He knew from the beginning that I’m not looking for flings yet he lead me on to thinking our relationship would go further. Either he’s scared and distancing himself because he doesn’t know what he feels or he’s just a player. But are Aries guys cold and distant? Afraid of a relationship developing?

Something a bit different.. Lets see what you guys think :)
by: Anonymous

I'm a Virgo with Sag influence and in my line of work that I used to do, I was an elite courtesan. One of my long standing patron is this young attractive Aries guy.

The first time we met, he was very direct on his approach.he saw me ,he wants me. He asked me to stay and never leave. An offer that I refused because I was in a relationship with another.

He has remained with me for 3.5 years, one that I could never understand why. He remembered every single detail on our first meeting, including our conversation details.

So when I decided to quit and would no longer see him, he just gave me a deep and long sad stare for a while - which of course made me change my mind and would just be exclusively for him.

I've always been clear on the fine line that's not to cross and he understood that too but this is when things are getting tricky.
I've realized that being an arrogant bastard that he is, he's actually noticed subtle details on what I like and dislike.... And we've become more like friends....I can't spend a lot of time with him as I'm still in a relationship with another but everytime I'm there..he's considerate, and both of us could just sit comfortably in silence .. Weird for an Aries but this is true :)
He did ask me if I was serious with my relationship as he said he dislike sharing but that'll have to do for now..

Now, Arians.. Here's the questions I want to ask you as I'm feeling that I'm starting to fall for him for real:

1. Does he feel more for me or am I just reading Too much into everything?
2. What should I do from here?

Please don't judge me on what I used to do before ..

Aries point of veiw
by: Anonymous

I'm an aries and I'll tell you strait.. Your man is gone,give up the more you try the farther he's gonna run! Aries love independence and freedom... We lose interest real fast you will have to be 100% of his desire and that's almost impossible..I love my freedom and women usually are a hinderence... Having sex on the first date major mistake your man feels your not worth his time..we require the best of everything it's damn near impossible to settle for anything less...sorry but don't think you'll ever get him back! If you meet another one play hard to get that's the best advise I can give you and interest his mind.. I like smart independent girls and no matter what don't be clingy or jealous he will run away very fast and never look back

Aries are only good for dating
by: A true aries

I have lost count of all the Aries men that have been in my life. From a friends boyfriend to a friend's brother, step dads, uncles,aunt, friends. Especially one good friend (SP), Who was using this site for advice today!
Aries men are great friends, good hook ups & if u want a good time just go for it. But for love & the long term relationship No, no only if ur a doormat or wanna be dumped at any min in time for the next best thing or cheated & lied to for the rest of ur life keep away.

They are amazing at being social when it suits them. They do vary in likes & dislikes....some are great cooks, some are into to gardening or fish....some just love to b a party animal.
All Aries male & female will cheat & lie if they feel like it, they may love or loved you once but no matter what you look like (Libra) how witty you are (Gemini) how sexy you are (scorpio) blah blah, Aries just love to chase & conquer all, then simply gets bored . The line its not u its me, really is true with an Aries....but if u want to take the risk with them forget meeting the friends, it the family you need to not just meet but be embraced by. Plus the family will tell you in time what kind of Aries ur dealing with, from the party animal easy type to the total controlling or worse the cold blooded type.

On the Facebook, I have had three Aries alone this year one married one divorced (his wife's fault), one who I knocked by 18 yrs not me it the chase. So all u nice peeps out there, an Aries is fun loving, caring, tough, honest hardworking & sneaky, childish, spiteful, a slut, vain, selfish & they get boring

The ego rules them, it gets in the way of their great personality.
No matter how beautiful, funny, unusual, smart or Lucky u think u are ur never as good as ur Aries. Keep away from relationships with them as the peeps that tell ya they are in long term relationships are blind....Aries has &will cheat on you, from ur best mate to ur siblings or the town bike...then we sit & congratulate our egos. Cause we are first, you should be glad we gave a min or years of our time...but we do not mean to hurt you or do we? ;)

Sex with Aries guy
by: Libra girl

I met this Aries. We physically bumped into each other as he walked into a dance and I was on my way out for a smoke. He immediately started chatting me up and I thought he was hot. I then "forced" him off on my friend as I was meeting someone else later. Few days later saw him again and invited him to dinner. The spark was back immediately and we had an awesome time. Sex LOTS of kissing and talking and him bot impressed that I gave him the cold shoulder the 1st night. Very attentive and telling me I'm beautiful, etc. Left after breakfast and has gone MIA. Phoned and he says he's dealing with a lot of crap and can't see any of us (new friends from the dance) again. WTF?

Sex on first date with Aries
by: Anonymous

The sex on first date has nothing to do with it. I had sex with my Aries man on first date and our relationship is awesome. I am Taurus, we both are older. He did comment that if he'd met me in our 20's he would have got what he wanted and left. These men do not mature until later in life. The are very playful, brutally honest, fiery in bed, and love, love, loving. Trust what this man says, and move on. It wasn't time. It could have been in the future. Your best chance would been to accept the friendship and stand beside him through his adolescent years.

Read this carefully and some of you check your spelling
by: Anonymous

Are some of you ladies sure this is not the same man? I mean everyone sounds the same with thier questions. I just know that a relationship is all about emotions. (Look it up) If he can't be your friend first he definetly can not be your lover. I know it is hard but, just date to have fun and occupy your time with him when you with him. Go out on alot of dates and wait for the guy you like to respond back to you. It does not matter how long it takes for him to respond. You have to give people time to see where there heart, soul, and mind is. If he is interested in you, he will make the first move towards you to win your heart. A lady nor man shouldn't have to ask anyone else about another human-being. He can only tell you what and how he or she feels. It is always best to have you two good candinates so, you want put all your time and effort in one person. On the other hand, this person do not want to bother with you in any longer. Just know who you are and believe in you, because if you believe that he is yours and it is meant then give him the space and the time he needs. He will be back there before you know it, and the relationship will be real. Because this person has the same feeling for you as you do for them. Which is a mental and physical attraction for you. That is the same way the Lord is when we need him he is always there on time. I just want you ladies and men to stop stressing about another human-being who is problaly not stressing about you. What is meant for you will be yours. Rest, Eat, Exercise, Dress,and InPress, put yourself first. Love and care for you and true love will find you at your deepest time in your life when you are not expecting it..... Stop focusing on someone sign and focus on reality. Try to be different then the average person. That is how someone have an interest in you. I mean be exotic in what you say and do. Also always have your on life and associates to be around. Every person loves and independent individual and thier space.

Libra girl crazy for aries guy
by: Anonymous

I don't know much about aries, this is my first one. Mine took things slower than what I'm used to, which is fine with me. He's kinda clingy, and doesn't seem to mind my clingy moments. In fact he seems to love them. We've been "together together" for a little over a week, took a bit to get to this point though, I never mentioned it, he did, and he's talking about forever and kids. But I gotta ask, why freak out and ask for advice? Be yourself and if he doesn't like it, find someone who does. I won't lie I was curious as to what aries likes and don't like, but I would never change something about myself. Aries do seem to want it all, when I met mine he had been single for years.. I won't change myself, in anyway to please anyone. If I want to be clingy, I will. If I wanna screw on the first date, I will. I'm crazy over this man, but if he can't accept me, on my life will go.. Js.

by: Karen

Hy guys, wow seems like aries men really have it going on. I just met one a few months ago and swept me off my feet. We talked and talked on the internet or through text messages,we met a few times by accident in the mall or around town but we both had other dates so we couldn t interract much( only through text messages lol) We both talked about it and neither of us want something serious ,just fun. Obviously we had sex on the first date. Here I can proudly say that I was the one that swept him off his feet. His hands were shaking after lol. Then he started not being so interested as before so I kinda stood him up and pushed him back a few times. We met 4 or 5 times and had sex ( amazing chemistry omg) but he just doesn t seem that much into me now as he was before. So i told him to stop calling or texting me and I blocked him .I was kinda mean to the poor guy and I feel sory about it. He was always a genteleman after all and never complaind about me even if I acted like a bitch and stood him up.
What do u guys think,will he ever try to find me again?

aqurius woman nd hav a crush in an Aries man. need help
by: Anonymous

i met this guy last week Monday and his an Aries and i was with ma mom nd he was looking at me nd ma mom even noticed tht the guy is actually giving me looks nd then my mom left me nd then i was following ma mom he then asked for ma number nd later on we chat on watsapp nd i dnt wanna i jst felt the connection (nd i hardly fall 4 a guy si easy)then he asked to meet in town so we met again on wednesday then we chat bt nt much cz he was in a hurry then we called ech other chat nd i hav son nd wen he calls or watsapp he ask me to kis da boy 4 him nd i lyk tht bt since saturday he neva chat with nd so cz i ddnt wanna always b the 1 starting the i deleted his number bt i miss him too much bt im nt sure if i shud ryt sumthing on fb 4 him or go to his work place coz i dnt even wanna tell him how i feel cz i feel its to early. what must i do ti get his attention without him feeling or noticing tht im into him so bad? plz help aries guys

confused Scorpio
by: Scorpio

I meet an Aries man for two months we would hang out have fun it was so much fun. He said he didn't want to have sex so soon for a month we didn't have sex into the second month we had sex still had thesame fun.gIving into the third month he snap and said I'm single I'm nit ready for relationship anthat at I was emotionally attached. So he put me in time out annoise he will answer sex textmessage to meet for booty calls butits a not like when we first met. What should I do

Help Libra going on date soon with aries man
by: Anonymous

. I grew up and went to school with Aries male. I saw him like a friend... I always had a boyfriend. He asked me to prom...i referred him to another girl. Then in between boyfriends, i would hang with him and started seeing him as someone I was interested in. He disappeared. Then I saw him a year later. We tried to get physical when I ran into him (but he had issues in that dept...think libra girl you always wanted...finally you're in bed with her ten years later. He left town again and moved away. I moved away, 20 years later we reconnect on Social Media. I have issues with it though, cause he flirted...then I flirted back but he doesn't try hard to come see me in my state or call me...he'll text and work has him busy. So we have already bickered and aren't a couple. I told him lets just stop, then he got mad but plead his case, so I want him again. However, i don't feel like he likes me, and he hasnt seen me in 20 years. finally am supposed to meet him in another state on a date, this weekend...and he agreed and made the plans but doesn't sound excited. I flirted before, so how do i get out of sex with him without him getting pissed during our first date...we're sharing a room. I want to keep his attention.

Roller coaster ride!
by: Anonymous

An Aries man will have you on edge most of the time. They are passionate, great lovers and charismatic but also aelfish and easily bored. Get ready for the rise of your life. I dated one for 3 months after he chased me, it was fun, spontaneous, then all is a sudden he needed space. Wtf. I was totally taken aback and still don't understand what went wrong.

Very true
by: Anonymous

I had a crush on this guy and he is an aries like for like 6 month online. We met a week ago and is very weird. He texts me all the times and he woukd draw back and then he would come back and shows his affection but in person he don't even seems like even into me at all. Now he is chase hard and wants to known everything I do. He said he loves to be single but asking me about kids and marriage the first meeting?? Really??? Wow!! Anyways, I am a Sagitt so I understand his type of life style because I am too living in the fast lane and I love to be single also. But I like him a lot so I will put in 💯 like he asked of me because he puts in 💯 himself even thought he don't wants to commit but I don't either. Aries man loves hard and they will put in 💯. They are tough outside but inside they are soft especially comes to love. They wants so one to be in control for once and help them to grow to make them realized that they needs to change. Aggressive but sweet and caring type of woman. Woman who is confident, fearless, independent and sexy in your own way will probably caught their eyes. You have to be special, one of a kind to catch their eyes. Considering youself lucky when one is pursueing you because they don't just lust after or date anyone, only one that caught their eyes. I know sounds curl but you have to least a 8 in looks, 10 in personalty, least 7 in your body and a killer confident to keep an Aries man. I think I am going to let it go lol I finally got to date him but I felt blessed but yet painful. Well good luck ladies and always be yourself and be happy for him.

sharing similar situation
by: Anonymous

Wow unfortunately I also went through about the same thing. No dating no nothing. Just a catchup, and when there's an Aries, forget about what's the conventional comfort level you usually would have, they will just do it.
Mine was really initmate, thou no 53x, but i doubt it makes no difference in terms of conquest achieved, right Aries man?

Oh yea, only after he got what he wants, he did what an Aries (straight forward and honest) gentleman (asking permission aka communicate) exactly would: if we should do a just physical relationship or just strictly friends. He says he couldn't commit for he wants career first. Well just a sharing that Poster, there's another situation similar to you that you can refer. Aries are indeed selfish and too naive to only think for themselves. Of cos I aquarius aren't giving in. If he did right, we could be good. He lost it.

by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini Woman who has met an Aries man. I do have a strong personality. We are going on our first date and im not quite sure how to approach him. I am flirtatious but have this six sense that tells me he is not going to appreciate it. Any advise aries guys on how should I behave.

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