Should i believe my Capricorn man?

by Renee

ive met a capricorn man i was introduced by an associate of mine but she liked him when she was not around he told me how much he was attracted to me and he really liked me and wanted me to be around more but he was talking to that person i gave him chance because he told me that they were just friends and he wanted no parts of her so i gave him shot i am very attracted to this sexy Capricorn man it feels so right when were together but i feel that he is still talking to the girl he asked me to be his girlfriend the other day but for some reason the girl is goin around telling people that hes her boyfriend is Capricorn trustworthy should i believe him?

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capri man
by: Anonymous

This situation isn't typical of a true capricorn man. If he asked you to be his girlfriend than he means it, but if your not being straight up with him he will lose interest at an alarming rate. As for the other girl, he might be interested in her as well, he's checking who's worth what. Once you are both committed and agree on the terms of a relationship than he's yours.

ud be surprised
by: Anonymous

one or two things, if it was me. I like u, but she like me too, especially when she know i like u. The real competion is between ya'll, i already chose u, but she still wants a peiace especailly cause she know i wont make a big deal about it plus, im discreat(sorry for the spelling).

or She lieing cause she know im not paying attention, im just being myself, not realizing the picture she's painting because I dont feel like u other signs all sensitive to were im sitting or how close she is to me, i might not even know she saying that, and if she is sayning i might just think its a game, so i play along but i never sleep with her, unless i slept with her before i liked u and she put me on u, thats my calculating side, i mold her through the sex to bring u to me, her display is a reminder to me not to forget about her. hope i didnt confuse u, its one of those depending on the scenario. She going to pull out all the tricks,so u better get sexy, and you better get freaky real fast, and let him know, he's yours, in this case you can display your affection pubicly, u and your friend are at war, who can suduce the goat and look good doing it, make the goat look like God, dont tease, and u will prevail. Or she's old news and thinks because he likes u its her ticket back in, once we cut u off, its years if at all u get back in, closer to never. Hope that helps, Capricorn 23 years, young but effecient, good luck

Never know until you ask
by: Anonymous

I say you should just ask him if he is involved with the other girl. If he says no, and he is a trustworthy type of guy, then give him the benefit of the doubt. But if you are going out with the guy and the other girl is still going around saying he is her boyfriend, I would probably calmly talk to her and ask her why she thinks that. If the situation still proves to be a problem I would ask him to say something to her. If he is not willing to take care of business, then leave it alone and get a real man.

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