Should I try to be friends with my ex Virgo man?

I dated a Virgo man for about 6 months. I by the way am a Scorpio. It started out really sweet. He told me that he had been admiring me for over a year but never had the courage to ask me out. Finally we ran into each other downtown and he asked me out. I said sure. He was really nice, handsome, has a great profession and also very spiritual.

As we got to know each other we found we had lot in common. Things started getting serious very fast. He actually wanted to move things very fast. While I was flattered I wasn't ready to "jump" into bed with him with out really knowing if he was serious about me. Still the time we did spend together was intense. Anyway, he then told me that he went through a really tough divorce ten years ago and that he was not over his ex. She had cheated on him and revealed this to him when their son was 3 months old.

He told me he tried to talk her into working things out but that she wanted to be with this other man. He then told me that he had not dated much since and that he still loved his ex. Then suddenly he got really cold with me and said he was positive I would one day cheat on him too. I told him not to compare me to his ex but he had made up his mind and that we needed to break up. We actually continued to go out but then he told me that he couldn't date me anymore but still wanted to be friends.

When I mentioned something like.. so you just can't let go of your ex can you? He said..Oh..I've been over my ex for years.. I let her go years ago. I realized at that moment that his stories were not consistent. I have other examples of these inconsistencies but don't have room..

I told him I didn't want to be his friend and pretty much said have a good life. I've ran into him twice and both have ignored him because it hurts to see him. At the same time I don't want to hold on to this grudge. I'm debating whether or not to maybe try and be friends with him... I'm so confused by him.

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Just friends?
by: Cap Gal

good luck trying to be "just friends" with an ex lover especially a virgo i am a capricorn woman and I have been on and off with my virgo man for 2 years now and everytime we try being "just friends" we end up back in bed with things even more complicated than before. We have such a great time together but we have hurt each other so many times. I know my virgo has problems letting go of things and can't seem to let go of one of his exes and i really don't think he ever will, me included. I think if you can do it and move on then your best bet is to do just that and try being friends when you are completely over him and have moved on and in another relationship even careful! I know its hard to see mine without falling back in love with him....

Friends with Virgo Ex
by: Anon

I understand where you're coming from.... Ive been friends with a Virgo for about 9months now... he asked me out early September, I said sure for the same reason as yours... we have alot in common (surprisingly.... Im a gemini) and I know I can trust him
The first few dates were really great... but im not experienced with guys and he was moving things too fast for me and things were getting too intense for my sensible side to take on. I was not ready to jump into bed in the first few months of dating.
Since noen of our friends knew about us, we would have to put on a 'face' in front of everybody of just being a'mates' who hung out. The difficult thing for me was that he behaved like he was not interested and if I hesitated with intimacy, he looked even more distant.
Being friends, I was open about my feelings and insecurities... bad idea... he thought i was only prepared for more if he showed commitment. He compared me to his ex as well... not intentionally, but he always brought her up and how she was in their relationship..
I constantly felt like he was taking a stab at me or warning me not to do what she had to him.
By the end of the month, it was getting hard and we decided we were better off as friends. Thing is im very much attracted to him.. There was a connection between us right from the mometn we met- we flirted and felt comfortable with each other.
I had to head overseas after we decided to call it quits, but i asked him to think about giving it another go when i was back... when i got back, he'd started dating someone esle and deosnt get why Im upset.
Its been a month and still harf- i miss my mate but i cant go back to being friends. I feel like it was always about him and i was his plaything for the month we were together- someone to get intimate with and go out to dinner with..
Im slowly trying to cut things off with him without it being too abrupt.
As much as I want to stay friends, I know its never going to go back to the way it was.. I'll always feel hurt about how things happened and might want more at some stage if we remain friends..
I think its always going to be hard to just be friends.

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