So what do I do now, aries men please help

by Kuku Ryku

I met this Aries guy at a party I went to recently. He is tall and good looking so I noticed him immediately. He approached me and we spent the whole evening chatting and joking, he was giving me his all attention. I could tell that he really liked me and he told me so a few times. When the party was over me and my friends where all a bit drunk and still in a party mood and we decided to go back to a friend’s house and continue to party. The Aries man when with us. By that time he was cuddling me and holding my hand. At my friends place he was sitting next to me and chatting to me only. Somehow we ended up alone in another room and started kissing very passionately. I am a Leo woman and with this extremely hot Aries man it was extremely difficult to resist but I did and nothing more happened. He took my phone number and spent the rest of the night with me and couldn’t really keep his hands off me. He of course asked if he could go back to my place but I said no. In the morning I told him I was going home and called myself a cab. The cab came so quickly that I had to run and didn’t have a chance to say good bye to him. When I was at home getting ready to sleep he called me and complained a little that I didn’t say good bye I apologized and then we had a bit of a chat and said good buy.
Now I’m waiting for him to call me. I really would like to go on a date with him. It has been 2/3 days since we’ve met. Everywhere it says that I shouldn’t make a first move, that I should let him lead but I just want to know how he feels about me. Does he really like me or was I just a bit of fun for him during this party, an easy catch? Shell I text him or shell I wait for him to call me first and if he doesn’t just forget about him?

Confused Leo woman

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