Sex with my cancer man

by liewendelyn

I enjoy having sex with my cancer we can go on for hours, but I never came at the same time with him tonight I'm going try and if it does not work I'm moving on..... its 9,000 fishes in the sea

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why is this important?
by: Anonymous

Coming at the same time....I never met anyone who thought this mattered. You have enlightened me.

im a cancer man.
by: Anonymous

WOW, im a cancer man and if that's the reason you wanna let go of him than maybe you need to grow up a little...

great lovers
by: Anonymous

it's true they are great lovers but they dont indicate no signs wheather or not they are enjoying the sex much less when they are comings.

by: mj

Does any cancer man know how important is sex for you. My cancer man never tells me what he feels for me but when it comes to having sex, he makes sure that i'm satisfied and just treats me like a queen. I am very confuse with him. Is it possible that he could be using me for sex since he says I make good love to him, or does he really feel something for me and just shows it during sex. How important is sex them?

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