So much chemistry with Aquarius men

by Taurus Girl

I have had the same similar experiences as everyone on here. I have only fallen in love with two men and they both were Aquarius'. The second one which I am in love with slipped up on me. When we met he would say things like hes going to marry me and take care of me I was going to be his daughters step mom. I ignored him entirely at 1st but I started to like his forwardness. He asked me out but I refused him 3xs we have mutual friends so he started asking them what should he say to me. After a while I gave in because it felt like I was being drawn to him our chemistry was off the charts. In the beginning he wooed me with his words He always made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman on earth he was very affectionate though he stood me up once I broke it off after that. I didnt call for a week Then he came begging back He said I was the woman that he wanted to marry and that he was falling in love with me. We stayed all night looking into each others eyes, cuddling and talking. Literally from 2am-9am. (We both were off the nxt day lol) I was so happy I could hardly think. We spent all night kissing and talking No sex he wanted to but he didnt try which made me fall in love with him even more. Then one night we almost had sex and all of a sudden I didnt hear from him for 3 weeks. He stated that he got scared and had to back off I was devasted. So I broke up with him and changed my number. So he would contact me through our mutual friends. Then he wanted to spend his birthday with me but he was aloof while I was with him. The next day we went out he was also aloof and I overheard him call me a stalker when he always asked me to come along. So I stopped comming. Later he said that he cared for me but he didnt want a relationship he said that he just wanted to be friends. His priority was his daughter. But yet we would periodically see each other because he would invite me over. Finally I couldnt take it anymore and I completely broke it off. Then after 3 months I called him and it was as if there wasnt a break and we finally slept with each other. We went out the next day and then he started to be aloof again so I backed off so I dont appear clingy. When I am with him I can feel that he cares I see it in his eyes but his actions say otherwise He acts like the typical aquarius but we cant get enough of each other.

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by: Dazed

I'm just curious how your relationship is going now?

I had a similar experience
by: Anonymous

I had a very similar experience to what you went through. I have known an aquarius guy for quite a while.He manages a restaurant and I used to go often to that restaurant to eat.While he was working,he would come say hi to me and we would sometimes chat.After a few months I applied for a job in that same restaurant to work as a waitress.He was the one interviewing me and he said he will call me back to start.He did not call back and I was disappointed.I stopped going to the restaurant as I was embarrassed to run into him. Sometimes friends offered to go eat there but I always came up with excuses as to why I didnt want to go there and when they would beg me to join them for a meal, I had to plan to go there at certain times when he wasn't on shift which was during the day. I went there a couple of times during the day and it worked. Then I didn't go to the restaurant for 6 months until one day I decided to have coffee there in the afternoon before leaving for work. I went in to the restaurant and without even noticing my surroundings, I bumped into him. He was so happy to see me and it looked like he missed me. Instead of saying hi to him, I gave him a cold shoulder and went to sit at table. Then he came to serve me, and in my mind all I was thinking was "please dont serve me, please let some other waiter serve me".After he served my meal,he came to sit at my table and started chatting with me. I was still ignoring him but eventually we had a nice chat.Then I had to leave.As I was leaving, he asked if I am single, I said yes,then he said "good,let it stay that way".He asked me to come visit him often to say hi.I was contemplating if I should visit him so I decided to go there again.I visited a few times, and every time he would flirt with me infront of his employees, showering me with attention.I thought he was just showing off and seeking attention...

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by: Anonymous

Then he gave me his number once. At first it was strange for me that he gave his number to call instead of asking for my number. It took me 2 weeks to decide to text him, there was no reply first, then after a week he called to check who called him, I reminded him he gave his number to me, all he could say was: "you must come visit and call me often" ,then I told him he has my number as well and he is welcome to call me too". After 4 days he didnt call, I felt like such a fool and I called him to ask him on a date, we set a time and place. Funny enough he didnt offer to pick me up from where I live. We met and the date was nice, He mostly was talking about himself and barely asked anything about me. He seemd to like me and sayed Im different from all the other girls. Afterwards he said he had to go, I had to ask him to give me a lift home. So he did.Then he said he hopes to see me again and that he appreciates me asking him out on a date.
A week after that date, there was still no call from him, then I decided to call again, we planned another date but then it was cancelled, 2 days after, he texts me asking if Im available for drinks, we set an indefinite time and place and I suggested on a nice place to go. I was about to get dressed and waited for his call, and as the indefinite time passed, there was no sign of him, I texted him asking what time do we meet,no answer. After an hour, I called him , he ignored my call. So I decided to move on and forget about him.
After 2 weeks, I get 2 missed calls on my phone, surprisingly from him on 2 different numbers with 30 minutes difference between each of them. One was his work number, the second one was his cell number. I decided not to reply, then maybe he will text me or call again. It seems everyday now I am recieving 1 missed call from a private number but I dont know if its him.
Is he playing games with me or testing me?
Was I being too clingy that night when he ignored my call?
I dont know what to think of him anymore. He is an enigma to me...

Comment on so much chem...
by: Anonymous

Bad mistake my friend. Never, never ask an Aquarious man for a date. Do all the opposite ignore them, that will make him pull towards you. I'm an Aquarious woman who marry an Aquarious man. To get them interested to you, do not call them! Play with his head. Make yourself mysterious, that is what they love. Make them think you are not interested, that majes them go nuts, and will begg you for a date.

Aquarious men are very sweet, a gentlemen I would say, very serious, and extremely explendid.

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