Talk to your Aquarius woman!

by Paul
(Wales Uk)

I am a Cappy male we cappies are very deep thinkers we think with our whole not just our minds and hearts.. inside we burn such rich passion that often we are to scared to allow it out because we fear the effect it could have on others whether positive or negative. Thus we are cautious and move in a step by step seemingly plodding forward pace. But the closer we get the more our passion builds. and when we smile there is something to smile about. My Aquarius woman is stubborn if she doesn't want to move on something she wont budge! But if you listen and acknowledge her as an equal she will flow straight to your heart and love you forever. You will be a lucky man coz baby its fireworks in the bed and a love you know will last and never be cheated on. Just make her your equal by listening (really listening). talk sense and be her best buddy and you have cracked it. Something to smile about I promise. Get it!?

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Aqua Woman
by: Anonymous

Get it Paul! Lol.

go cappy!
by: Aquatic Woman

Trust the Cap man to have the answer ..

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