so in love!

by scorpio
(Georgia )

I am so in love with a taurus man that I met on an online dating website. It started off as casual conversation in a chat room. He mentioned that he had just passed through my city, flirting I responded, next time you're in my city ley me know. We exchanged numbers and we spoke everyday multiple times a day until it was time for him to pass back through my city. We agreed to meet. We met at a local coffee spot and talked for 3hrs and decided to catch a movie. After the movie we kissed and kissed some more. It was clear that we didn't want the night end but we did. He was on his way back to his military base in Texas but he was stopping in south Georgia. When he got to south Georgia he called and said he wanted to see me again. We met again and this time we were intimate with one another. This happened in August. In November I had a 40th birthday party that he flew back to Georgia from Texas to celebrate with me. Again we were intimate. INCREDIBLE!!! he has expressed that he likes me he cares for me and that he is there for me! Whatever that means???? Valentine's day. Came and went and NOTHING!!! not even a call a text message!!
I just received a text message from him saying "he was thinking about me"???? Why not call??? I am tirec of the mixed signals and the passive agressive behaviour!!!! I didn't respond to his text, I have deleted him from facebook and my phone!!! WHY??? can't he just say what and how he feels???


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