Should I let myself fall for him?

by Candice

Ive known an aquarius man for 15 years...since he was in 2nd grade and I was in 4th grade. We met bc my little sister was in his class. He had a crush on her(she's a scorpio)for a few years. Then we got to middle school he started walking home with us alot and talkin more to me. He was always quiet and laid back so that was kind of out of his element, so i thought...Then when i was in the 9th grade and he was in the 7th, he ran up to me one day after school and gave me a love note that he written for me. As an aries that was in instant turn on, because we love romantic surprises...I admit at first I laughed it off bc I felt how could he love me if we dont talk that much... so he called the house that night and we talked...we had a two week whirl wind romance...we hugged and had our first was pretty nice for some teens...But I had to end it bc my Scorpio sister told my mom that I took her boyfriend...I couldn't do that to my sis since she was having trouble opening up to boys anyway, so i dumped him...2 years later I started dating his older brother. He would come over our house with him but i can tell her was upset with me. Later his brother dumped me so we just lost touch... 5 years ago I seen him at a gas station. I just got married and I was in the military, I was just home for the holidays...He tried to get my number, I gave it to him but told him I was married and didnt think it was good to contact me like that...So he never called...This year Im going through a divorce and got out the military...I came home to start a new life with me and my kids...Then one day I got a phone call on my cell to a number I didnt recognize, it was him...I was so surprised because he told me he's been looking for me for 2 years...I was even more shocked when he told me he loved me and he was always in love with me...So we talked and been talkin for months, long distance bc he's in another state...He's coming home for good in a few days and Im so excited...I can tell he loves me and he wants to take care of me and my babies ( he says those are his kids now lol)...Im just scared bc I know how aqua men can be and I don't know if I can take the disappearing acts...Ive told him how I felt about that and he said he would never do that bc he's too in love with me...He says he been closed mouthed about me for so long that he HAS to have me in his life...Im so in love with him too but im scared to let him know that...should I take that leap with him? You know its love when a aqua man wants to get married and have more kids with you...

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