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WOW you can talk
by: Leo women

hey Ms.Aries their is nothing wrong with being strong , I'm a LEO women and I'm very strong but you have to know when to pull in your horns , know when to take the lead and know when not to this is what make women , women and keep little girls just that, know when to SHUT UP , Ms Aries some of my best friends are Aries so I know you well ,chill out and be still and by all means SHUT UP!!!!

Aries women NEED Gemini men
by: Aphrodite Bull

One of my closest female friends is an Aries. All true! They LOVE their independence, very high maintenance, loves to be the center of attention, and can be as blunt as she wants to be! Aries women are also thoughtful, cool, and the REALEST people you would want to meet. But as for relationship dynamics, it's OK to relax a little. Men have fragile egos. But it will take a certain man to understand these women. I think a Gemini will suit them best! These men are worldly, chatty, independent, and flirtacious as well. An Aries woman will see her own reflection through a Gemini man! Although this man will not back down, nevertheless he will give her the freedom and independence she craves!

Jealous much?
by: Anonymous

Methinks that Leo is jealous. Like many Leos, you hate sharing the spotlight don'tcha?

The leo's right....
by: Anonymous

Total lack of consideration and thought when spouting forth what's on your mind, while sometimes amusing, or even on occasion refreshing is also at times just downright ignorant.

But when you are the cener of the universe, it's all good, right? LOL!

I like dating Aries women, there's a million good reasons for it, but that one isn't one of thme and surfaces from time to time to their own detriment.

We're not perfect
by: Summer

I'm an Aries and I talk a lot. Many times when people think I'm being rude I'm really not; I'm just being frank. Why sugar coat things? Coddling people won't help them but they're so used to being handled that when I come across them I seem so brash. Unfortunately, I (and many Aries) lack the art of letting people down easily.

by: Anonymous

Have to agree with Summer!!!
As an Aries woman and dating a Cancer always bump heads!!!!!

by: Ms. Aries86

Im an aries! and cancer and aries can not get along for shit.TRUST ME! Ive been with a cancer for 7years and it did not work. Basically i wasnt my self, i sacafice, mywhole personality to be with him, So i had to leave it alone. I had to stay true to my self. And plus im a fire sign i was going to blow up.

Im an Aries girl
by: Anonymous

Yes, we are very agressive (passive agressive) and Most of us are tomboys!!! I know I am!!! ARIES PRIDDEE :D

by: Anonymous

ahaahaha , I like a guy that can balance me out, take my bs, but will not tolerate it. so true. Fiesty guys are a turn on . LOL

me compared to the truth about us Aries women
by: Anonymous

i am a aries, i am very independent, loving, caring, kindhearted, smart, and i always accomplish what i put my mind to. i am always quiet,but when the wrong nerve is touch i get aggressive, and stubborn. and when that happens i usually payback with my silence and that seems to annoy whoever touched my bad nerve. i am more compatible with Sagittarius. we make a good team working together as partners. though we arue a whole lot, but thats all to it, which happens in every relationship.

Aries Lady
by: Hump384

I'm an Aries woman as well. This article is oh, so true. I smiled throughout the entire article. All of the traits and descriptions, described little ol' me.

April Aries
by: Anonymous

I am an Aries women. I am very passionate about what I believe in and take a stand for what I believe in. I am VERY loyal (nothing like a Virgo that pretends to be loyal by playing devils advocate behind your back). I am loyal to people I love and care for; family, partner, pet, etc even if theres nothing in it for me. I love to help. I am very social with a good heart. I give my all to the people I love and trust. Many times to people we don't even know. BUT don't cross us! I must admit we love to fight so don't tick us or either your head/crystal dish will go flying against that wall. I don't know why either, its just something that comes upon us. it just creeps up and we lose control. Not to mention were impulsive so that doesn't help us during a heated situation. We are our own army. Furthermore, I hate to be criticized> Most Aries hate to be criticized simply because they are passionate from the heart about what they are doing and lack appreciation versus negative opinion. PLEASE REMEMBER NEVER TO CRITICIZE AN ARIES. If so, get ready for an aggressive atmosphere. We are also very sincere people. It's hard for us to lie about something because deep down it give us an unfinished feeling whereas unfinished business is uncomfortable for an Aries period. At least thats how I am anyways. I get along best with Aquarius and Sag. Sorry Leo's but I get along with the men more. I do not get a long with Capricorns and Virgos GOD NO!! They are the most dishonest/difficult people I have ever met, especially Virgos. Both mix the truth with a lie to make it sound real whereas the smart Aries can smell bs from a mile away. I just don't have the patience for these type of individuals. I cannot do Cancers either because they are by far too emotional and sensitive. I'm always hurting their feeling somehow??? In most cases I can do a Gemini and that is only if they can maintain one personality for the day. Taurus? Too lazy for me, and stubborn. Libras? LOL. Don't get me going on Libras. Some are cool but they are highly annoying to an Aries because they have imbalanced thoughts and expect everyone to wait around until they can make a decision. Boy am I glad I'm not holding my head above water lol. Scorpio's are fun but trust no one. Be careful!!! They turn on you. Pisces seem to intrigue me with their persona that's only if their not hung up feeling sorry for the wrong people or themselves. That's all folks!

so true!!
by: AriesGirl

this is so true me personally as an aries girl hates it when guys are over emotional, a push-over, sensitive, and weak -.- ...but sorry that us aries are blunt and dont have a filter to what we say we cant help it, it's in our nature at least we speak the truth and are never fake. just because we are strong people may assume we are bullies we aren't, in fact we are kind-hearted people and will protect our loved ones with our lives. we stand up for what we think IS right we love to be challenged and can keep your life very exciting. so don't always believe the negative part of being an aries just embrace who we (you) are we are one of a kind people, whom you won't regret meeting.

Aries woman = MOTORMOUTHS
by: Anonymous

ive been friends with an aries woman for around 3 years now and i can honestly say ive never met such a motor mouth in all my life. They cant be trusted with any secrets due to them blurting it out, they always think they are the worlds expert on EVERYTHING, and this woman makes the same mistake OVER and OVER again but likes pointing out others faults. Meeh im a scorpio and ive had it with this woman poking her nose into my business im just about ready to sting this bitch and when i sting she will know about it for a long time afterwards.
Are all arien woman like this? no tact,egotistical, motor mouths? I would love to hear what others think xxx

Aries women!
by: Anonymous

Im an Aries girl too! I am extremly aggressive when it comes to sports, Im fit and very attractive! I absolutly hate LIBRA MEN~ they suck shit. I am usually attracted to Leo men, god knows those guys are the top of the food chain and good lord its impossible to share the spot light with them! I do like Sagittarius men though, they are worldly and active and sexy. I dont like Aries men, they are actually mooshy, too mooshy and aragant! I havent met a Gemini man yet or Virgo man, or Pisces or Aquarius yet so Im still looking though :)

Aries take others for granted
by: LeoV

Now due to occupational circumstances, I've started to live with an Aries woman I've known for 4 years. While I've always seen her as independent and bright, but the shroud between "acquaintances" came tumbling down as we came to be in closer quarters. No more respect and wittiness; hello bossiness and temperamental child.

As a Virgo/Leo, I guard my tongue because I respect others too much to run my mouth at my whim and risk hurting others in the process. APPARENTLY, Aries women do not understand this concept. The more polite I am with her, the more she takes liberties with my patience and tolerance.

She rams her beliefs and perspective down my throat, flat out telling I am wrong and even to the point of saying my brain wasn't working. Wow...disrespect much? It's all very conflicting: she wants you to be smart so you can keep up with her fast pace, but she doesn't want you to be consistently smarter than her because she'll be jealous.

I don't believe shoving your beliefs into other people and forcing others to accept them in fear of your temper is "being honest and real". That is just plain disrespect and immaturity. Yes, you are fierce and loyal to what you believe but at the sacrifice of everyone else's beliefs and happiness.

Don't even get me started on your jealousy problems either! Just try and be smarter than her when she's in a rut; she will try to demean you at every turn to show her superiority. If she can't find any, then she'll just BS something to make it seem she's better than you. The rest of us are not fools. We see your tricks. Not so loyal or "real" anymore are you?

The best of your personality is best observed at a distance, or else your "loyalty, fierceness, and honesty" will be at the expense of those around you and will be used to enforce your self-declared sovereignty over all those close to you.

Yeah, Aries of course
by: Anonymous

Hey, we always speak the truth, no matter how scary it is. Does others have a gut for it? Of course not, don't be silly. We are NOT two-faces bastard who will ruin your day right before you fall asleep. We ruin your day right after you open your eyes, give you a full day to thought about the truth and hope you can sleep knowing what you gonna do tomorrow. Don't blame us for being blunt, you guys aren't perfect either. Either you just a bipolar bitch, an attention whore, an ultra-sensitive girl, a very delusional girl or whatever your "plus" side.
We just wanted you to wake up.

Scorpios are insecure
by: Anonymous

I'm an aries woman and I've noticed that people can't take someone always being so positive an energetic. Why be friends with someone for 3 years if you don't like how she is? I personally think that if you don't want people knowing your business then don't open your mouth. People love to cry, bitch and whine to an aries but when we tell you the truth about what we really think about your situation which is always to help you out you get all offended lol you don't like the truth? Then stay away and go hang around fake people. I personally think that Scorpios are jealous of how an aries gets things done and when it comes to relationships we don't put up with anyone's bs unlike you guys that get obsess with your partner even when they treat you Damn clingy. Go ahead and sting the aries I'm sure she won't care to lose your friendship since we can't stand, cry babies, weak people or stupid. Her life won't stop because of you :)

Loyal Aries
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces and I met my fair share of people under Aries sign. I agree with some of the post about Aries being honest and loyal. Lol probably brutally honest to a fault. Here is my perception of Aries...I like Aries men because of their boldness and honesty. To an Aries there is nothing worse than betrayal of lies and they hate insincerity. They avoid wishy washy people like the plague. Although pisces are gentle and more understanding than Aries there is a respect for each other since both are genuine and true to who they are. Anyone or anything that stands in the way of allowing them to be who they they will not be around for long. Only difference is pisces will quietly walk away and the Aries will let out their fiery wrath then go. Lol. By the way it seem To me that the Pisces Aries relationship is better when the Pisces is a woman and the Aries is a man. Let me know if you all agree.

by: Anonymous

If any Aries is talking a lot it is because there is tension in the air and they are trying to keep things from going gaga. As an Aries I hate being the center of attention, just like I hate the color red. It is too loud. I always think people that say other people talk a lot only say that because they are used DOMINATING conversations. Aries women are so smart that it intimidates a lot of people. It isn't an act like other signs; they are the real deal. Intuitive, educated, well-read, and prepared to discuss any topic as they have been talking inside their HEADS since they were born. They like men who are their equals and definitely like a really intelligent man. I don't push men around, in fact, I clearly avoid weak-minded men in order to avoid a negative encounter. I am polite, but I will never date you if you aren't an intellectual. Early Aries tend to like intellectual stimulation, so if your only as deep as a puddle you probably won't be friends or anything else.
They are intensely loyal to a fault, so don't betray one or they will dump you like garbage.

Aries woman
by: Anonymous

no, we are not all "motor mouths" however, we tell the truth and don't like hiding things.
I've found that Scorpio and Aries don't get along too well, too much the same. both ruled my Mars. Scorpio's are too manipulative and emotional for the brash "what you see is what you get" Arian creature. my ex was a Scorpio too. LOTS of passion but his watery "woe is me attitude" brought me down. way too moody.

World would have been incomplete without US!!
by: Happiness

I am an Aries woman..Sometimes, I love being one and sometimes my own characteristics make me feel why I am one.. It's true we are more comfortable with men but because of the magnetism or aura whatever we carry make men fall for us.. That creates a problem with the one you actually want to be with..Women becomes jealous and god knows some start playing stupid pranks.. I totally cannot tolerate negative criticism about me because I feel that if I haven't done a thing to be criticized, I shouldn't be..

The problem again is that I keep thinking a lot if I am right or wrong.. And my relationship should be all right..If its not, I move on and keep searching for the real prince of my life who will stand by me and fight the world to get me.. Although I say I don't want a perfect person just the one who love me, I just cant settle with anyone.. This makes others believe that I am shrewd and canning and always trying to lure men..

Positive side in me is I am creative, and have a hunger to learn new creative things.. I am adventurous and daring.. I am not scared of the world.. I am like if you say hi I will say hi with a big smile..I like to be with boys coz they try new things which most girls don't do. Some are weak and some shy and some like to maintain their feminity.. I feel like I am a total blend of each sign..I can be humble and so feminine like a Virgo and next moment so fierce like a lion.. I like to maintain a balance like a Libra, sometimes so sensitive like a Pisces and then back again head strong like a Scorpio..

When I am in love, it's just that person I see, I dream; most exciting awaited phase of my life.. like a dreamworld.. I just keep thinking if it could all be true.. but when I land up in reality worldly problem arises and all my dreams get shattered.. I pick myself up again and start my search again.. just waiting for that miracle to happen one day when my Prince will come and take me away.. Otherwise, I love myself a lot..:)

I can keep writing but I think no one can read that long so I stop!!

Cheers to all women (not only Aries) out there!! You are strong and no obstacle in your path can stop you!! My love to all <3

no one spoke it better than April Aries
by: this diva

Im an aries and i love my sign. ! Yes, we dont hold grudges but when you make us mad then boom ! Get ready for silent treatment until i get a sincere apology (maybe that's just me). But lol i love an aggressive guy, if he gets mad and pushes me up against the wall yelling, i just might smile. Yea, he'd think im crazy but hey!!
Also im one of the girlie girl aries,, seems like thats rare. ? Im never a tomboy.
Another thing, i dont like virgos, like AT ALL ! They annoy my life but maybe there are cool virgos out there, i just never met one before.
Cancers are amazing and sweet, Taurus? Love em. !
Scorpio they are very alike to aries, surprisingly.
Libras ? They get along with me. Pisces seem cool.
Geminis, they are just as crazy as i am so im good with them.
Aquarius are loyal as ever.
Sagittarius, a bit annoying but fin to be around.
Leos, a bit too cocky for my liking but maybe thats just me.
Capricorns are humble and cool.

by: Anonymous

This is what Aries like a challenge, never hold grudges and a good sport! Please don't be obsess with an Aries we hate jealous and obsess people. Aries love being independent do our own thing for good or could be bad too it depends.. And Aries likes to be with strong men and women.

They can dish but can't take
by: Anonymous

The Aries sign has so much going for it. Every sign in the zodiac has a sensational strong suit and a just as powerful set of faults. Many say we are put on this earth to evolve by working on the astrological sign's areas that need improvement. A few blind spots for Aries include learning to recognizing her strength, capability and effectiveness in achievement without having to compete to the point of one-upping others to prove herself "better than" to the world. Insisting on being in charge and in control makes Aries very hard on him/herself and somewhat of a perfectionist. The saying "let go and let miracles happen" applies here. When control and the need to be "in charge" is loosened, true self-love and love from others can step in. Aries also has an innate sense about the order of things and will waste no time pointing out what is wrong with a picture in order to achieve maximum efficiency. This can be extremely productive. In order to not be hypocritical, Aries also has to learn to accept constructive criticism when it is directed at him/her and in the well-intentioned manner in which it is intended. A truly superior being has great compassion (and not disdain) for others and an obligation to use his/her fine talents for the benefit of all, not just for the self. YOU CAN DO IT IF ANYONE CAN, ARIES!

by: Anonymous

ok! for the most part very accurate! I can talk but I'm also a bit more balanced. I and some others I've met can also keep a secret... yes, I'm an Aries! For one thing, I have a lot of Scorpio, Taurus and Libra influence. so although for some that translates as an enigma, I find it makes me a bit more balanced.:)
Many of the other components of my natal chart are set up in this manner, so I tend to have much more control over both the positive and negative influences of being born an Aries.
The above mentioned, upbringing, religious doctrine, working on myself and the humbling experiences of life r factors to be considered as well.
This motormouth you've mentioned sounds like someone PARTICULARLY unrefined- I wouldn't waste my energy on s/o like her either in friendship or revenge, though I'd feel the same.
You know how men complain that woman never talk straight and say what's really on their minds/hearts/what we really want? WELL, Aries woman DO! For the most part men either still don't know what 2 do or can't handle it. LOL!! --good luck! FYI- I'm one of the most loyal people you'l ever have in your life in $, friendship or as a lover. Just don't forget to make me feel appreciated!

I am a different aries
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am an Aries too.... I am childlike, happy all the time, when I am by myself I am in my happy little world...however I am very shy, sensitive, and I hate confrontation. I am also very artistic.

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