Taurus and scorpio too much in common?

by Foxy
(East bay)

Been in a relationship with a Taurus man. He's very hardworking and good to me. He was married for over twenty years to his children's mother. He says she never worked but once in her life and quit. Basically leaving him to take care of everything. On top of that she slept with his friend. So we meet connect have great chemistry I have worked all my life. He has his own place and so so do I.His children are all grown and unemployed he gave them his last apartment and moved out paid rent up for a few months and told them to find work and split the rent. Ex wife moves in afterwords so basically the man is seriously stressed out. We spent alot of time together as he wanted me near alot more than I could because I have little ones. 8 years old that need me at home sometime

We went out to eat, I cooked for him he cooked for me. We went to church he's apostolic and I'm baptist so we went to his church of course. Long story short on several occasions the man tripped out on me. and said I'd make someone a good wife but not him. It always happend whenever I didn't agree with him. Arguing over short flimsy dresses he bought that I thought were too unapropriate. I'm 40 with the body of a 25 year old. Anyway the last straw was he accused me of his daughters new boyfreind because he made a comment about a reality show celeb saying he'd date the mama and not the daughter. Caleed me all kind of b's and I'm a scorpio and you know the rest BOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!

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by: Anonymous

I am a Taurus woman. My ex-boyfirend was a Scorpio. Yes, these two have way too muc in common. But unfortuantely, the traits are not positive. We have all the negative traits such as jealousy, paranoia, insecurity, temper, and wanting to possess our partners completely. To add insult to injury, Tauruses and Scorpios are both FIXED SIGNS. This means that they're both inflexible. Why didn't we work out? We did not trust one another, we both wanted to be in the 'drivers seat,'he wanted to control me. I resisted. I had a temper, so did he.He was too demanding, so I became emotionally inpredictable to tick him off and keep him on his toes. He wanted to old mr into exactly what he wanted me to be, I pushed him until he did exactly what I wanted him to do. This drove us both crazy! But, suprisingly, now we're living in two separate states, and are very good friends.

Taurus and Scorpios are on the opposite sides of the Zodiac. There is always a strong, undeniable sexual attraction between those two. They can't seem to leave each other alone! I was addicted to him. He was addicted to me. But eventually we weened ourselves from the addiction. Our relationship became cathartic!

scorpio confused
by: Anonymous

these stories are familiar in that i have experienced some of the same with my taurus friend and i am a scorpio woman to the fullest however ive noticed when im with my taurus guy i'm not myself not sure what to think about this but i just cant help wanting to be around him i don't feel like myself but in a good way i let him pick everything and i just go right along its like he's in control and any scorpio knows NOBODY is in control but us!! so how did this taurus guy get me acting like i'm not a scorpio and what should i do about it? let it ride or try and snap out of it?!

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