Talking about past lovers

I know that one of the big no-no's is talking about past loves. Unfortunately, the Leo male I'm seeing right now won't stop talking about his past loves, and I just sit there and listen, giving him the "shut-up-already" look. I've talked about my exes, but definitely not in a positive light, because I see my Leo male as better than they any of them are. I'm kinda flustered and worried about long-term damage being done to a possible long-term relationship. What should I do if he starts talking about his past loves at some point in the near future? I wanna do it in a way that's playful and sexy.

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Tell him to shutup about it.
by: Anonymous

I don't know how to do it playfully.

As a Leo male... I know we can be pretty dense about relationship crap. Tell him exactly what you said here. That you don't like hearing it and that you think it might get in the way of forming a strong relationship together now.

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