Should I take my virgo man seriously?

by Ivy Lane
(Houston, TX, U S)

So I met my virgo guy over 9 years ago, when we were in college. Never really had a relationship, but we would spend time together whenever we were in the same city. Over the years we'd lose contact then we'd bump into each other and pick up where we left off. Well two years ago, we ran into each other and exchanged numbers. We hung out more this time and I could tell that he was nervous around me. We started to communicate more but then we had a disagreement which ended in us insulting each other. So I hadn't talked to him for a year.

Well recently, we reconnected and this time has been TOTALLY different than all the others. A lot of the reason is because I've been more affectionate but so has he. He's a totally different person. He's happier and more open with me. He's talked a lot about marriage and private family matters, even introduced me to his family.

I feel that I am his wife and that he may be ready since all of his friends are married and he talks about marriage and kids with me. But I don't want to get my hopes up to be let down. Should I take him opening up and discussing family life with me seriously or take it lightly?

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Yes he wants you
by: Anonymous

If your Virgo guy has introduced you to his family AND talked about marriage and kids with you, he is checking your temperature on these things. If it comes out of his mouth, then he has been thinking about the possibility of these things for some time now. If you are feeling like his wife, then he is feeling like your husband and he is imaging that as well. Take the pressure off of him about a proposal and drop subtle clues about rings and what you like. I guarantee he is over-thinking the type of ring you would like. *Will she like it....I'm not sure....Will she say yes....* and so forth. Build his confidence on the decision he obviously has already made in his mind and he will verbalize it to you sooner.

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