Sleeping with an Aries man and want more

by Give MeDangerLittle Stranger

I have already slept with him, it sort of just happened one night. We didn't know each other too well. Now looking back I did everything that night that in the right state of mind I would not have gone all the way. He was a mutual friend and at a party we had a few drinks then eventually hooked up.

It's been going on since July and now we're going into November. At first I wasn't even that attracted to him, the next day I was even slightly disgusted. Hated his attempts to snuggle afterward and turned over to snooze it all away, but since then he surprisingly became a nice stress reliever.

I'm digging the Aries charm, boy! He keeps me on my toes. I am never bored with him. We bounce back and forth, teasing each other, and having really great sex. Problem is it seems as if I'm the one always calling the shots. I’m the one who usually messages him basically trying to wear the big pants in saying that I want him at that moment.

Only sometimes does he approach me for a "fix" as we call it. On the other hand he drives 45 min every time to see me when I tell him I want it. Or when I do sleep over at his house, he never wants me to go. At least that's what he tells me and I take it an Aries man is pretty straight forward. He calls me trouble, and says that he likes trouble. That I am an offbeat character; he’s even used the term adorable or cute with me and at first I could basically vomit, now it isn’t so bad.

Things were fine that way for the time being, we established that we didn’t want a relationship and we get along very well. It was so easy and I liked it that way. Yet as time goes by, I am annoyingly starting to have deeper feelings. It had to be one and I think it just might be me. My “chick” tendencies are coming out, I thought I could man up but it's hard when you’re a Cancer. To do that and spend time, invest time, but not feel anything. I'm trying to keep clear from him as much as I can now, but his lack of interest only entices me to make some sort of contact.

I've become a lot more aggressive then I'm used to. I've always been the one who gets bored in relationships. Sort of the heart breaker, I leave when things get too heavy. Because in my own way I'm afraid of long term commitment I admit it and I'm only 20. But this guy never puts his guard down, he is always either stepping with me or a step ahead and that is why I am in this clustereff.

No one ever has the factor to one up me and I hate admitting this, but this putz has actually done it. I hate mind games but I have been playing them tenfold with this gentlemen. Anyways my question is how can I have the upper hand? Or should I just stop this all together? I'm making this into a competition, but it seems to me that I have already been conquered and I have too much pride. I wanna just put that aside and suck it up but it’s just getting harder, and I want him more than ever now. Help me, Aries you menace

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What to do with my Aries man
by: Anonymous

I'm in the same boat as you....I have no good advice. He told me yesterday that he is moving back to his hometown,which is several hours away. I feel like my world has been turned upside down...we have been each others booty call since February only in the last couple of months has he started cuddling with me after sex and wants me to stay and us hold each other ....I'm not sure what to do cuz we both agreed that we don't want a relationship but now that he is leaving I don't like it.....Aries men give me some advice HELP!!!

aries guy
by: Anonymous

Hey ladies , im an Aries man myself, & the only thing I know to tell you is TELL HIM EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL. Sometimes we do and say things and can be blind to the obvious... And we hurt a lot of feelings (not intentionally). I'm sure if he knew how you felt he would be wayy more attentive and things would definitely change.

Aries men...
by: Anonymous

I am an aries man. I am always wondering what the other is thinking, even if ive heard it, We need to be reminded we are worriers. idk why. We just are. I have always been real shy, to take the initiative and make the first move even though the woman might want it, and i know it. We just have respect for woman, but are sex drive is insane. Although I have never cheated never will, we aries men are always up for establishing an emotional connection before we cuddle, or even go all the way with a woman. Or if we do have sex. We usually are thinking of the next time, cause we put ourself out there we expect, the woman to want more and not just want a one night stand after..

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