Should I take the lead with this Scorpio man?

by piscesgirl

I've been talking to a Scorpio for about 2 months. He calls me maybe once a week and we talk 2-3 hours. He's really difficult to read, we've never once talked about "me and him", just random (sometimes deep) topics. We've been together only three times, and I want to know whether or not he's interested in me. I'm already vulnerable to him, and it's very unusual for that to happen when i talk to a guy. Should I ask him? should I call him? He also once asked me if i "expected" him to call and if i liked it when he did. After i said yes, he told me that sometimes he doesn't call because i may be busy (but in a way he seemed to mean it like he was unsure if i wanted him to call me). Is he insecure like many have told me? or is he just testing/playing games?

Take into consideration: He's muslim, and has told me that he doesn't know how to let his parents know he would like to talk to girls outside his culture.

Oh, and I'm a Pisces.

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Religions problems out(cancerian opinion)
by: Anonymous

Ok if he is muslim it means 2 things first, religion and family, than wife. So if you're ready to please his family wich is extremely important to this people go ahead. I suggest you first search on his religion and culture first ,than if you're ok with the changes that you will have to make in your life to be with this guy I would say green light. However , if you're the independent kind a girl ,you'll make the worst move ever not only for you but also for him. Remember this guys take relationship seriously and get Hirt easily to, so if you're not ready for extremely big changes in your life just let it go before you get hurt or hurt him. Don't play around , think before start something that you can't handle. Good luck for you.

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