So Confused by my new Aries Man

by P. Ann
(Austin, Texas)

Wow... talk about insightful! Ok, here is my story. I'm in my early 30's, he's in his mid 30's. I'm a Libra, he's an Aries. I'm divorced, neither one of us has kids and he's never been married. We've gone on 5 dates so far and I like him so much but he is sending me mixed signals! I texted him once that I missed him. He ignored that sentiment and went on to address other things in the text. We haven't had sex yet. I think it's upsetting him, but I don't want to (well, I REALLY do) because I'm not sure how that will affect me emotionally. I feel that I could really get hurt and don't want to put myself through that. I told him on text that he was being distant (because he prefers to text than to call me!) and he said he wasn't meaning to be distant. He said he likes me but doesn't want "to rush things". What in the world does that mean? He doesn't want to "rush things", yet tries to sleep with me every chance he gets? ... I don't know what to do about the sex thing. Part of me feels like doing it and maybe that will have him be more attentive to me, and part of me says to hold out until I know for a fact that he's into me and wants us to progress. What are your thoughts?

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