Talking to a leo man

by kiana L.
(boston, ma USA)

I've been talik long distance to a leo man for a little over a month now. It's been ok. (btw i am a capricorn). He kows how to push my buttons and when that happens all I can do is get off the phone. But he never lets me. It's like he wants to piss me off, and I definitely can't say anything to get him mad because he blows up. But I know he really likes me cause he always wants to talk and stays on the phone with me all night till morning AS WE FALL ASLEEP. I really dont know. I'm seeing signs already that it might not work but at the same time i like him and want to see if it will. And he gets so jealous when I mention other men, if someone calls me he'll ask me who it was. annoying! HELPPPP! Any advice??

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