Should I be patient with a Capricorn man?

by Heather

Ive been casually seeing a Capricorn guy for about 3 months. He's been very sweet and respectful..he's almost the exact definition of what a Cap should be: traditional, determined, doesn't express emotions very well, responsible, a big dreamer. I'm a Pisces so I know according to the zodiac we're very compatible. He seems to appreciate that I understand him and that I like to listen.

We've gotten very close very quickly. He texts me every day to ask how I am, tells me what hes up to, wishes me a good night. Says he misses me when we haven't seen each other in a while. He seems to support my life goals and has hinted that he's interested in having the same things. I know this is strange for a Cap because they're usually very elusive, but he has opened up and told me about his family problems, his flaws, his dreams. It seems he trusts me which is great. The sex is amazing too, lol, the best we have both ever had. We both agree we're very compatible and we love being around each other, we always have fun.

Id like to move on to something more serious, but he's told me that he'd like to have a more stable career before getting into a relationship. I know that work/business is very important to them. He said he'd like to be able to support me, so he wants things to stay the way they are "for now".

He's also told me that he's been hurt a lot in the past and he's sick of the pain relationships cause him. He's obviously very cautious and wants to make sure Im right for him before committing to me. How can I show him we'd be great together? Do you think I should just be patient with him? It seems so right. He's just hard to read sometimes.

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if looking for realy long term, tell him so
by: from India

Hi I am a January capricorn man of 26 years. I just really see the way your man thinks about stabilizing his career before making any commitment to you. Its what we capricorns basically are. we want to feel ourselves as providers but it doesn't hurt if our partner also earns. Now here is the thing you can do if you want to keep him for a very long term or better marry him, Tell him that you are just fine with the current financial status that he has right now and you believe in him and support him for his future career goals. Tell him honestly that you are in love with him NOT with what he can financially provide. And together you two will enjoy and reach your life goals.

You see us capricorns would like to wait till we achieve that financail status which would provide for the family with ease. So the higher maintenance a wife is that much more time a capricorn man would take before committing [in other words earning :) ].

I wouldn't suggest it if you just looking for short term relationship because when it ends it would hurt him so bad that he would go into even harder shell. So just be Honest with him.

My personal opinion about your man saying that he would like to be able to provide to you - is a sign that he really cares for you. Also Caps will never reveal about their family problems, flaws, dreams unless you are someone they care/trust about. Also there is a faint chance that if they think that you can not share their dream, they would leave you before commiting anything. But once committed they are exceptionally loyal.

BTW I am single till now as it is the way in our country. And by no means I am a relationship counselor let alone in a relationship myself. But I just want to help out for humanity sake and thats my 2 cents.

wish you two Good luck.

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