Should I believe my virgo man?

by Scorpio woman

I was "messing" around with this virgo man about seven years ago well i ended up leaving him alone because I thought I had met someone else who was looking for the same things I was looking for in a relationship and Mr. Virgo didnt really seem interested in being in a committed relationship at the time.

About 2 months ago I ran into Mr. Virgo and we started hanging out together and he told me he loved me and he is going to marry me one day and that he regret that he messed up with me some years back.I dont know if I should believe him especially what I have read about Virgos having a hard time opening up.

Should i believe him?

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virgo men
by: Anonymous

I'm a cancer and I'm married to a Virgo Man and yes its hard for him to tell you how he feels but I think that is just a man thing. I don't think it matter what sign the man is men just don't open up. But they do have very good memories. They remember anniversaries, birthdays, and when they first met with their g/f. If you love this virgo man take a chance and date him and see if he will take you seriously. Usually when they do love someone they will marry that person.

by: Anonymous

The one thing I've learned is patience living with a Virgo man! I've been living with my Virgo man now for 11 years....By choice I gave up on ever getting married to this wonderful man....Christmas 2009 he shocked the hell out of me with a 2.8 carrot diamond engagement ring... I almost fainted.

Virgo men act when they are ready, not when everyone else thinks they should.They have a mind of thier own....

Patience is the key!!!!! and YES believe him...he's a keeper

Virgo Men are Different
by: Anonymous

I am a taurus and i have been with my virgo man for almost 6 months now, i love him with all my heart, we feel the same about each other and i always ask him can we get married? he tells me to wait ALL THE TIME but i believe him when he said we'd get married. When virgos put their mind and heart on something they will get it. they are very convincing, even though they dont dont outwardly show things all the time, just ask them. they believe honesty is best, so if ur wondering just talk to him, he will tell u.

You two girls are luckier
by: Anonymous

You are very lucky both of Taurus and Cancer. You met the right person, Virgo. No body can tells Virgo what to do but when he put his mind to it and he'll be ready to take action. Virgo loves the honest person; he is the keeper. You should believe him- he doesn't tell you everything but if you ask, he will answer you for a good reason; you should be proud. In my experience, I found Virgo is dependable person. He is your reward, so don't lose him. I'm happy for you both on the top article. :)

I'm a virgo man
by: Anonymous

It's amazing how accurate astrology is sometimes. I was dating a Aries women, wow what fiery relationship that was. I loved her soooo much, we recently broke up, why - well she was pushing to get married, she kept saying everywhere we went "I thought you were going to propose" which bugged the hell out of me after about the 10th time, I had it planned and ready and the special place, be patient he will make it BIG. Another thing - she lied to be about being somewhere where she wasn't. Bad mistake - just be truthful we may get angry or say no, but give us 5 minutes and we say OK. I felt too pressured and I was thinking I wasn't making her happy at all - it drove me nuts. Now that she's gone out of my life for close to 3 months, I wish I had her back, but then come to thinking she would probably would not want to because all she can do is remember the small bullshit things I did. Aries women Virgo man best to be friends of comfort, if you do happen to stay together the Virgo man will love you forever and cherish you forever.

by: Sophia

Hey! I'm an Italian Aries woman, and I'm with my Virgo Man for 5 happy years now :D
Everything works so nice for us. I try to be a little more patient, he tries to hurry things up at least a litte bit... and in the end it's all wonderful, and both of us feel satisfied with the results.
He never let's me get too attached (but never discourages me) to my wild impossible projects; I try to remember him whenever he is over analyzing or worrying too much. I tend to be aggressive and somewhat controlling in bed, and he accepts, enjoys and loooves it; he is extremely shy but he says I have something that just make his worries desappear and he gets so hot and passionate. Yeah, all good ;)
We both work, and we leave close to each other (neighbours), and most of the days sleep in eachother's house. He moved close to me right on our 1st year together. I don't feel like marrying, he says the same. I confess (I always confess, I'm always straightforward and truthful) I'm self-centered and individualist, but I also know how to be extremely giving! And maybe that's why I prefer having my own house, my own bedroom... if we ever get married someday, we already know we will have separated bedrooms (but will sleep together, of course, just like we already do anyway) lol.

So Aries women and Virgo men: go for it! And virgo men: stop criticizing her and appreciate her innocent ways - we have child hearts, so please handle it with compassion and sense of humor.
Good luck!

(and I'm really sorry about my bad english, oh my...)

by: Anonymous

Im a aries woman who has met a virgo man. We are friends and started out as platonic friends. Me coming out of a neglected marriage he was there to let me talk to him about the failed marriage and it grew into us becoming friends with benefits. We see it as 2 friends helping each other out. He is much older than me and we get along very well. He was up front that the relationship will never go further than where it is now. He is a picky virgo has very high standards of woman that are just not into him. However, I see him as so much more and he knows that but I have relayed to him that I understand him being honest with me. He says that he doesnt want to hurt me. I said that is fine, I will not allow myself to get attached. So I keep my distance from him but it drives me crazy because he is a huge mystery to me. When I give him space he texts asking if im upset with him cause im not talking to him as much. He texts me all the time, sometimes he will even call me from his work. We hang out together and just chill watching movies. We can socialize about many different topics. But im really stumped because if he doesnt want more then why does he act the way he does by texting me non stop, call me on his breaks at work, always checking to see if im okay? Me being an aries I do tend to read into things more than others. Is he really into me more as a friend or is it just his way of showing he cares? The other thing too is that im a very passionate person behind closed doors which he is aware of because we are very honest with one another. I love to kiss and he has a thing of not kissing someone he doesnt want a relationship with. So of course we have never kissed. It is awkward but im trying to give him his space and just go with the flow even though im use to being in control. Do any of you virgo men think it will become more from this virgo man or just stay as friends with benefits? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated for my confused mind.

by: Anonymous

I LOVE MY VIRGO ALTHOUGH HE SOMETIMES GETS ON MY NERVES LOL, but at the end of the day i love him so much. yes they are irrestiable... im A aries woman deeply in love with a virgo man. Yes they can be slow at things which drives me nuts sometimes. i know its they just trying to analyze it all to make sure the woman they are with is a keeper. Mine virgo was moving very slow and thats cause just like women men get their hearts broken too, and being with this virgo ive learned that about him, when men get hurts its really hard to bounce back up. ive learn you just have to be patient with virgo men they can be a bit stubborn and move at the pace they want to move at. I found out with him and i our traits are so much alike which is weird. Once you get that virgo man keep him theres not too many men like him...
Far as believing him if he hasnt giving you any reason not to doubt what he says is true then you should believe him.. i tells mines that believe me what i say is true, trust is something that has to be earn.

aries to the heart
by: Anonymous

i am dating a virgo an have been for 2 years he is wonderful when we are together we mesh on so many levels, but when apart he is abscent not in my heart, just period i dont no when we will be together again its just this big mystery with him. I no about the not wanting to kiss deal also,he just came around to that with me. he is always fixing things around the house,takin me out, always says he loves me,but his time away from me seems to void that out. When we are apart he just seems to check all the way out. I wish i knew what he was thinking an does he really love me who knows.

by: Anonymous

hi.. i have an amazing relationship with my virg man .. he liked me and asked me out but i dint respond him well he waited for my yes for like 1 yr n aftr an year i said yes to him since he was soo consistent about liking me .. they are very shy in the start but if u give them enough confidence , support and love they were open up to you and will love you i feel thy have tht thng THEY ARE VERY MUCH AS 1 WOMAN MAN .... give them time , praise them even for small things, never compare them with anyone .. once they trust you they will love u to the fullest , they are more of action thn expresion .. so expect love through action from them reither words n romantic talk...

Confused and hurt
by: CancerGirl

I need some advice please. Me and my virgo man have been together 2 years and live together. We have been so happy and doing loads of things together, his interested in my physically and I had no reason to doubt him. Anyway because of my past I looked at his phone, I don't know why I just wanted reassurance that we were as happy as I thought. Anyway i see a text message from a girl at 7am saying ''Good Morning Mr!! Did you have a good night then? You didn't reply to me :( xx'' at 7am!! someones chasing!

so straight away I asked and he just said she was from college but his never had her name in his phone book. He ignored me for two days and then because the silence was too much he said if sometings bothering you then just say. I said I did but you couldn't give me straight answers. He then went on to say she is a girl from college that got in touch out the blue and he hadn't replied. but she knew he was out though (with me by the way) anyway said she's the size of a house if you must know and a nice person. Went into me being wrong to look at his phone of which I said sorry. To him saying I need to trust him and how could I think such a thing when we've been so good together. I told him I was just scared of getting hurt like before. Then he got angry that his is being judged on my ex's. I don't know where I stand. Feel like his basically left it at I need to sort myself out of we won't be together... but does that mean I dumped??

After this his still being distant but buying bits for dinner and making dinner. Only small talk between us of which we both start. Then he gets in bed, turns over and sleeps and that's it.

Last night he got a text at 11pm and when I got up to get a juice he said what you doing I said I getting a drink, don't worry I'm not looking at your phone! he didn't say anything. but grab his phone when he thought I weren't looking. and then this morning on my computer the folder was open that had two posing pics of me in my underwear. I said why's that open at he oh I must of clicked on it by accident.

Thing is his previously behaviour and what he has said makes me think he would never do anything. Maybe it was just a bit of flirting and I saw. But it's how his being now that worries me. His not ignoring me completely which is what he does if his angry and his making me dinner when I've not asked for any and then there's the photo looking, but it's the whole keeping his phone with him everywhere etc and I know he could be doing this because he don't trust me but don't he see that it just makes things seem worse and I don't know whether to trust him or not.

He knows I'm hurting, he can see it. Has anyone got advise on how I should be or what to do with this virgo guy? Or what you think of his actions so far. Thanks

Virgo man
by: Anonymous

I was with a Virgo man,and im a Taurus!!We been dealing with each other for a couple of months.But,I stop dealing with him cause,he keep dealing with his ex,but telling me it's not like that,but I think it is,so I dont know,what to do

Aries woman Virgo man!
by: Anonymous

I met my virgo man in college (we were both young), we were friends. But I lost contact with him 4 a couple yrs. I went on with my life married had kids etc. Because of some trouble in my life (my husband n I seperated - boyfriend died) I felt lonely n wanted 2 reconnect with some friends. I reached out 2 him not even knowing if he remembered me. Apparently he did. He told me how much he had a crush on me n he always just luv how I carried my self n wasn't getting with all the guys (any of the guys). So he said he trusts me already. He always asked about my kids n he has a child 2 (n he is single). He is rich, owns his own businesses, as a lot of possessions. He said he always wanted 2 meet someone from his past that knows him and is not about money only (which he knows I am not!).

I asked him what he would want from me and he said 2 marry him n make him happy. When we had sex it was so crazy. Iwanted him so much (I gave gave him fast) he told me not to leave him that he's so in love with me. He is busy most of the time so I am learning patience n trust . I am in love with him as well. He always checks up on me and stops by my house just 2 surprise me (I luv stuff like that). Its weird but I'm the shy one. He is making me crazy!! He's outrageous (when were by our selves) and he is jealous n possessive (which excites me 2 no end). He spoils me and when I'm upset about something he did or didn't do. He allows me 2 rant and just appologise n explain.

I sincerely hope this works outs becuz I love him n believes he loves me 2. And honestly, I think it was meant 2 b.

by: Mrs Kamran

yes you sould believe your virgo partner, i am in love with my virgo man and i am virgo too we met on a music website and he was the first one who never talked rubbish, he showed care respect but never said anything by which i can guess that he love me, he went slow as i went slow too he followed my foot steps,i gave him respect shared my pwrsonal stuff with him and one day he gave me a complete shock by sending me a gif image saying i love you,he said i wanted to say something but i dont have enough guts then he said ok just leave it i guess its not the right time but then i just said that the time will not come back just say it and he said i love u through that gif image 2 years had been passed and we are very happy even its shocking but let me tell you i have never met him he is in other city but still we are together and we will marry soon as till now we are just studing and in theae 2 years he never used bad language never insulted me care about me he is so damn cute when ever i send him my pix he dont know how to comment he is a shy one :) he never showbhis feeling but i feel them and understand him because i am virgo too :)

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