Should i play hard to get with a Taurus?

by Hannah
(NY )

Im younger than him and 1. i don't wanna seem desperate and 2. i don't wanna seem slutty, but i really like this guy, even though we've been talking for like a month (im a Sagittarius btw). He's in college and I'm still in school, so we talk mostly by texts. He seems interested, and when we hung out, he was just so sweet and careful... I'm just scared of the turn out...

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Never play hard to get...
by: Anonymous

Never play hard to get with a Taurus. Playing hard to get spells GAME!

Tauruses may not like to be rushed. But they always want to know where they stand with you. They're also intuitive and quite observant. They can defintely tell when you're playing mind games. If they sense this, they will either ship out, permanently, or use you for their own entertainment. This could be for sex, or anything else that may work in their favor.

Sags are usually very honest, blunt and straightforward. An admirable trait that Tauruses respects in individuals. I'm sure that's why he's smitten with you. He may be taking his time. It's a Taurus trait. Don't be offended. I understand that patience is not a Sag's best trait (LOL). But with a Bull, you will have to learn patience.
We want to be sure about the person we become emotionally invested in.

Good Luck-
From a Taurus

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