Strange attraction to a Libra guy

by Katrina

So I met this charming guy (the Libra) one day after school doing an activity. He didn't really seem special to me until he asked my boyfriend the next day who I was and started saying very flattering things (like I was "smokin hot" and "very sexy," even if he could break up with him so he could have me). I'm sad to say, he was one of the deciding factors on why I broke up with my boyfriend (cancer). This guy and I hooked up but then we kinda just stopped talking to each other until 6 months later, and when I wanted my ex back.

The Libra and I have been wanting to hook up, but I'm so confused to what he thinks. I try texting him, but sometimes he doesn't reply. Sometimes I feel I get annoying and go as long as I can (over a week) without texting him, then he'll text me. Now (6 more months later), my ex wants me back after he hurt me so much going after this other girl (and LIED to me about it and I had to find out about it by gossip).

Now I'm not sure whether I want him back or pursue other things, like this Libra guy, who I can't seem to stop thinking about. It feels like we have a connection (that's if he feels it too), a crush, or I'm just very sexually attracted to him.

I just read lots of horoscope things today, and I had never believed them much until I discovered that the Aquarius description here pretty much describes me EXACTLY.

Oh and just in case you need to know: I'm introverted, eccentric, independent, very sexually-driven, think deeply, and am considered (by other people, I really don't care but just try to look as best as I can look and don't compare myself to others) to be very very attractive

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To Katrina
by: Anonymous

You situation is too complexes. You have a boyfriend and you hook up with a charming Libra and then you broke up with you ex; after you got your Libra, he left you. So you want to go back to your ex. What if he doesn't want you?? So far you lost the two of them. If I'm you, I leave both of them and waiting for the right prince to come to you life. You have enough experiences with these two guys; don't let the charming fool you; there lots of good men out there. I'm the 1st day of Libra female(Bachelorette) don't know much about Libra feels. I just see he looks elegance-not all Libra or others are good; keep that in mind, alright. I never been dating but some how many great and professional draw to me, hah...I swear to god one of a guy who was broken heart because he loved me and I did not.(?)...still many more feel for me, heh, heh...., but I don't...No!! I want a perfect I will not hurt... So you take care. Kick both of them and find a new one....

Relationships Orbit too
by: Libra- Venus/Sun

Like gravity, our "Emotional Attention" has a kind of force that brings us together or seems to push us apart over time. The moons of Jupiter must be jealous because they can seem to be in Love with the huge planet. I'm sure they run into each|other and influence their own velocity bringing new orbits into account.
If you day dream about a new lover, realize that the emotional equivalent is happening in your original lovers life as well. Tangled Chakras can stay connected years down the road but with stable decisions on your part and new experiences life can bring you your own expectations.
The trick for this I would say to stay Childlike and have fun. He will notice your genuine enjoyment and want a piece of it. Don't call him for the sake of calling or he will think it's a trap. Call him and let him see you really want his input on something because he has nice ASSets.

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