Sex with Capricorn man who hasn't called me

by Goddess of love

I deeply fell in love too fast with a Capricorn man. He is so sexy to me without being sexy....

-My approach-

Cappy and I were a little tipsy coming from different bars and after a few hennessey shots I felt the need to have passionate sex with him. Pisces women usually hold feelings inside, especially when it comes to sex. We usually wait until the male approaches first. I felt the need to go for the kill instead. I was blunt, honest, tipsy, horny and ready. I simply told him I want him bad and he would be satisfied, which he was.

-It happened-

We met up both leaving from different bars. Funny, we both shared that we were drinking hennessey shots. We ended up finally having sex 5 times that night after 3 years of waiting and he fulfilled all my fantasies. I thought to question his sexuality as well... but he showed me that night and there was no questions.

-What happened-

He told me to call him. I waited 2 days to contact him. I received no answer. Could he be mad that I waited to call? He hasn't called me in 3 days since then.... What happened?

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cap myself
by: Anonymous

im a cap we usually like others 2 make a 1st move its natural u jst call im sure he would b glad 2 recieve ur call

Pisces + Cap = AWESOME Sex!!
by: Anonymous

I don't think he's mad at you. Guys typically don't like calling...esp just after a few days. Capricorn more so. They seem to hate any form of phone/text communications because it interferes with their work. You probably already know that Capricorn men are juggling about 20 different work/tasks all at the same time. They're always busy. So I don't think it's you.

Cap Lesbian Butch
by: Anonymous

Well I am so glad to read all of these comments...I just met and am dating a cap Lesbian who is a very masculine I am reading both gender caps....I now understand why she is so distant and yet so wanting of me...she pulls away when I get close and gets close to me when I pull away....So, now I understand its not me but her own Horescope....I am a know what that means....very emotional and sexual...I havent had sex with her yet and I am playing it safe with some emotional distance from her...but to tell you the honest truth....I AM already in love with her....I think i am in trouble now..

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